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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - October 7th, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds reduced the price on these products today

Buxus Ball Plants

Buxus Ball Plants was £49.99 now £17.99
Perfect as ornamental shrubs in pots or bedding areas. In greater numbers can be grown into hedging to sculpt your garden. The more creative gardener can try their hand at topiary making features of individual specimens by clipping bushes to shape. Can be kept potted and trimmed as a 30cm bush or planted and allowed to develop to several metres. Plants supplied in 3 litre pots.

Acer Trees - Collection

Acer Trees – Collection was £19.99 now £17.99
Elegant, slow-growing deciduous bushes or small trees with attractive, deeply-lobed leaves that turn to vibrant shades in autumn. Small pretty flower blossoms in spring are followed by winged fruits. Height 4m after 20 years. 3 mixed plants (1 of each variety): Atropurpureum, Phoenix, Orange Dream Japanese Maple. Plants supplied in 1-2 litre pots.Allow yourself to be tempted! Extended flowering seasons, full summer foliage and stunning autumnal colour provide beauty throughout the year. There is always a space where you could plant a shrub. Unlike herbaceous perennials, which die back to the ground each winter, they provide a permanent 3-dimensional structure, forming a backdrop to their more ephemeral neighbours. Shrubs are easy to grow and provide points of interest in your garden.