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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 5th, 2014.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these items today

Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar) (Showroom Model)

Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar) (Showroom Model) was £139.00 now £129.00
If you want to create a handy store of small logs for a wood-burning stove, carry out some pruning or light limbing, make fuel for a small range cooker or for the fire, this small but high quality domestic chainsaw from Mountfield is just the job. The Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw is an affordable but quality domestic level chainsaw powered by a 2-stroke 1.2kW petrol engine, with a number of high quality features including a pump primer for quick and easy starts. Having your chain at the right tension is essential (it should be tight against the guide bar) so Mountfield have included a side chain tensioning mechanism to allow you to adjust the chin keeping it safe and effective. Don’t forget, your chain tension should always be checked before every use. A sprocket nose is featured on this machine, which turns at the end of the chain and increases cutting performance. The chain bar is a handy 35cm, so ideal for creating smaller logs and firewood as well as pruning smaller branches and to increase the working life of the chain and improve efficiency, the chain has automatic chain lubrication with an adjustable option as well, a dual-feature you will rarely find in this price bracket. A double acting chain brake keeps operator safe as well as reducing potential damage to the machine. Double-acting means the chainbrake can be operated by inertia or by moving the chain brake lever with your wrist or hand. The inertia element means that if you were operating the saw with a hand on each handle a ‘kickback’ occurred, the movement of the saw would engage the chainbreak. The MC438 comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf-Blower (Warehouse Clearance)

Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf-Blower (Warehouse Clearance) was £249.00 now £219.00
Whether you’re a commercial landscaper, or simply a homeowner who likes a tidy garden, this high-end petrol leaf-blower from Kawasaki won’t let you down. Its very high-powered 26.3cc two-stroke engine drives a turbine that produces an impressive maximum air-speed of 241km/h; and which will shift a huge 12.7m3 of air every minute. These figures serve to demonstrate why this model is so popular amongst professional gardeners. The Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf-Blower weighs a minimal 4.7kg and features an ergonomic hand-grip; a combination that means large-scale clear-up tasks can be completed in comfort.

Mitox LS55X Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter (Showroom Model)

Mitox LS55X Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter (Showroom Model) was £249.00 now £239.00
Mitox’s top-of-the-range horizontal-type log-splitter, the LS55X Multisplit, offers all the features you’ll need for the rapid processing of substantial amounts of wood ready for your hearth or wood-burning stove. It utilises Mitox’s efficiency-maximising Multisplit system, which makes it possible to split the log in four-directions, thereby eliminating the need for re-splitting and enabling you to get the job done far faster; and it offers a return control (Quicksplit), which allows you to match the distance the push block travels to the length of the log, in turn meaning you won’t have to wait so long between each splitting process. Combining a powerful hydraulic pump with a very high-performance 2200w motor, the Mitox LS55X Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter exerts a massive 5.5-ton pressure on the log – even the most knotted wood-types won’t stand a chance (the unit will take logs up to 52cm in length). The Mitox LS55X comes as standard with a work-stand which will enable you to work at a height that’s most comfortable for your stature. A transport handle and wheels make for simple movement to-and-from your shed or garage; while a five-metre power-lead gives you the freedom to work well away from a power-source.

Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use)

Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use) was £1459.00 now £1399.00
The 603RT lawn tractor features the Lawnflite single blade \”Direct Collect\” system for the best cut in all conditions: a large turbo fan assister, coupled with a heavy duty high lift cutter blade, physically throws and blows grass cuttings direct into the closely mounted catcher through a large sized chute preventing blockages and clumps of grass being left on the lawn. The 76cm cutting width is ample for gardens up to 4000m2 and the extra compact build of the 603 tractor is suited to the more confined parts of your garden as well as difficult to negotiate areas, such as lawns with flowerbeds, trees and bushes etc. The cutter deck is also offset on the left hand side, giving the ability to cut right up to lawn edges and obstacles. An infinitely variable foot operated transmission system is featured that allows gradual and smooth acceleration from neutral to selected top speed. Normal grass collection at crawl speed allows efficient and safe operation in confined areas.

Lawnflite 703 LH Lawn & Garden Tractor (Ex Demo 6 Hours Use)

Lawnflite 703 LH Lawn & Garden Tractor (Ex Demo 6 Hours Use) was £1899.00 now £1849.00
Incorporating a raft of high-end features, and a few touches of luxury too, the Lawnflite 703 LH Lawn & Garden Tractor will prove a great buy for the more discerning homeowner. Its very high-powered 15.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine offers the sort of performance and reliability for which the leading American engine manufacturers have become renowned. A convenient electric key ignition means you won’t have to waste valuable time and effort wrestling with a recoil-starter rope. The Lawnflite 703 LH Lawn & Garden is equipped with a pair of top quality blades that will leave a superb finish with no blade of grass escaping the chop. The contra-rotating action of the blades creates a powerful airflow which drives cut grass through an extra-wide chute into the huge 240-litre grass-catcher. This ensures you won’t get any clumping or blockages, even in damp conditions. The collector can be tipped and emptied from the driver’s seat. With the Lawnflite 703 LH, you don’t have to stop to change gear. Its hydrostatic transmission allows you to adjust the ground-speed using a foot-pedal, which also gives you control over the forward/reverse direction (simply press on the rear of the pedal and the tractor will go into reverse). This fantastic feature combines with the mower’s exceptionally tight 46cm turning-circle to make it one of the most manoeuvrable machines in its class. This model also benefits from Lawnflite’s ‘Fast Attach’ technology, which makes it possible to remove accessories (bumper, collector, cutter-deck, etc) in minutes, without using tools. This will allow you to make the tractor more compact, should need to negotiate a narrow gateway, while also facilitating the use of any of Agri-Fab’s range of towed attachments. The Lawnflite 703 LH features an adjustable high-back seat, padded steering wheel, cup holder and sensibly laid-out controls, all of which should help to make the task more of a pleasure than a chore. A hosepipe attachment on the cutter-deck makes it easier to keep the underside clear of performance inhibiting grass-cuttings; and twin headlights allow you to keep working for as long as you need to. The 92cm working-width on this model makes it ideal for lawns and paddocks up to around 8000m2. Should you wish to work without the collector, you might want to consider purchasing the optional rear-deflector and/or mulch-kit.