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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 24th, 2014.
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New product at MowDirect

Einhell Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter Kit (Exclusive Special Offer)

Einhell Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter Kit (Exclusive Special Offer) £139.95
This comprehensive and surprisingly low-priced chainsaw starter-kit represents amazing value for money, with a top-quality petrol chainsaw and a collection of accessories giving you all you need to start making firewood and tackling smaller-scale felling.The result of an exclusive deal with Einhell means this saw and starter-kit is available only through MowDIRECT in the UK and includes £60-worth of high-quality accessories.The chainsaw itself is a high-specification all-rounder for domestic use; and is powered by a 41cc two-stroke engine with a beefy power-output of 1.5hp. The engine boasts a full crank for smoother performance and rock-solid long-term reliability.The saw cuts at 21m/s – that’s impressively rapid for a chainsaw in this price-bracket. The engine comes with an automatic-choke; a primer to pump the oil/fuel mix into the carburettor; and an electronic ignition, all of which facilitate easy and quick starts, even in the cold.The guide-bar and chain are made by renowned industry-leaders Oregon; and the bar is 35cm long, so you’ll be able to cut logs from around 20 to 25cm in diameter with ease. The bar has a sprocket-nose, which eases the chain around the curve of the bar for a smoother, more even cutting-action. The bar is slim, symmetrical and lightweight; and is reversible for a longer working life. A centrifugal-clutch prevents stalling and keeps the engine at peak torque.Maintenance of the cutting-gear is of the utmost importance, and to help with this, the Einhell Petrol Chainsaw is fitted with automatic lubrication, which will extend the life of your cutting-components.This model is very well balanced and lightweight (4.5kg), making it easy to handle; and it boasts an integrated anti-vibration system that ensures long hours of comfortable operation.There is ergonomic finger-grip moulding on the wrap-around handle; a comfort soft-grip on the forward handle; and a flat underside design, so the chainsaw can be placed easily on a suitable surface without rolling.Safety-features are just as comprehensive, with an inertia-operated chain-brake that stops the chain within milliseconds if kickback occurs; and a chain-catcher to protect the operator in case of chain derailment. A safety-switch on the handle cuts the engine if released. A claw-grip on the underside helps stability by holding the log as you saw.The accessories bundled with this amazing-value kit include a ‘Forest’ safety helmet with visor and ear protectors; a pair of heavy-duty work gloves; a special mixing-bottle for measuring and blending fuel and oil; and a spare replacement chain. This model also comes with an extended two-year warranty.