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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 10th, 2014.
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New lines added today at MowDirect

Al-Ko T15-74HD-A Edition Lawn Tractor

Al-Ko T15-74HD-A Edition Lawn Tractor £1849.00
The Al-Ko T15-74 HD-A offers the sort of superior build-quality; advanced features; and impressive cutting-performance you’d expect from a German engineered garden-tractor.It’s designed to produce a fast cut on open spaces between 1000-6000m2 in size and will also cope exceptionally well in gardens which have awkward corners; obstacles and restricted access, thanks to its class-leading turning-circle and compact design.Contributing further to manoeuvrability is a hand-controlled hydrostatic drive, which facilitates smooth and instinctive control of your operating speed, with none of the time-consuming gear-shifts or stopping that come with a manual gearbox.Constructed around a tubular-steel space-frame and fitted with a heavy-duty front bumper, the Al-Ko T15-74 HD-A Lawn & Garden Tractor has been built to provide year after year of unfailing service.Its low-level direct-discharge chute and aerodynamic high-lift blade work to ensure the effective, blockage-free collection of damp grass; while its 220-litre catcher means large amounts of ground can be covered between each drive to the compost-heap (emptying is via a telescopic lever that can be reached from the driver’s seat).Powering the rear-wheels and blade on the Al-Ko T15-74 HD-A is a powerful 452cc (8.5kW) four-stroke engine from the German manufacturer’s own impressive stable, so you can be sure of low fuel-costs and dependable, low-emission performance. A six-step height-of-cut, adjustable between 30 and 90mm, means you can adapt the blade position to suit the prevailing conditions; while an adjustable high-backed seat and ergonomic control positioning combine to confer high levels of driver-comfort.

Stiga Combi 3072 H Ride-On Mower

Stiga Combi 3072 H Ride-On Mower £1699.00
Upgrade from your old walk-behind mower and take an effort-free approach to the problem of large-scale lawn-care with this compact and manoeuvrable ride-on mower from Stiga. Key to its superior manoeuvrability its it narrow 72cm width-of-cut and smooth, infinitely-variable hydrostatic transmission; a combination that ensures you’ll have no trouble negotiating tight end-of-pass turns or undertaking close-quarters mowing around and between obstacles.It’s both collection- mulch-capable, so you can choose the most effective cutting-mode for the conditions you’re faced with; and it has a seven-position cutting-height for the creation of a ‘just so’ finish.The Stiga Combi 3072 H Ride-On Mower comes driven by a 344cc Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt 3130-Series engine that boasts a fuel-saving and emission-reducing overhead-valve design; and which employs the U.S. manufacturer’s anti-vibration technology so as to enhance durability and ensure a smooth, fatigue-free drive.Unusually for a ride-on mower, the Stiga 3072 H has been equipped with a headlight, so you’ll be able to work safely when visibility is poor.This model’s 72cm cutting-width and 170-litre grass-catcher make it suitable for areas up to 4000m2.

Lawnflite 76-RDE Mini Rider

Lawnflite 76-RDE Mini Rider £1449.00
Whizz around a smaller lawn in no time with this compact 76cm-cut mini-rider from Lawnflite.Its powerful 14hp (420cc) MTD overhead-valve engine drives a high-performance side-discharge cutter-deck that can be quickly converted to mulching-mode by fitting the optional mulch-plug. With this attached, clippings are held under the deck, where they’re shredded before being dispersed evenly over the lawn surface. The nutrients and moisture released by the decomposition of the mulch will keep the turf healthy during the dry summer months (a 200-litre collector is also included, so you can bag clippings where conditions suit).The Lawnflite 76-RDE Mini Rider is equipped with a 12-speed (6 + 6) Transmatic shift-on-the-move transmission, which combines with its compact dimensions and tight-turning circle to ensure tight corners and obstacles can be negotiated without fuss.It allows you to choose from five preset cutting-heights, so you can select the one you think will give you the best results on any given grass-type; and it’s fitted with a handy fuel-gauge for at-a-glance checking of how much petrol is left in the large-capacity tank.

