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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - October 25th, 2014.
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New lines at Plant Me Now

Green Trug

Green Trug £14.9500
Both lightweight and easy to carry the garden trug is made from a durable green plastic for a long life. Perfect for carrying cut flowers, weeds or prunings when tidying the garden.

Roundup Gel

Roundup Gel £10.9500
Roundup Gel has to be one of the simplest ways to kill weeds. Just click once and dab the gel onto the weed’s leaf. The gel will stick to the weed and is absorbed killing both the weed and its roots! Ideal for flower beds, vegetable gardens, paths, lawns and bindweed. Roundup Gel is particularly useful when treating weeds amongst plants you don’t want to kill. Roundup Gel contains glyphosate. Always read the label, use pesticides safely.

Garden Tool Caddy

Garden Tool Caddy £6.9500
The garden caddy made from lightweight and durable green plastic is ideal for storage and carrying tools and equipment in the garden. Made in the UK by the Stewart Garden Company.