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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 20th, 2014.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these products

Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar) (Showroom Model)

Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar) (Showroom Model) was £129.00 now £109.00
If you want to create a handy store of small logs for a wood-burning stove, carry out some pruning or light limbing, make fuel for a small range cooker or for the fire, this small but high quality domestic chainsaw from Mountfield is just the job. The Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw is an affordable but quality domestic level chainsaw powered by a 2-stroke 1.2kW petrol engine, with a number of high quality features including a pump primer for quick and easy starts. Having your chain at the right tension is essential (it should be tight against the guide bar) so Mountfield have included a side chain tensioning mechanism to allow you to adjust the chin keeping it safe and effective. Don’t forget, your chain tension should always be checked before every use. A sprocket nose is featured on this machine, which turns at the end of the chain and increases cutting performance. The chain bar is a handy 35cm, so ideal for creating smaller logs and firewood as well as pruning smaller branches and to increase the working life of the chain and improve efficiency, the chain has automatic chain lubrication with an adjustable option as well, a dual-feature you will rarely find in this price bracket. A double acting chain brake keeps operator safe as well as reducing potential damage to the machine. Double-acting means the chainbrake can be operated by inertia or by moving the chain brake lever with your wrist or hand. The inertia element means that if you were operating the saw with a hand on each handle a ‘kickback’ occurred, the movement of the saw would engage the chainbreak. The MC438 comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

MTD GCS4100/40 Petrol Chainsaw inc Chainsaw Gloves (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use)

MTD GCS4100/40 Petrol Chainsaw inc Chainsaw Gloves (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use) was £115.00 now £109.00
Whether it’s pruning; lopping; logging; firewood prep; or DIY; this versatile and easy-to-use petrol chainsaw from MTD can handle them all.Driving it is a high-torque 40cc (1.7hp) MTD two-stroke engine that employs an aluminium crankcase and cylinder for rust-resistance and weight-reduction; and which has a roomy 0.3-litre fuel-tank that will see you complete the job without too many tiresome interruptions for refuelling.A fuel-primer makes the engine easy to start from cold; while a decompression valve means ignition can be achieved with the gentlest of pulls on the starter-rope.The MTD GCS4100/40 Petrol Chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration handle and weighs only 4.5kg; a combination that facilitates long periods of fatigue-free use.It offers convenient side chain-tensioning, so you’ll find making in-the-field adjustments is a fast, hassle-free operation; and it features an automatic chain-oiler, which not only keeps the high-grade Oregon cutting-gear in tip-top condition, but also delivers a super-smooth cut.Safety features include a cutter-guard that protects the operator should the chain become detached from its rail; and a fast-acting inertia-triggered chain-brake that stops the chain immediately in the unlikely event the saw ‘kicks back’.

Mitox CS41 Petrol Chainsaw inc Chainsaw Gloves (40cm Guide Bar) (Ex Demo 3 Hours Use)

Mitox CS41 Petrol Chainsaw inc Chainsaw Gloves (40cm Guide Bar) (Ex Demo 3 Hours Use) was £129.00 now £119.00
The Mitox CS41 offers the sort of high-specification features you’d normally find on a premium chainsaw, but it comes-in at a fraction of the price. Its powerful 40.1cc (2hp) two-stroke engine employs the Mitox ‘Smart Pull’ system; a recoil-assist mechanism that reduces the pulling-force required on the starter-cord by an impressive 30-percent (a primer-bulb further aids starting). The engine also benefits from the use of a reliability- and performance-boosting Walbro Carburettor. Like all Mitox products, the Mitox CS41 Petrol Chainsaw has been built to last. Its highly robust aluminium crankshaft will easily cope with long periods of continuous use at maximum revs; while it’s automatic chain-oiling system ensures wear-and-tear are kept to a minimum, in turn extending the useful life of the high-quality Oregon cutting-gear (the oil-flow rate can be set to suit the hardness of the wood you’re cutting). Mitox’s ‘Smart Flow’ air-intake removes dust from air that’s bound for the filter, so the engine will keep-on running at peak performance for longer. The Mitox CS41 incorporates a number of other premium features, including a quick-stop chain-brake, which halts the chain in around one-tenth of second if ‘kick-back’ occurs; and a full anti-vibration system that combines with the saw’s low-weight design (only 5.1kg) and ergonomic handle-configuration to make it easy to control and manoeuvre.

