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Price reductions at John Lewis

by John - December 4th, 2014.
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Reduced price on items today at John Lewis

Clarins Toning Body Balm

Clarins Toning Body Balm was £30.00 now £25.50
A moment of real bliss with essential oils of rosemary and rosewood and ginseng extract. An energising boost for body and mind and moisturising skin treat

Elemis Energy Vitality, 60 Capsules

Elemis Energy Vitality, 60 Capsules was £36.00 now £32.40
Use as part of a fitness programme, or to improve energy levels. Mineral-rich spirulina, algae, sarsaparilla root, Siberian ginseng and gotu kola pack a potent punch against fatigue, collectively helping to boost the body’s stamina levels. 60 capsules

Elemis Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Lotion, 300ml

Elemis Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Lotion, 300ml was £27.00 now £24.30
This super hydrating lotion, power-packed with purifying peptides from moringa, detoxifying camphor bush and smoothing paracress, leaves the body veiled in a fresh scent of lime and ginger, vetiver and petitgrain. 300ml

Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub, 150ml

Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub, 150ml was £26.00 now £23.40
This revitalising body scrub contains silicon-rich sea plant particles, devils apron seaweed and peppermint essential oil that leaves the skin satin-soft. Gently cleanses and smoothes the body, whilst removing dead skin cells. 150ml

Clarins Body Treatment Oil - Soothing/Relaxing

Clarins Body Treatment Oil – Soothing/Relaxing was £39.00 now £33.15
For soothing/relaxing. A blend of deeply relaxing aromatic essential oils of petit grain, geranium, camomile and basil soothe away tensions, while hazelnut oil leaves skin supple and nourished. 100ml

Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel, 150ml

Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel, 150ml was £30.00 now £27.00
This powerful synergy combines soothing extracts of arnica, birch and witch hazel with cooling camphor and menthol. An instant revitalizer, perfect for tired legs and muscle tension, especially on the shoulders and neck. Perfect travel companion! 150ml

Elemis Invigorating Cal-Metab Plus, 60 Capsules

Elemis Invigorating Cal-Metab Plus, 60 Capsules was £36.00 now £32.40
Use as part of a weight loss programme. Metabolism boosting laminaria algae, kelp and plantain are a high source of organic iodine and natural dietary fibre. Helps decrease cholesterol, mildly satiate the appetite and cleanse the body. 60 capsules

Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Lotion, 200ml

Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Lotion, 200ml was £25.00 now £22.50
Perfect after a skin nourishing shower or bath. Concentrated milk protein, soothing oat kernel and nourishing camellia, macadamia and jojoba oils replenish dry skin, whilst softening and balancing the pH. 200ml

Clarins Body Treatment Oil - Contouring/Strengthening

Clarins Body Treatment Oil – Contouring/Strengthening was £39.00 now £33.15
For contouring/strengthening.