Dormak RM62-BS Heavy-Duty High-Grass Mower

Dormak RM62-BS Heavy-Duty High-Grass Mower £1449.00
If you’re looking to clear an expansive long-grass area that would defeat a standard walk-behind mower, the voracious Dormak RM62-BS is the machine for the job.It comes powered by a Briggs & Stratton 850-Series engine that employs a commercial-grade air-management system for superior component-protection; and which features the famous U.S. manufacturer’s ReadyStart® technology, whereby the need to apply choke and prime the carburettor prior to starting is eliminated. A Dura-Boreā„¢ cast-iron cylinder-sleeve confers durability and works to optimise compression; while a roomy 1.1-litre fuel-tank will keep you going for long-periods with no need to top-up.So as to ensure easy manoeuvrability in the sort of long grass it’s been designed to tackle, the Dormak RM62-BS has been equipped with large 430mm rear-wheels and a front castor-wheel.It’s impressively flexible in use, with its five-speed gear and four-position height-of-cut making it possible to manage all manner of terrains and grass-conditions; and it offers a rapid work-rate, with its 60cm cutting-width ensuring a fast work-rate on areas up to 3500m2.Designed with longevity to the fore, the Dormak RM62-BS Heavy-Duty High-Grass mower boasts a steel cutter-deck and steel rear-wheels.

Dormak EP53-H Heavy-Duty High-Grass Mower

Dormak EP53-H Heavy-Duty High-Grass Mower £999.00
Scythe effortlessly through waist-high grass and cover a large area with exceptional rapidity using this side-discharge long-grass mower from Portuguese manufacturers Dormak.Making it tick is a Honda GCV160 engine; a premium-range power-pack that employs Honda’s unique overhead-cam for a significant cut in fuel-costs; and which combines a robust resin cam-shaft with Dura-Lube engine-oiling for rock-solid long-term reliability.Automatic mechanical decompression ensures the gentlest of tugs on the starter-rope will see the engine spark into life; while a large-capacity 0.93-litre fuel-tank means little time will be lost for refuelling-breaks.The Dormak EP53-H Heavy-Duty High-Grass Mower is fitted with very large-diameter rear-wheels that work with a front castor-wheel to ensure you’ll have no trouble manoeuvring in the sort of very long grass it’s been designed to take down.It features a self-propelled transmission, so slopes and other adverse terrain can be negotiated with ease; and it offers three preset heights-of-cut, so you can choose the one that best suits the conditions you’re faced with.This model’s generous 52cm cutting-width makes it a fast and efficient performer over areas up to around 2000m2.

Dormak MD60 PRO-R Heavy-Duty Cultivator

Dormak MD60 PRO-R Heavy-Duty Cultivator £929.00
Turn what can be a lengthy and backbreaking job in to a fast, low-effort one with the powerful but easy-handling Dormak MD60 PRO-R Heavy-Duty Cultivator. Driving its series of six sharp and ruggedly robust steel rotors is a Honda GX200 engine that utilises the acclaimed Japanese manufacturer’s overhead-valve technology so as to minimise emissions and optimise fuel-economy; and which offers superior long-term reliability thanks to its dual-element air-filter, forged-steel crankshaft and cast-iron cylinder-sleeve.Automatic mechanical decompression works to drastically reduce the pulling-force needed to achieve ignition; while an extra-large 3.1-litre tank means minimal time will be lost for refuelling.The Dormak MD60 PRO-R boasts a three-speed transmission (2+1), so you’ll find it manoeuvrable and easy to free if it becomes too deeply dug-in. It’s supplied as standard with crop-protection discs that guard against plant-damage when tackling inter-row applications; and it’s equipped with a fully adjustable handlebar that ensures the comfortable completion of large-scale jobs.The outside sets of rotors on this model are removable, thereby enabling you to adjust the working-width to suit the task in hand (the maximum working-width is a substantial 90cm).

