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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - January 7th, 2015.
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Blooming Direct has these new products today

Trailing Fuchsia Collection x 12 Jumbo Plug Plants

Trailing Fuchsia Collection x 12 Jumbo Plug Plants £12.99
Trailing Fuchsia will cascade like a colourful waterfall over the side of hanging baskets and patio containers, complimenting the upright plants you place above them. The Ballerina-Like flowers look beautiful and the long, colourful trails, which extend to 45cm (18in) below the bottom of your basket, will add depth and most importantly real colour impact. These trailing beauties will also look perfect trailing over low walls or raised beds, but wherever you decide to plant yours, they will provide colour for up to 6 months from May until October. Each collection comprise 3 plugs of the following varieties: – Annabel – softest pure white, tinged with blush pink – La Campanella – berry purple, with contrasting white outer – Swingtime – huge ruffled white centres, surrounded by strawberry red – Jack Shahan – two subtle tones of rose pink The 4 varieties we have selected for you will give immense flower power, and whilst the flower size is slightly smaller than their Jumbo Flowered cousins, the total number of blooms more than makes up for the difference in size. They are perfect in mixed displays with other summer flowering plants, but also look simply stunning when grown as a mixture of fuchsia!

Sweet Pea Super Scent Packet of 60 seeds

Sweet Pea Super Scent Packet of 60 seeds £4.99
A vibrant blend of the most fragrant sweet peas Selection includes frilly flowered Spencers and free blooming grandifloras One new flower per day per plant – that’s 400 a week!Create stunning displays… pick vasefuls of blooms Easy to grow – guaranteed to flower all summer Richly fragrant Sweet Peas go together with warm summer days – no wonder they are The Nations favourite annual flower! This unique selection of scent laden kinds, made after testing more than a hundred varieties, rank among the most fragrant of all. You’ll get well loved, wavy Spencers and colourful grandifloras and the blend includes High Scent and Matucana, already renowned for their unsurpassable perfume. With at least one fresh flower per plant per day at the height of summer, you’ll get hundreds every week.