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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 4th, 2014.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these lines

Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor

Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor was £1999.00 now £1799.00
Offering both side-discharge and mulching as standard, the premium-grade Stiga Tornado 3108 H performs just as well on paddocks and informal long-grass areas as it does on well-groomed, bowling-green style lawns.Under its corrosion-resistant and noise-limiting bonnet is a very high-powered 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek 5210-Series engine with a Dual-Clean™ air-filter that confers a marked lengthening in service-life; and an anti-vibration system for a reduction in component-wear; and a comfortable, fatigue-free drive. An overhead-valve-type configuration leads to a reduction in fuel-costs and damaging exhaust emissions; while an electric key ignition makes what can otherwise be a frustrating operation a breeze.The Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor has been equipped with an intuitive foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic drive – the more force you apply to the pedal, the faster you’ll go. This sought-after feature works with a tight 130cm turning-radius to ensure you’ll find it easy to deal with obstacles and awkward corners.Not just a mower, the Stiga Tornado 3108 H is supplied with a tow-bar that makes it possible to hitch-up any of the numerous versatility-enhancing attachments that are available; in turn ensuring you’ll get plenty of use from your purchase outside of the growing season.The cutter-deck on this model measures a huge 108cm in width, so the rapid coverage of expansive areas is assured.A hosepipe fitting on the deck means keeping the undercarriage clean is a hassle-free process; while powerful dual headlights make low-light mowing and towing possible. Other stand-out features include a seven-position cutting-height, which you can set between 25 and 80mm depending on your preferred finish; and wide-profile drive-tyres that provide all the traction you’ll need, and which won’t gouge delicate surfaces during turns.

Stiga Estate 5092 H Lawn Tractor

Stiga Estate 5092 H Lawn Tractor was £2899.00 now £2099.00
Built in Europe to exacting specifications and packed with practical and convenient features, this high-end lawn tractor from Stiga will impress even the most hardened domestic lawn-care enthusiast. Key to its exceptional performance in both bagging- and mulching-modes is its Contraflow mower-deck, which is fitted with two counter-rotating blades. The action of the blades creates a powerful airflow, which, in mulching-mode ensures clippings are held under the deck for longer so they’re more finely chopped; and in collection mode, blasts clippings at high velocity through the discharge-chute, in turn facilitating effective damp-weather bagging. The Stiga Estate 5092 H Lawn Tractor comes equipped with a very high-performance 9kW Briggs & Stratton OHV Powerbuilt engine with electric key ignition for effortless starts; and a Dual-Clean™ air-filter with foam pre-cleaner for optimum component protection. B & S’s vibration-reduction measures (‘AVS’) minimise shock-transfer through the seat and steering-wheel so as to maximise driver-comfort.Featuring a pedal-controlled hydrostatic-drive, whereby you can adjust the ground-speed (forward and reverse) in infinite increments, the Stiga Estate 5092 H can be driven intuitively and is highly manoeuvrable for such a sizeable machine.It offers seven preset blade-heights (25 – 80mm), so you can easily adapt to a change in conditions; and it’s supplied with an enormous 260-litre grass-catcher, which combines with a six-litre fuel-tank to ensure very large-scale jobs can be completed with few interruptions (a ‘collector full’ buzzer alerts you when capacity is reached).Stiga’s provision of twin-headlights means you’ll be able to carry-on working when the light’s not at its best; while their fitting of a contact-breaker under the driver’s seat works to enhance user-safety by cutting the engine (and blades) when no-one is at the helm. This 92cm model has a five-year homeowner-use warranty and has been developed for lawns around 8000m2 in area.