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New products at Simply Garden Furniture

by Sarah - October 5th, 2014.
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New products added today at Simply Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture Sets Mocha Brown 6 Seater Set

Garden Furniture Sets Mocha Brown 6 Seater Set £449.95
BillyOh Balmoral Mocha Brown 6 Seater Set

Metal Garden Furniture Sets BillyOh Luxor Triangular 6 Seater

Metal Garden Furniture Sets BillyOh Luxor Triangular 6 Seater £449.49
The BillyOh Luxor Black Premium Triangular 6 Seater Set is a great garden accessory for this spring or summer if you have a big family or you like to entertain for a wide array of people.

Picnic Tables & Picnic Benches Gleneagles 8 Seater Picnic Table

Picnic Tables & Picnic Benches Gleneagles 8 Seater Picnic Table £419.95
Gleneagles 8 Seater Picnic Table

Metal Garden Furniture Sets 6 Seat Rectangular - Brown

Metal Garden Furniture Sets 6 Seat Rectangular – Brown £329.95
Do More with your Outdoor Furniture . When the summer starts to show itself to us again and the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there are few things that are more enjoyable than an al fresco meal with friends and family. Comprising style, comfort and practicality, the BillyOh Comfort 6 Seater Rectangle Metal Garden Furniture Set is the perfect garden set for you if you re someone who loves to be dine outside and has an eye for modern style. The reclining chairs that come with set also allow you to lean back and soak up the sun if you feel like spending a day topping up your tan. Perfect for Summer Gatherings . This metal garden set enables you to host an evening barbecue, or a light lunch with your loved ones. Six chairs is the ideal amount of seating for a family meal or small gathering of friends, so you can comfortably ensure that there s a place at the table for your guests. The rectangular table is finished by the stunning tempered black glass which gives the set a sleek finish. The smooth glass is easily cleaned, so requires little maintenance and gives you an even surface to rest your food and drinks. Sit back and Unwind . Being able to sit back and relax after a meal is something that this set allows you to do with ease. The set comes with 6 reclining chairs that feature 5 positions, so once you ve finished your meal, you have the choice and flexibility to select whichever setting it best for you to unwind and chat with your guests. The fabric the chairs are made from is textilene, which is ideal for garden furniture as it s very comfortable and long-lasting, so won t get ruined by rain or snow. Textilene is also very easily to clean and maintain in the case that you have any spillages or accidents, simply wipe the seats with a damp cloth.

Gas Barbecues Outback Hunter 3 Burner

Gas Barbecues Outback Hunter 3 Burner £319.49
The big brother to the Outback Trooper, the Outback Hunter gas BBQ has been gracing many a garden and patio area for years. The style and design of this popular 3 burner hooded barbecue has never been better and includes a 1 piece porcelain enamelled hood which is corrosion and acid resistant and totally weather proof, 2 porcelain coated cast iron grills and 1 griddle plate, stainless steel burners and precise heat indicator, it’s an asset in any garden.

Gas Barbecues Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas BBQ

Gas Barbecues Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas BBQ £299.49
Our Meteor Hooded 4 Burner Gas BBQ Red Inc Gas Regulator has a great quality and new addition to the Outback range. This four cast iron burner comes with a side burner and draw this will both help you organise your BBQ and ensure you have enough room to cook lots of delicious food. Grill Cooking . The burner heats up the flame tamer underneath the grill, which in turn heats up the food on the grill. The natural food juices produced during cooking fall onto the hot lava rocks below and vaporise. The subsequent rising smoke bastes the food, as it travels upwards, imparting that unique barbecue flavour. Roasting Hood Cooking . Barbecues equipped with a roasting hood give the option of cooking with hood closed to form an oven for roasting food, such as joints of meat , whole chickens, etc. Gas and Regulator . We include a propane patio gas clip on gas regulator as standard with this stainless steel bbq and recommend that you use propane gas or patio gas to achieve the best barbecuing experience. However this barbecue can use either propane patio gas or butane LPG gas.. We recommend propane patio gas as it will supply gas all year round, even on cold winter days. Butane bottles however tend to supply sufficient gas during the summer, but its performance may well be reduced once temperatures drop below 10 degrees C. Please be aware that if you intend to use butane that a butane regulator is not supplied and we do not stock these items. Manufactured by Outback Barbecues.

Metal Garden Furniture Sets 4 Seat Round - Brown

Metal Garden Furniture Sets 4 Seat Round – Brown £249.95
Share Summer with Friends and Family . A beautiful sunny day is something that you should enjoy and make the most of with friends and family. The BillyOh Comfort Round Metal Garden Furniture Set is the perfect addition to your garden for when the sun is out and you want to spend a day relaxing with friends or enjoying an al fresco meal with family. The set is beautifully finished by the black table-top glass, which has been tempered to make it strong and durable easily withstanding any spilled drinks or dropped cutlery, so you can host the perfect summer get-together. Beautifully Styled and Finished . Featuring stylish and lightweight aluminium and a sleek round glass table top, this Comfort 4 Seater Set encompasses practicality and a contemporary image that will revitalise any garden. The lightweight nature of the aluminium gives you ultimate flexibility as you can easily manoeuvre the table to your chosen location, and easily move it again if you change your mind. The easy-wipe glass table and textilene chair fabric allow you to quickly clean any liquids or foods that spill on the set, this means you can easily keep your beautiful garden set looking in top condition. Dine in Comfort . Designed with your comfort in mind, this BillyOh metal furniture set comes with 4 textilene reclining chairs as standard. The chairs feature 5 reclining positions so you can find your most comfortable position and relax for longer. If you choose that you want to store your seats away when they re not being used, they fold down to a compact size for easy storage. This also makes the chairs very portable and easy to transport, so you can take them out with you for a picnic or day trip.

Plastic Garden Storage Anthracite

Plastic Garden Storage Anthracite £89.49
Our Borneo storage box is a highly practically garden storage that boasts a large storage space and strong design. The entire product has been constructed from UV resistant plastic so the Anthracite colour will not fade even in direct sunlight. This storage box also comes with a stylish rattan design and woodgrain top to make the box look more natural. You can also use the Borneo as a seating area so you can get even more use out of this already great storage box. Manufactured by Keter UK.

Garden Benches Signature Preston 2 Seater Bench

Garden Benches Signature Preston 2 Seater Bench £79.95
An Elegant, Stylish Place to Unwind . Finding a perfect spot to relax, have a catch up with friends and enjoy a sunny day can sometimes be a struggle if you have no outdoor furniture or your current garden furniture is in poor condition and in need of being replaced. A place to sit in a beautiful garden is a great luxury to have, and we believe that the BillyOh Signature Preston range of Wooden Garden Benches is the ideal solution for you if you re searching for a stylish seating option for your outdoor space. High Quality Materials and Workmanship . If you want a bench that s comfortable, strong, and features high quality workmanship then look no further than the Signature Preston bench. With several stunning features, this bench not only looks amazing but feels just as good too. The high back provides you with plenty of support and comfort, and the raised arch is a beautiful, unique feature that will make this bench a stunning addition to your garden. The seat section is also curved, providing you with a comfortable place to sit, even for long periods of time. Traditional Appearance with a Modern Twist . The vertical slats on the back rest are a timeless feature that gives a traditional garden bench image. The slats are spaced apart to provide maximum comfort. This subtle addition to a classic furniture design makes certain that this modern bench will look well placed in any garden and the hardwearing, quality materials ensure that the bench will continue to look good. .