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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - December 18th, 2014.
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Harrod Horticultural just added this new product

Vintage Vegetable Cage Disk Nodes

Vintage Vegetable Cage Disk Nodes £6.85
The High Quality Pressed Steel Disk Nodes Are Incredibly Strong And Are Available Either In A Natural Degreased Finish Which Will Develop A Natural Rust Finish Or Powder Coated Matt Black. The Nodes Fit With Our Steel Rods Which Are Also Available In Natural Rust Or Matt Black. the Nodes Can Be Set At Different Heights On The Vertical Rods So That More Than One Node Can Be Ised On An Uprioght. This Means That More Than One Horizontal Bar Can Be Connected To A Vertical Bar So Create Strong Growing Frames Such As Espalier Frames And Raspberry Supports.