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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - October 22nd, 2014.
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Plant Me Now has these new items today

Rhubarb Raspberry Red (overwintering)

Rhubarb Raspberry Red (overwintering) £2.9500
For planting October onwards, Rhubarb Raspberry Red are ready to harvest early and have a delicious, sweet taste. Each pack contains 1 root. Rhubarb will flourish on a wide range of soil types, but it does best in soils that are fertile and well-drained. If possible, mix plenty of well-rotted manure or compost into the soil before planting. When growing on, water plants well. Remove any flowering stems as soon as they appear, by snapping or cutting off. To harvest, grip a stem at the base of the plant and twist gently pulling it upwards and outwards from the crown of the plant, Harvest lightly in the first year to allow the plant to develop.

Asparagus Connover's Colossal (3 roots)

Asparagus Connover’s Colossal (3 roots) £2.4500
Asparagus Connover’s Colossal are tradtional old favourite asparagus plants. They are full flavoured and make a great dish! Asparagus like fertile, well-drained soil. Plant into a raised, prepared bed. Asparagus will benefit from an application of general fertiliser into the soil prior to planting. Allow 90cm / 36 inches between the beds. It is advisable not to harvest any spears in the first growing season to allow the plant to become fully established. To maintain a healthy plant, cease harvesting at the end of June and allow the plant to flower. Cut down old growth in Spring.

Rhubarb Timperley Early

Rhubarb Timperley Early £1.9500
Rhubard Timperley Early is a very early type of rhubarb which is ideal for early forcing. Rhubarb Timperley Early holds the RHS Award for Garden Merit. Rhubarb like a rich soil which includes plenty of manure if available. Plant so that the crown is just level with the surface of the soil. Plant firmly, treading the soil around the roots. Water-in freely if the soil is dry and continue to water until growth commences. It is advisable not to take stems the first growing season to allow the plant to become established. When harvesting, twist stems away from the crown as they attain sufficient size but never take too many from one plant as this will weaken it. To maintain a healthy plant, cease harvesting at the end of July.