Dormak MD50 PRO-R Heavy-Duty Cultivator

Dormak MD50 PRO-R Heavy-Duty Cultivator £789.00
Cultivate, weed or aerate a substantial plot in quick-time with this hardworking petrol front-tine tiller from Portuguese brand Dormak.Powering its set of six sharp and hardwearing steel rotors is a Honda GX160 engine; a 163cc four-stroke air-cooled unit that employs Honda’s unique overhead-valve (OHV) technology for a marked cut in fuel-costs and unpleasant exhaust emissions; and which combines a dual-element air-filter with a forged-steel crank and a cast-iron cylinder-sleeve so as to maximise service-life.An extra-large 3.1-litre tank means minimal time will be lost for refuelling; while automatic mechanical decompression works to drastically reduce the pulling-force needed to achieve ignition.The four outside rotors on the Dormak MD50 PRO-R Heavy-Duty Cultivator are removable, so you can select the most appropriate working-width for the task in hand (the maximum tilling-width is a huge 90cm).Crop-protection discs prevent plant-damage when you’re operating between rows of established plants; while fully adjustable handlebars ensure gardeners of any stature can work in comfort.This model boasts a reverse gear, so it can be easily freed should it dig-in a bit too deep.

MTD Optima 53 SPH HW Petrol Lawnmower

MTD Optima 53 SPH HW Petrol Lawnmower £415.00
Quality features, rugged build-quality and powerful performance are the defining characteristics of the well-equipped MTD Optima 53SPH HW.Driving it is a GCV160 engine from Honda. These premium 160cc power-units benefit from a uni-block construction that works with an overhead-cam (OHC) and compact combustion-chamber to minimise exhaust emissions and fuel-costs.Honda’s Dura-Lube technology ensures smooth, low-wear operation for enhanced durability; while their provision of automatic mechanical decompression means you’ll be able to achieve ignition with a gentle, two-finger pull on the starter-rope.The MTD Optima 53 SPH HW Petrol Lawnmower has a roomy 70-litre grassbag and an extra-wide 53cm width-of-cut; a combination that allows for the rapid coverage of lawns up to 1500m2.It’s both mulch- and rear-discharge-capable, so you’ll be able to work without the catcher if conditions are conducive; and it has a steel cutter-deck at its heart, so superior longevity is guaranteed.Boasting a power-drive to its large-diameter rear-wheels, the MTD Optima 53 SPH HW will breeze its way up slopes and take rough ground in its stride.A hosepipe fixture means you’ll be able to clean the underneath of the deck without flipping the mower onto its side; while ball-bearing-type mountings ensure the wheels will stay free-rolling over time.Also featured is an ergonomically-shaped handle that can be height-adjusted to match the user’s stature; and collapsed to maximise available space in the shed.

MTD Optima 46 SPH HW Petrol Lawnmower

MTD Optima 46 SPH HW Petrol Lawnmower £405.00
If you’re maintaining a lawn around 1000m2 and are looking for a powerful and dependable work-partner, this 46cm-cut rotary-mower from venerable U.S. manufacturers MTD fits the bill.Foremost amongst a host of quality features is its Honda GCV160 engine; a premium 160cc unit that utilises Honda’s latest compact OHC (overhead-cam) technology for a marked reduction in noise, vibration, fuel-consumption and exhaust-emissions.Automatic decompression works to minimise the effort needed to pull the recoil-starter rope; while Honda’s Dura-Lube System provides optimum component-protection for superior longevity. The MTD Optima 46 SPH HW Petrol Lawnmower is highly durable, with its rugged steel deck conferring impact-resistance; and its ball-bearing mounted wheels remaining free-rolling for years. It’s equipped with a handy deck-wash nozzle that will enable you to clean the undercarriage by simply fitting a hosepipe and spinning the blades; and it benefits from single-lever cutting-height adjustment, so it couldn’t be easier to select the blade-position you’re looking for.Thanks to its effort-saving power-drive, the MTD Optima 46 SPH HW will come into its own on areas with slopes and/or tussocky ground. A large 70-litre grassbag will keep you going for long periods between visits to your compost-pile; while extra-high 280mm drive-wheels provide ample grip without damaging delicate lawn-surfaces.Also featured is a comfortable Ergo handle that can be folded to save space in the shed; or height-adjusted to suit the operator.As well as bagging, this model also offers rear-discharge and mulching modes, so you’ll be able to work without the catcher where conditions suit.