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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 4th, 2014.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these items today

Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower

Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower was £319.00 now £299.00
Toro are an American company whose emphasis on high quality and development of innovative features are impressive. Experts in the process of mulching they have created this powerful, steel decked lawnmower to cut and collect or to mulch – recycling grass cuttings to create a healthier looking lawn. The Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower features a powerful 159cc petrol engine, with OHV, for good power to weight ratio and better performance. The cutting deck is engaged via a bail arm and a separate arm controls the self-propulsion. The cutting deck has a working width of 50 centimetres, so is ideal for maintaining a larger lawn. Cutting height can be adjusted to suit conditions or your preference, and is done with four levers, one for each wheel. Heights available range from 25mm up to 102 mm and there are seven heights available in all. The deck is tough and resilient steel, and will provide strength and durability. The deck is also specially designed for efficient mulching, incorporating a patented design of the cutting chamber and blade, which repeatedly cuts and re-cuts cutting sin to smaller clippings, due to the air flow created by the blade and the shape of the chamber. The clippings are eventually dropped into the turf, where they decompose and create natural fertiliser, providing nutrients and moisture, saving time and effort, and creating a lush and vibrant looking lawn. The mulch plug that enables this is integrated in the rear deflector and is there by default. However, if you wish to cut and collect, just remove the deflector and fit the included grass collector and you can use the same effective air-flow to produce efficient rear discharge and collection. The grass collector has a capacity of 60.5 litres, so you can cut for longer without stopping to empty it. An easy to use recoil pull starts the engine and the wheels are smooth running with moulded grips for extra traction. The handlebars fold down for compact storage and easier transport and the Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawnmower comes with a two-year warranty.

Toro 20950 Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS)

Toro 20950 Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS) was £359.00 now £345.00
Offering an unbeatable combination of power, reliability and versatility, the Toro 20950 Steel Deck Recycler represents excellent value-for-money. What really makes it stand out from the crowd is the fact that it can be converted from grass-collection to recycling with no tools or mulch-kit – you just have to pull a lever and the job’s done. This powerful two-in-one machine is fitted with a high-performance 159cc engine from Toro themselves. The engine’s OHV configuration works to minimise noise; vibration; and fuel-consumption; while also ensuring the emission of harmful exhaust particulates is reduced. Featuring a premium-quality veneered blade and a clippings-accelerator, the Toro 20950 Recycler is capable of achieving a superb finish. An adjustable cutting-height (21 – 98mm) makes it possible to fine-tune that finish. Other high-end features include Toro’s AutoMatic drive system, whereby the mower’s ground-speed is automatically matched to your step and pace; and a very large-capacity 60-litre grass-collector, which ensures emptying-breaks will be few and far between.

Kawasaki KBL27 Brush Cutter (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KBL27 Brush Cutter (Special Offer) was £436.80 now £369.00
Safe to use; easy to handle; and developing ample power; it’s no surprise this high-performance straight-shaft brushcutter is one of the most popular machines in its class. It’s fitted with a high-specification 27cc two-stroke engine that features a specially-designed exhaust that drastically reduces noise-levels; while also helping to prevent clogging. The piston stroke-length has been optimised for improved fuel-economy (one filling of the 0.6-litre tank will give an hour’s run time). Kawasaki have managed to keep the weight of the KBL27 down to just 4.6kg, without compromising on strength and durability. Its ultra-lightweight design combines with its comfortable elastomer-covered ‘loop’-type handle; effective vibration-damping; and perfectly balanced crankshaft to ensure it’s a pleasure to work with. A shoulder-harness is included. A strimmer-head with a line-diameter of 2.4mm is supplied as standard.

Toro 20955 Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS)

Toro 20955 Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS) was £399.00 now £395.00
The Toro 20955 Petrol Recycler Lawnmower is superbly well-built and offers numerous high-specification features, but comes-in at a surprisingly low price. Power comes from a very high-performance 190cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum 675-Series engine; a premium-quality air-cooled OHV engine that will prove exceptionally reliable and cheap to run. B & S’s Prime ‘n’ Pull starter system ensures the carburettor is primed with just the right amount of fuel for consistent first-pull starts. A versatile three-in-one machine, this model gives you the choice of collecting; mulching (recycling); or side-discharging grass-clippings. Unlike most multi-function mowers, no tools or mulch-plug are needed to switch modes – you just need to pull a lever. Equipped with a clipping-accelerator and a top-quality veneered blade, the Toro 20955 will lay down a classy finish on a fine lawn; but will also cut with ease through the sort of thick, tussocky grass found on less formal areas. A wide-ranging adjustable cutting-height (25 – 102mm) makes it possible to deal with a variety of grass conditions. Toro’s AutoMatic Drive System eliminates the need to push and automatically adjusts the mower’s ground-speed to match your walking pace (up to a speed of 4mph). Other stand-out features include a rugged steel deck, which confers impressive strength and durability; and a generously proportioned 60.5-litre grassbox, which means fewer trips to the compost-heap.

