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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - December 13th, 2014.
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New lines today at Blooming Direct

Patio Perfect Dwarf Patio Apricot Tree

Patio Perfect Dwarf Patio Apricot Tree £24.99
Perfect for anyone who wants to grow fruit trees but has very limited space. A super-dwarf variety, approx. 60cm (2ft) tall, meaning it will stay compact enough to grow them in a patio pot and still get bumper crops in the minimum of space! Whats more, you may even pick your first fresh juicy fruit in the first season! You should start to see an increase in this crop year on year, with a potential to provide a high product yield costing only pennies per lb to produce.

Patio Plum Golddust tree bare root

Patio Plum Golddust tree bare root £19.99
Plum GoldDust is the amazing yellow fruited self-fertile Plum from the famous Zaiger patio fruit breeding program from California, producing heavy crops of golden yellow plums, yet on a very short compact tree. GoldDust is naturally compact, and will remain below 1.5M (5ft) for 10 years or so, and is easy to grow in big pots and tubs, or direct in the garden, in a sunny spot, where the suns rays can ripen the fruit and convert as much sugar as possible for the sweetest taste.

Festive Tree-O - 3 Mini Living Christmas Tree

Festive Tree-O – 3 Mini Living Christmas Tree £9.99
Get into the festive mood with by adding these wonderful, pre-decorated mini Christmas trees to your display! Perfect for instant windowsill or table top displays, or perhaps for an easy to look after display in a child’s bedroom. Each pot grown real Christmas tree is given either a dusting of magical fake snow, or bright golden glitter. Not only that, 2 of them are supplied ready to display in attractive red ceramic pots and complete with miniature decorations! Just unpack, and they are ready to go. The perfect living decoration – if kept watered indoors this Christmas, they can be planted outside, and will grow slowly over many years – the snow and glitter will of course wash off in the rain. They will retain their fabulous classic Christmas Tree shape, and will grow very slowly, so if potted on can be brought back into the house for many, many years.