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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - December 17th, 2014.
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New items added today at Gardens and Homes Direct

180cm/6ft Outdoor & Indoor Dual Size Globe Tree With 200 Ice White LEDs

180cm/6ft Outdoor & Indoor Dual Size Globe Tree With 200 Ice White LEDs £64.99
Perfect in the garden or any indoor setting: With a sturdy steel black trunk, flexible branches and globe shades in two sizes, our 180cm/6ft Outdoor & Indoor Dual Size Globe Tree With 300 Ice White LEDs creates a soft yet bright, atmospheric lighting effect. Ideal as a pathway, patio and border decoration, conservatory light or as part of any illuminated display. LED bulbs use very little power and will last up to 500 times longer than conventional bulbs.Features:•    Stylish jet black trunk and flexible branches with two sizes of acrylic globe shades.•    300 bright ice white LED bulbs.•    Complete with low voltage transformer and BS plug.•    Waterproof cables and fittings: Sturdy metal stand.•    Perfect…

2.7m Ecru Wooden Garden Parasol

2.7m Ecru Wooden Garden Parasol £43.99
Our classic design 2.7m Ecru Garden Parasol is constructed with a sturdy wooden two piece pole and durable heavy gauge, shower resistant polyester. The robust wooden framework opens and closes with a quick and simple draw string pulley mechanism. Features:• Two piece sturdy wooden pole with steel screw fittings in an attractive brass finish.• Quick and simple draw-string pulley mechanism.• Robust wooden spokes and durable heavy gauge polyester.• Air vent for stability and attractive button finial.Dimensions: Diameter 270cm/106inHeight 300cm/118inPole Diameter 3.8cm/1.5in.

600 Warm White Super-Long LED Chaser Lights

600 Warm White Super-Long LED Chaser Lights £39.99
If you’re looking for length in your lights this year and just want them all on set, then these super-long multi-function LEDs with a staggering 59.9m to utilise are absolutely perfect for instantly creating the right atmosphere outdoors or indoors, from wrapping around a tree trunk or a favourite shrub, or around the edge of your conservatory and maybe down the garden path as well! There are lots of ways to apply these lights and not only for the Christmas festivities.  What’s more, there’s a function controller so you can choose from eight spectacular lighting effects to enhance the mood.  Warm white LEDs create an effect similar to that of incandescent fairy lights.Features600 warm white LED lights8 spectacular lighting effects SpecificationsLight Type:  LEDs use very…