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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 19th, 2014.
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New products at MowDirect

Lawnflite LG165H Lawn & Garden Tractor

Lawnflite LG165H Lawn & Garden Tractor £1699.00
Offering powerful performance; rock-solid build-quality; and a raft of high-spec features; Lawnflite’s top-of-the-range Optima garden tractor will eliminate all the fuss and hassle from the job of large-scale lawn-care. Unlike many lesser machines, it boasts a hydrostatic drive, whereby the mower’s ground-speed, both forward and reverse, is controlled by the pressure you apply to the foot pedal. As a result, you can easily slow to a crawl when approaching obstacles or end-of-run turns, before accelerating for open-ground passes. Lawnflite have fitted larger-diameter drive-wheels, so you’ll have plenty of grip on muddy ground – great when using one of the many towed attachments in adverse conditions. The Lawnflite LG165H Lawn & Garden Tractor can either mulch grass-clippings – great for short, dry grass; or side-discharge them – ideal for the sort of overgrown grass found in paddocks and meadows. Should you wish to pick-up clippings, an optional grass-collector is available. Thanks to its extra-wide 107cm width-of-cut, the Lawnflite LG165H will make short work of lawns and other grassed areas up to a huge 10,000m2. It has an incredibly tight 46cm turning-radius that works with its hydro drive to make it one of the most manoeuvrable machines in its class; while its fully floating mower-deck will track the contours of the ground so as to avoid any missed patches, and is fitted with a deck-wash nozzle for easy cleaning of the undercarriage. Powerful headlights facilitate safe mowing and towing when the light is bad; while a five-step adjustable height-of-cut (30 – 95mm) means you’ll find it easy to adapt to changing conditions. This model is powered by a powerful 500cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine that develops 9.5kW at 2800rpm. It has a drinks holder for on-hand refreshment; and employs a step-through design that makes it really easy to mount and dismount.

STIHL HS 86 T 40 Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer

STIHL HS 86 T 40 Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer £540.00
Made for professionals and keen and serious hedge enthusiasts or those with larger gardens and grounds, the STIHL HS 86 T Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer is the ideal power tool for trimming and shaping shrubs and hedgerows, its sharp ground blade making light work of thicker and more luxuriant growth. STIHL are known everywhere for their high quality cutting tools, from chainsaws to trimmers and this superior quality hedge trimmer bears all the hallmarks of their excellence – precision engineering, German skill and very high quality components throughout. Fast and very efficient trimming is assured thanks to the coordinated gear ratio that delivers up to 5000 strokes per minute, the closer spaced teeth at 30mm and the long, 100 centimetre length bar for longer reach and a more efficient cut, Single-blade trimmers are ideal for chest and waist height hedges or any hedge surface in fact where you can easily take a good sweep across the surface. Ideal then for larger scale work, the STIHL HS 86 T has a 22.7cc engine with 0.7kW of power driving the blade. Electronic ignition ensures reliable starts and running and is totally enclosed, so dirt, dust and damp cannot get in. Both fuel and oil cap are specially designed to be removed and replaced very easily and totally without tools, for quick, trouble-free refilling. Hand power tools can produce a high volume of vibrations and this can cause problems and discomfort for operators, particularly when using tool for longer periods, so the STIHL HS 86 T comes with an effective anti-vibration system, where engine vibrations are dampened and isolated from the trimmer’s body, making sure far fewer reach the handles. A handy push-button ensures that a supply of fuel is delivered directly to the carburettor, courtesy of a small fuel pump. This reduces the number of pulls required to start and restart when the trimmer hasn’t been used for a while. Ergonomically the HS 86 T is very advanced, with both handles designed to make use comfortable and controls placed for maximum convenience.

STIHL HS81 T Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer

STIHL HS81 T Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer £530.00
The STIHL HS81 TC-E is a professional tool with professional credentials and a range of high-end features. It comes equipped with a set of 75cm double-sided blades that will cover a substantial hedge in super-quick time; and which combine a generous 30mm tooth-gap with a 5000rpm stroke-rate to ensure large diameter twigs and branches can be tackled with none of the twisting that can lead to discolouration and infection. This model is driven by a premium 22.7cc (1hp) Stihl 2-Mix engine that couldn’t be easier to fire-up, thanks to Stihl’s provision of an electronic ignition and a manual fuel-pump. A long-life air-filter means longer intervals between cleaning and confers optimum component protection; while tool-free filler-caps make topping-up a breeze. Boasting advanced ergonomics; utilising Stihl’s renowned vibration-reduction technology; and weighing only 5.4kg, the STIHL HS81 T Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer is tough to beat when it comes to handling. Also important on this model is its 90