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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - January 9th, 2015.
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Blooming Direct has these new products today

Hardy Geranium collection x 5 bare roots

Hardy Geranium collection x 5 bare roots £14.99
Hardy Geraniums, or Cranesbills as they are commonly known, are one of the easiest and best garden performers for low maintenance, flowering displays and versatility to growing conditions. Everyone should find space for them! Not to be confused with bedding Geraniums, more correctly called Pelargoniums, these really are one of the most versatile plants – sun or shade, wet or dry, pots or garden, they just keep doing their thing year after year. From their dormant state over-Winter, in Spring they produce neat and tidy small domes of leaves, which are smothered in flowers in Summer. A mecca for bees, they will be buzzing with activity on sunny days. In Autumn, the leaves often turn red orange too. A simple trim off of old grpwth in Autumn is all they need – what could be easier.

Petunia 'Indian Summer Apricot Shades' x 12 plugs

Petunia ‘Indian Summer Apricot Shades’ x 12 plugs £14.99
Simply wonderful and new to the market in 2014, be one of the first in the UK to grow this stunning variety and create cascades of beautiful colour in your garden this year. We discovered the exquisite and innovative Petunia Indian Summer Apricot Shades on a plant-finding trip last summer and it definitely had the ‘wow-factor’! The cascading streams of glorious Apricot Shades open up a whole new colourway in Petunia. The shades are hard to describe – with everything from apricot and peach, to terracotta and caramel, with some lovely patterned veining in-between. The overall effect when planted in baskets and containers is a lovely warm subtle glow.

Cyclamen hederifolium White- pack of 3 x 9cm

Cyclamen hederifolium White- pack of 3 x 9cm £12.99
Not to ever be confused with pot plant Cyclamen produced in their masses for Christmas, these superb wild Cyclamen are a stunning garden plant for slowly naturalising in shady spots under trees and hedges, providing subtle Autumn colour and long term foliage interest. Their flowers are produced in profusion in Autumn – once established the flowers appear straight form the ground before any leaves form. As they die back in Winter, the striking silver marked deep green leaves, with whorls of splashes and random leaf markings appear, and last until the heat of the following Spring. They will slowly spread out into small clumps, and naturalise to form a delicate carpet, of totally hardy, no maintenance, almost bullet proof plants. What could be easier? Perfect for that awkward shady space, whatever size of garden you have.

Premium Fuchsia Eruption - 12 plugs

Premium Fuchsia Eruption – 12 plugs £12.99
This incredible new fuchsia will allow you to create hanging basket displays like youve never seen before! Its easy to see why Eruption is so named it is literally smothered with wave after wave of hot-pink, elongated flowers throughout the summer months. This new vigorous trailing variety is perfect for adding dense colour and impact to hanging baskets, window boxes and containers. It will produce a staggering amount of flowers for a fuchsia plant and they wont stop until the first frosts in autumn. Fuchsias are one of the most popular basket plants, and these beauties will give you something a bit different, but very rewarding this summer.

Compact Fuchsia 'Flower Fairy' collection - 12 plugs

Compact Fuchsia ‘Flower Fairy’ collection – 12 plugs £9.99
This fabulous Fuchsia Fairy collection will fill your pots and baskets with wave after wave of immensely pretty, small and delicate blooms. With the elegant flowers dancing like fairies in the breeze all throughout the summer months, these simply beautiful plants are perfect for patio pots. Selected by breeders for their high flower number and good weather tolerance, their delicate flowers will enthrall you as they nod in the gentle breeze. Varieties included: Fuchsia ‘Fairy Blue’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Ice’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Lavender’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Lilac’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Purple’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy White’