Mountfield MT2801J Two-Stroke Grass Trimmer (Showroom Model)

Mountfield MT2801J Two-Stroke Grass Trimmer (Showroom Model) was £129.00 now £119.00
It might be trusted British brand Mountfield’s lowest-priced petrol grass-trimmer, but that doesn’t mean the MT2801J compromises on power; handling; or indeed build-quality. The Mountfield MT2801J is supplied with a bump-feed line-head, which means you won’t have stop work and set the machine down when fresh cord is required – instead, simply tap the cutter-head on the ground and the cord will spool-out automatically. Weighing just 6.5kg; fitted with an ergonomic D-loop handle; and offering comprehensive vibration-damping; the Mountfield MT2801J Two-Stroke Grass Trimmer can be used for extended periods without overly fatiguing the operator. This model also features a durable 26mm shaft that can be split for more compact storage, and which allows you to hook-up Mountfield’s pruner or hedgetrimmer attachments. A pair of safety goggles is supplied free-of-charge.

Mitox CS45 Petrol Chainsaw (Ex Demo 3 Hours Use)

Mitox CS45 Petrol Chainsaw (Ex Demo 3 Hours Use) was £149.00 now £129.00
If you’re a fan of professional features and build-quality, but don’t want to pay professional prices, then this high-end domestic-use chainsaw from Mitox is well worth a look. Making it tick is an impressively beefy 2.4hp (45cc) two-stroke air-cooled engine, which develops enough power to enable you to deal with the most challenging wood-types. Mitox have provided a decompression-valve for low-effort pull-starts; and a Walbro carburettor and a Champion spark-plug for optimum combustion efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements. The Mitox CS45 Petrol Chainsaw uses a bar and chain combination from chainsaw performance-experts Oregon, so a smooth, clean cut is assured, even in knotty wood. It features a commercial-specification crankshaft, which works to minimise torque loss, while maximising engine life; and it offers automatic chain-oiling, so the cutting gear will keep on performing at its best for longer (you can adjust the oil flow-rate to suit the nature of the task in hand). With its crankcase made from magnesium alloy, the Mitox CS45 is around 30-percent lighter than similarly rated machines with a standard crankcase. This, along with anti-vibration measures and advanced ergonomics, make it one of the best handling saws in its class.

Mountfield MC640 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar) (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use)

Mountfield MC640 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar) (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use) was £149.00 now £139.00
A feature-packed domestic chainsaw at an affordable price is something of a Holy Grail and Mountfield appear to have found it with this range of machines. The Mountfield MC640 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw features a powerful two-stroke Mountfield engine with a substantial power output of 2hp and a displacement of 40.1cc. A relatively compact 40cm guide-bar is long enough for creating logs and firewood on a medium-sized domestic property; and for small-scale felling, limbing and pruning. A pump-primer means starting is swift and trouble free, with electric ignition and a reliable recoil start also making things easier. A sprocket-nose at the end of the chain-bar spins to decrease friction, in turn increasing cutting-performance and lengthening the working-life of the chain. Maintaining the correct tension on your chain is important for safety: the chain should be snugly fitting to the bar and this is addressed with the featured side chain tensioner. Chain lubrication is equally vital and this chainsaw features not just automatic lubrication, but also adjustable lubrication, which is very unusual to find on a chainsaw in this price range. A double-acting chain brake is there for safety and to protect the machine from damage during a sudden stop. It can be operated both by inertia – so ‘kickback’ would engage the break – and also by using the lever with your wrist or hand. This model’s lightweight combines with optimised balance to make it comfortable and easy to control.

Oleo-Mac BC22S Ultra Lightweight Petrol Brushcutter (Ex Demo 30 Minutes Use)

Oleo-Mac BC22S Ultra Lightweight Petrol Brushcutter (Ex Demo 30 Minutes Use) was £159.00 now £149.00
The Oleo-Mac BC22S is an ultra lightweight petrol brushcutter that weighs just 4.2kg. It’s compact and exceptionally well balanced making for more comfortable operation and offers professional build quality at a price within the reach of homeowners.It is powered by a 21.7cc 2-stroke engine, delivering great torque even at low revs. Amongst the engines quality components are die cast nickel plated cylinder, a low-weight high strength aluminium clutch cover, a forged crankshaft and a 2-ring piston for robust durability. The engine starts fast with the