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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - December 10th, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds just added hundreds of new lines

Wooden Obelisk

Wooden Obelisk £48.98
A classic wooden obelisk that provides decorative plant support, bringing a touch of elegance to any border. Made from durable pine, it measures 32cm (13) x 32cm (13) x 1.5m (5′) high.

Tomato Success Kit

Tomato Success Kit £47.97
These planter/frames are a great way of maximising your tomato harvest, enabling you to grow up to four plants for every metre – perfect for gardens or greenhouses with little space. With a built-in 1.5m (5′) high support frame and a 2 litre water reservoir, it makes watering and training them easy – so they’ll produce lots of tasty fruit! Ideal for other climbing flower and veg plants too.


Fold-a-Frame £47.97
An elegant and amazingly versatile plant support frame, comprising four hinged steel panels, each 33cm (13) wide x 110cm (43) high, which can be used in a square formation to support tomatoes, or in a straight line as a dividing screen. Ideal for supporting peas, beans or climbing flowers. Several frames can be clipped together to create various different shaped plant supports.

Parasol Plant Support

Parasol Plant Support £39.98
An elegant, easy-to-construct plant support for sweet peas, beans and other climbing plants. Made from robust forged steel, with wide spaced parasol arms that allow room for plant growth. Includes central pole and ground spike, 6 curved parasol arms, 6 tough polypropylene strings and 6 galvanised steel ground pegs. 1.8m (6′) high, 1.2m (4′) diameter at top, 2m (6’6) diameter at base.


Seedsava £32.98
SAVE TIME, SAVES SEED & SAVES MONEY! This clever device comes in 2 parts – a base which sits along the prepared seed drill and a hopper which clips into and slides gently a short way along the base. When the holes in the hopper align with the holes in the base, the seeds drop through onto the ground in the desired position. Each colour hopper has different seed types, hole sizes and distances. It ensures perfect seed spacing, reducing unnecessary thinning of seedlings, and saving time, seed and money!

Super Plug Plants - Bumper Basket Collection

Super Plug Plants – Bumper Basket Collection £31.99
6 varieties – 36 Super Plug Plants to fill 6 standard hanging baskets! Our bumper basket collection gives you 6 superb varieties, specially chosen for your hanging baskets and patio containers allowing you to put on a stunning patio display at a fraction of the cost of buying them from teh garden centre. (Please note: Illustration is an example only – varieties will vary.)


EasyPath £29.98
An instant fold-out pathway, ideal for placing between rows of vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers. Tough outer weed barrier stops weeds from growing between rows of plants and the strong internal grid provides support for wheelbarrows and wellington boots. Also protects wet lawns from wheelbarrows and foot traffic. 3m (10′) length x 30cm (12) width.

Wheelbarrow Planters

Wheelbarrow Planters £29.98
A traditional wheelbarrow planter designed to brighten up any garden or patio. Sturdily constructed from metal with a coco liner, it can be assembled in minutes – full assembly instructions included. Measures 68cm (27) x 22cm (9) x 31cm (12).

Wooden Obelisk

Wooden Obelisk £26.99
A classic wooden obelisk that provides decorative plant support, bringing a touch of elegance to any border. Made from durable pine, it measures 32cm (13) x 32cm (13) x 1.5m (5′) high.


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