Kawasaki KBH27 Brushcutter (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KBH27 Brushcutter (Special Offer) was £476.40 now £399.00
Characterised by its high-specification ergonomics; powerful engine; and ultra-lightweight build (just 4.8kg), the Kawasaki KBH27 will sit comfortably in the hands of the professional gardener. The engine is a 27cc air-cooled two-stroke unit that’s super-quiet in operation, and which features a capacious 0.6-litre fuel-tank for impressively lengthy run-times between top-up stops (one tank will give a run time of one-hour). The Kawasaki KBH27 Brushcutter is fitted with a ‘bike’-style handlebar; a type generally preferred by commercial users thanks to the enhanced manoeuvrability and directional control they confer. A fatigue-reducing shoulder-harness is included. This model is supplied with a four-tooth metal-blade and a grass-trimming head (with 2.4mm line) as standard.

Kawasaki KHSS750A Single-sided Hedgetrimmer (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KHSS750A Single-sided Hedgetrimmer (Special Offer) was £546.00 now £409.00
Fantastically well-built and packed with premium features, it’s no surprise the Kawasaki KHSS750A has become such a firm favourite amongst professional gardeners worldwide. Making it tick is a beefy 22.6cc Kawasaki TH23 engine, which features forced air-cooling and a felt-panel air-filter for impressive durability in the face of intensive use. Heavy-duty gearing ensures the maximum amount of power is delivered to the blades; while the provision of a solid-state KAR recoil-starter means you’ll experience no ignition problems. The expansive 73.5cm single-sided blades on the Kawasaki KHSS750A Hedgetrimmer guarantee a fast work rate when tackling larger hedges. They’re double-reciprocating for the cleanest possible cut; and they have a substantial 35cm tooth-spacing that facilitates the trimming of thick, woody growth. As with all Kawasaki hedgetrimmers, this model employs the Japanese manufacturer’s advanced ergonomics; radical weight minimisation measures; and effective vibration-damping; so it’s perfect for those tackling time-consuming applications.

Kawasaki KHDD600A Hedgetrimmer with Twist Grip Handle (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KHDD600A Hedgetrimmer with Twist Grip Handle (Special Offer) was £534.00 now £429.00
The professional-grade Kawasaki KHDD600A is characterised by its rotatable rear-handle; a high-specification feature that enhances manoeuvrability, in turn making the creation of complex shapes that much easier. It has been fitted with a tried and tested 22.5cc Kawasaki engine that develops a beefy 1.3hp and which combines a dry-foam air-filter with forced air-cooling to ensure you’ll get season after season of unwavering performance. A KAR solid-state recoil ignition system ensures dependable first-pull starts; while a commercial-duty transmission works to optimise both power-transfer and durability. The Kawasaki KHDD600A Hedgetrimmer weighs just 5.6kg and benefits from Kawasaki’s years of accumulated ergonomics knowledge, so it’s difficult to beat when it comes to handling. It features highly effective vibration-damping for comfortable day-long use; and its equipped with a transparent guard that confers maximum operator-safety, without obscuring the view of the cutting-path. Employing a pair of lengthy 59cm double-sided, double-reciprocating blades with a large-sized 35cm tooth-pitch, this impressive machine is a fast and efficient performer on bigger hedges that contain large-diameter growth.

Kawasaki KBL35 Brush Cutter (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KBL35 Brush Cutter (Special Offer) was £566.40 now £469.00
Developed with commercial landscaping applications in mind, this powerful straight-shaft brushcutter from Kawasaki combines heavy-duty build-quality with impressively lightweight handling. Power for the Kawasaki KBL35 Brushcutter is supplied by a very high-performance 34.4cc two-stroke engine, which has been equipped with a large-capacity 0.85-litre fuel-tank that will give a 90-minute run-time on a single fill. Noise levels of just 94dB ensure that use in residential areas won’t be a problem. The Kawasaki KBL35’s lightweight design (just 6.5kg); anti-vibration system; and single shoulder-harness all work to ensure it remains comfortable to use for the duration of the task. It comes with a nylon-line head, which incorporates a bump-feed mechanism for fast, hassle-free line-feed; and it’s built around a large-diameter shaft for maximum strength and durability.

Kawasaki KHDD750A Hedgetrimmer with Twist Grip Handle (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KHDD750A Hedgetrimmer with Twist Grip Handle (Special Offer) was £562.80 now £469.00
Featuring a manoeuvrability-enhancing adjustable twist-grip rear-handle, this commercial-duty hedgetrimmer from Kawasaki is the perfect tool for homeowners and professionals looking to undertake complex topiary applications. It’s fitted with a set of 73cm double-sided blades, which facilitate a smooth side-to-side sweeping action that works to maximise productivity on larger hedges. The blades are dual-reciprocating for super-clean cut; and they have a generous 35cm tooth-pitch, which ensures older, woodier hedges can be effectively trimmed. The Kawasaki KHDD750A Hedgetrimmer is powered by a proven Kawasaki two-stroke engine; the 22.5cc TH23. Developing a substantial 1.3hp, these premium-grade power-units employ forced air-cooling and a felt-panel air-filter for an extended service-life; and feature a KAR solid-state recoil starter for trouble-free ignition. A heavy-duty, high-torque transmission works to optimise both durability and cutting-performance; while the provision of a transparent safety-guard makes it easy to follow an accurate cutting-line. Designed to remain as comfortable and easy-to-handle as possible during day-long tasks, the Kawasaki KHDD750A weighs-in at only 5.8kg and utilises Kawasaki superb vibration-damping technology.