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New products at GreenFingers

by John - December 21st, 2014.
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GreenFingers just added these new items

Elephant Watering Can - 0.5 litres

Elephant Watering Can – 0.5 litres £14.99
This gorgeous baby elephant watering can has been hand crafted from weather-resistant galvanised sheet metal and would look cute decorating the home or garden. Why not add a hook and have it hanging from a favourite nook or cranny and make this elephant a great decorative additon to your collection. Alternatively it is lightweight perfectly balanced and the ideal size for watering your indoor plants and children will love it too!Approximate dimensions: 10 x 30 x 21cm high

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Graduate Fork

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Graduate Fork £14.99
Perfect for those who prefer their garden tools lighter or for young gardeners who want to strike out for themselves this Joseph Bentley Graduate Fork features four tough stainless steel tines. It is smaller and lighter than the standard border fork and specifically made for durability and continuous gardening. Border forks make a great choice for digging out weeds and maintaining flowerbeds and this is a great choice for general cultivation at a great price. Manufactured from stainless steel ensures that this graduate fork will be rust-resistant and the handle is made from FSC certified wood that provides heritage charm. The smooth surface of the stainless steel means there is minimal soil adhesion and makes it easier to work the soil. Length: 90cmTo view all special offers in our garden tool department please click here

Chapelwood Premium Bird Table in FSC Pine - Flat Packed

Chapelwood Premium Bird Table in FSC Pine – Flat Packed £27.99
Loved by the birds that visit your garden this full height Premium Bird Table is made from FSC Pine and would make the perfect finishing touch to your surroundings. Arriving to you flat packed this is easily constructed to give a sturdy perch for wild birds. The convenient sheltered ledge is perfect for displaying your bird foods and you will undoubtedly have many new visitors to your garden. Dimensions: Base: L59 x W59cmTable area: L34 x W30cmHeight: 148cmPre-cut pieces complete with all fixingsTreated with non-toxic preservatives

Bee and Insect House - Green

Bee and Insect House – Green £11.99
This attractive Bee and Insect House can be placed freestanding on a tabletop or you could attach it to a wall or tree. Manufactured from green powder coated metal with bamboo tubes it will provide a safe shelter for bees and other insects whilst adding a lovely feature to your garden. Some of the larger tubes are just the right size for masonry or leaf cutter bees. These bees do not swarm so there would only be a few of them using the box. The bees lay an egg in a tube put balls of pollen with it and then stop up the end of the tube with leaves or mud and in the spring the young adult eats its way out and the cycle starts over. Other insects such as ladybirds will also happily use the smaller tubes in this habitat. Ladybirds in particular provide a wonderful natural garden pest removal service by helping to get rid of aphids and other unwanted bugs. Dimensions: W17 x D10.5 x H17cm

Chapelwood Premium Peanuts 12.75kg

Chapelwood Premium Peanuts 12.75kg £30.99
Attract a range of birds with these Premium Peanuts which are rich in fibre oils and protein which will attract the widest variety of garden visiting birds.For increased quality they are presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bagThese are ideal for all year round feeding; providing a balanced dietary supplement for the highly active spring / summer months and to survive the long cold winter months. Young birds can easily choke on whole peanuts; therefore from April to September whole peanuts should only be fed from a peanut feeder.All Chapelwood peanuts are aflatoxin tested. 12.75kg bag

Chapelwood Premium Wild Bird  Seed Mix 5kg

Chapelwood Premium Wild Bird Seed Mix 5kg £6.99
Watch and see as birds return to your garden and enjoy these seeds.This Premium Seed mix is a specially selected blend of the finest quality seeds and grains available which are presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality.This particular mix will provide a complete balanced dietary supplement and is ideal for all round feeding. 5kg bag

Chapelwood Bird Food - 75 Suet Balls

Chapelwood Bird Food – 75 Suet Balls £12.99
This selection of 75 Suet Balls will be sure to keep your feathery visitors going for a while. Suet is the energy giving food to offer wild birds as not only do they find it delicious but also it is highly nutritious

Yeoman Hand Held Garden Grabbers

Yeoman Hand Held Garden Grabbers £7.99
Clear any garden mess in super quick time with these garden grabbers.This pair of grabbers have a big capacity that allows you to pick up more mess in one go than ever before making it quick and easy to tidy the garden. Useful for gathering up leaves or hedge trimmings. Made from polypropylene.

Bee Friendly Wasp Trap

Bee Friendly Wasp Trap £4.99
Bees are gentle creatures that pollinate flowers and should be every gardener’s friend. This traditional blown glass trap kills wasps without harming our bumbling pals. Just fill with beer – or any sugary drink – and hang. Bees are unable to fly directly upwards and so won’t get trapped.15cm dia. x 20cm

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