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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - January 1st, 2015.
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Crocus reduced the price on these items today

Ribbed bucket

Ribbed bucket was £14.99 now £9.99
A very useful little bucket. Light and strong made from ribbed galvanised sheet steel with a coiled metal handle. Dimensions: Height – 30cm Diameter – 25cm Diameter of base – 16.5cm

Stacking storage crate

Stacking storage crate was £21.99 now £18.99
These crates stack on top of each other. You will be able to put these handy storage crates to a multitude of uses around the home and garden. We think they are particularly useful for storing fruit, veg and bulbs, as well as all sorts of odds and ends like gloves, hand-tools and gardening magazines. They are made from iron and have an antique bronze finish. The corner legs will keep your produce off the ground, helping to keep your goodies dry and allowing good air circulation, which ultimately means they will have a longer shelf-life. Dimensions: Height 16cm Width 30cm Length 41cm

Soil sieve

Soil sieve was £22.99 now £19.99
These funnel shaped sieves are ideal for sifting soil into trays or pots. When not in use, the hanging loop makes it easy to store them up and out of the way. We have chosen to offer two mesh sizes. The blue sieve has a mesh size of 7mm x 7mm. The green sieve has a mesh size of 5mm x 5mm. Dimensions: Height – 15cm Top Diameter – 30cm Base Diameter – 23cm

Wooden obelisk

Wooden obelisk was £44.99 now £39.99
This wooden obelisk is made from sturdy pine and comes partly assembled which makes it easier to put together. It is ideal for borders, flower beds and patio planters and is a stylish way to create height in your garden. Measurements: Height: 1.9m Base width: 40cm

Set of 2 cold frames

Set of 2 cold frames was £109.99 now £99.99
As they have an open base, these galvanised metal and glass growhouses can either be placed on a hard surface or straight onto a garden bed. Each have handles on either side, making them easy to move about and weather permitting, their hinged lids can be propped open to allow better air circulation. Measurements: Largest: Length – 67.5cm Width – 36cm Height of front – 21cm Heigth of back – 28.5cm Smallest: Length – 59cm Width – 28cm Height of front – 19cm Height of back – 23.5cm