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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 22nd, 2014.
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New products today at MowDirect

STIHL HS86 T 40 Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer

STIHL HS86 T 40 Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer £540.00
STIHL are known worldwide for their high-quality power-tools and this superior single-sided hedgetrimmer bears all the hallmarks of their excellence, offering as it does precision engineering, low-effort handling and premium components throughout. Impressively fast and very efficient trimming in woody, well established growth is assured thanks to its optimised gear-ratio and wide 30mm tooth-gap. The blades measure an expansive 100cm, so substantial plants can be covered in quick-time. The STIHL HS86 T Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer boasts a high-capacity 22.7cc 2-Mix that puts-out a beefy 1hp; and which combines an electronic ignition with a push-button fuel-primer so as to ensure the starting process is fast and stress-free (the ignition is fully enclosed, thereby preventing dirt- and moisture-damage). No-tools filler-caps mean minimal time will be lost when topping-up; while a high-specification anti-vibration system works to alleviate strain on the operator’s body for the comfortable completion of commercial-scale topiary applications (this model’s low-weight construction and ergonomic handle-configuration further enhance user-comfort).

STIHL HS56 C-E Petrol Hedgetrimmer

STIHL HS56 C-E Petrol Hedgetrimmer £410.00
A premium homeowner-use hedgetrimmer, the HS56 C-E comes to you from STIHL; a name associated with the highest quality of design and manufacture, and with a reputation that’s second to none. This robust but nevertheless impressively lightweight machine is ideal for semi-pro and serious domestic-gardeners, thanks to its diamond-ground, dual-reciprocating blades that will cut super-cleanly with no ‘chewing’, blockages or stalling. Super-sharp, the blades are set in a lengthy 60cm bar and have a substantial 34mm tooth-pitch; a combination that facilitates the speedy coverage of large hedges comprising thick, well-established growth. The engine that drives the STIHL HS56 C-E has been equipped with an electronic ignition; a manual fuel-pump; and Stihl’s acclaimed ErgoStart technology; features that work to ensure achieving ignition is fast, reliable and requires minimal effort. It puts-out a beefy 0.9hp; has a displacement of 21.4cc; and boasts a tool-free fuel-filler cap for hassle-free top-ups. The STIHL HS56 C-E Petrol Hedgetrimmer has an onboard anti-vibration system that reduces uncomfortable shock-transfer to the operator’s hands and arms by dampening oscillations from the engine, thereby ensuring you’ll be able to work for as long as it takes to get the job done without worrying about blood-vessel damage.

Ryobi RCS4240B Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar)

Ryobi RCS4240B Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar) £219.95
Make short work of heavy-duty domestic felling, lopping and logging applications with the powerful and ergonomically-advanced Ryobi RCS4240B Petrol Chainsaw.It offers a range of features designed to make the life of the chainsaw user that much easier, including tool-less chain-tensioning for quick-and-easy in-the-field maintenance; automatic chain-oiling for reduced wear and a smooth cut at all times; and transparent fuel/oil tanks for at-a-glance checking of the fill-levels.The Ryobi RCS4240B comes driven by a very high-performance 42cc air-cooled two-stroke engine with a two-position carburettor and a manual fuel-pump for consistently dependable starting.It combines an ergonomic wrap-around handle with a low-weight build (4.7kg) and three-point anti-vibration system so as to ensure operator-fatigue is kept at bay for as long as possible; and it fitted with a powerful and fast-acting chain-brake that’s triggered instantly should a chain-tooth hit a knotty bit of wood, thereby preventing potentially dangerous ‘kick back’.The following extras are included free-of-charge: cutting-gear lubricant; two-stroke oil; wrench; deluxe carry-case.