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Big allotment challenge Series 2 episode 2

by Diane - January 11th, 2015.
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Avilable on iplayer series 2 episode 2
The contestants were given 125m2 space of clear ground. HEated greenhouse.
and a list of 22 things they should grow.
Does that mean 22 types of plant are enough to grow on an allotment?

Three challenges
Bouquet containing larkspurs
Lollies and syrups

How to grow the perfect ridge cucumber

Present 2 grown from seed
Ridge cos they can be tricky to get started.
Germination slow.
Start inside.
Fill pot and sow seed on side.
Once germinated then harden off for 10 days
Plant outside.
Plant on a ridge with manure in.
Helps water drain away
7 leaves. Pinch out growing tip
Watch for aphids. Mosaic virus (misshapen poor number of fruits).
Need space.
Feed plant once cucs appear with liquid tomato food,
Don’t let them get too big.
Size depends on variety.

Mrketmore and Tokyo slicer

Marketmore and BUrpless Tassty green

Herigate variety
Struggling with size – in pots in greenhouse?

Two sowings. Trying plastic bottle as straightener

Problem on leaf – possibly virus or insect damage

Water with bottle with tiny holes ni lid

Equal length and perfectly straight. Uniformity.

After 13 weeks of growing them, it’s show day.

Alan Marketmore

Tony Marketmore

Lena Burpless Tassty green (should be 10-12″_)

JoJo Burpless Tassty green

Alexandra BUrpless Tassty green

Rob Boothby’s Blonde (6-8″)

Rekha F1 Prima Top

Sandra Obelix

Best in show – Lena or Rob?

Present 3 stems of larkspur unfirom in size, scale and height, 2/3 in flower
Bound bouquet

Prepare soil until fine tilth. Week in freezer to ensure they have perod of cold. Sow directly and cover
Thin until 30cm apart
Pinch out tips at 15cm tall
Feed with tomato feed
Should have tall straight stems. Support

Pick and feed continuously.

Making bound bouqet
Use binding technique.
Take off leaves that will be below the waterline in vase.
Bind – tie in one at a time or several as shape develops.
One binding point.
Use twine.

Rob Frosted Skies
Alexandra Tall Hyacinth mix
Lena Dwarf Mix
Alan Tall Hyacinth mix
Rehka Stock flowered mix
jojo Dark blue
Sandra Sublime mix
Tony T&M improved mix

I think Sandra as she was the only one to bind properly.

Winner either Alan or Sandra..
Alan best in show due to huge bunch of larkspur in bouquet

Ice lolly and a syrup
Include strawberies and produce from their allotment.
90 minutes!
Must start lollies first so they have time to freeze.

Syrup is just fruit sugar and water. Diluted or poured over desserts.

Jojo Lemongrass and basil syrup and strawberry coconut ice.

Sandra Spiced rhubarb and orange syrup. Strawberry and cream lolly

Alex Rose floral syrup, Cool and a cucumber lolly

Rehka Currant delight syrup, and Stop and go traffic light lolly

Alan Green summerdays cucumber syrup and cricket in the park lolly

Tony Strawberry basil rose lavender syrup and Pop’s lollys.

Lena BB Blueberry syrup and Keri Berry lolly

Rob Savory summer syrup (sage and strawberry) and shimmer ball lolly

Best in show?
Sandra! Her lolly was so pretty!

So who is going home?
It’s Tony!