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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 31st, 2014.
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Reduced items at MowDirect

Mighty Mac LB5-EX Leaf Blower (Special Offer)

Mighty Mac LB5-EX Leaf Blower (Special Offer) was £399.00 now £199.00
Fallen leaves strewn around the grounds of schools, hospitals and other large-scale establishments not only look unsightly, they also pose a very real slip-hazard, so pile them up quickly and efficiently with this dedicated leaf-blower from Mighty Mac.Driving it is a seriously powerful 5hp four-stroke Intek engine from leading U.S. manufacturers Briggs & Stratton. Thanks to its overhead-valve design, you’ll find the engine runs cool and clean, while delivering outstanding reliability and fuel-economy.The Mighty Mac LB5-EX Leaf Blower is fitted with a hardwearing 38cm impellor that creates a ferocious 257km/h blowing-speed – enough to shift even those wet, downtrodden leaves. The direction of the airflow is easy to adjust via a kickable deflector.Fitted with a front castor wheel and a pair of pneumatic rear tyres, the Mighty Mac LB5-EX is exceptionally agile and can be manoeuvred with ease around obstacles.It compact and lightweight design means it requires minimal effort to push along; while its ergonomic handle can be folded down for space-saving storage.

Mighty Mac LB8-EZ EX Leaf Blower (Special Offer)

Mighty Mac LB8-EZ EX Leaf Blower (Special Offer) was £549.00 now £299.00
The impressive, pro-grade Mighty Mac LB8-EZ EX is the highest-specification blower in the range, and as such is suitable for the toughest leaf- and litter-clearance applications the commercial landscaper or local-authority worker is likely to encounter.Driving it is a very high-powered Briggs & Stratton Intek I/C engine that develops a substantial 8hp, and which utilises up-to-the-minute overhead-valve technology in order to minimise fuel-costs; noise levels; exhaust emissions; and vibration.Briggs and Stratton’s Magnetron® electronic ignition means you can be sure of ultra-dependable, maintenance-free starting; while their DuraLubeā„¢ Splash Lubrication System ensures critical components are kept constantly and thoroughly lubricated for optimum performance and a lengthy engine-life.With its heavy-duty 38cm poly impellor developing a ferocious 298km/h air-velocity, the Mighty Mac LB8-EZ EX Leaf Blower will blast off downtrodden leaves and litter, and will even shift heavier debris like glass bottles.Its lightweight, push-type design and front castor-wheel make it almost effortlessly manoeuvrable; while its convenient fold-down handle means you’ll have no trouble finding a spot for it in the storage area (the castor-wheel can be locked if you need to maintain a straight line in difficult conditions).