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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - January 16th, 2015.
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New items added today at Blooming Direct

Buy 200 Bedding Plants & get 40 Geraniums Free

Buy 200 Bedding Plants & get 40 Geraniums Free £39.95
These super value bedding plants are all perfect for patio displays in any container as well as for beds and borders around your garden. Delivered nursery fresh to your door at exactly the right time! Lobelia Fountain MixThis vibrant mixture of lobelia looks sensational when spilling over the sides of hanging baskets, patio pots and window boxes, and will provide an unrivalled show of trailing colour from summer until the first frosts of autumn. Ideal in sun or a slightly shaded position. Height/Spread: 30cm (12). Busy Lizzie ‘DeZire Mixed”DeZire’ is a cracking new Busy Lizzie that will light up your garden with an incredible show of vibrant pinks, reds, scarlets and whites. Flowering from early summer right through to autumn, it forms a compact, uniform habit that is perfect for beds, borders, window boxes and patio pots Gazania ‘Kiss’ MixThese super value bedding plants are grown from seed on our Jersey nursery to provide you with perfect quality, healthy plants at a fraction of garden centre prices. Gazania Kiss Mix are perfect for patio displays or beds and borders to create breath-taking summer colour! A gorgeous mix that is perfect for pots and borders. Petunias: ‘Frenzy’ & ‘Duo-Double’Bring your beds and baskets to life with sumptuous petunias. Compact and easy to manage, they are perfect for brightening-up pots, baskets and borders. The gorgeous mix of colours will look spectacular all summer long. These incredibly large flowers are weather-resistant and great value, too! Height/Spread: 30cm (12). Free Geranium Blooming MixThis stunning mix of summer-flowering geraniums has been raised from the fi nest seed to guarantee the very best results! Bursting into colour in late-spring, in a torrent of reds, whites and pinks, they’ll light up your beds, borders and hanging baskets, right up until the first frosts of autumn. Height/Spread: 30cm (12).

Set of 3 Magnolia trees in 2L pots

Set of 3 Magnolia trees in 2L pots £19.99
Vibrant Early Summer Colours, Sweetly Fragrant And They Last For Decades Too! Grow Anywhere Magnolia Collection. Create incredible spring displays as early as this April with these stunning Magnolia shrubs. Their heady perfume fills the air and the range of colours and formats makes this a perfect starter collection. And, whilst they love garden soil, they will happily grow almost anywhere – they look stunning in pots on your patio. Despite their connoisseur status, anyone can achieve truly amazing displays with these easy-to-grow Magnolias. Compact and slow-growing, they remain a manageable size for even the smallest garden. Totally winter hardy and perennial, so you can enjoy them year-after-year … for decades! Supplied as a collection, one of each of the 3 gorgeous colours below, of 3 year old pot grown plants 40cm tall:: Magnolia stellata: Breathe in deeply. The large white flowers that burst out of the silky, silvery buds that cover the bare branches of the aptly named Star Magnolia during March and April are deliciously fragrant. Slow-growing and compact (3m (10ft) in height and 4m (12ft) across) this plant will thrive in most soils. Magnolia x soulangeana: One of the most popular magnolias you can grow thanks to a succession of huge, tulip-shaped pinky white flowers that smother the branches of this shrub in mid to late spring. They are shown off to great perfection on the spreading bush as they appear before its dark green leaves. Eventually reaching 6m (20ft) by 6m (20ft) wide, it can be pruned to keep within an allotted area. It prefers acidic soil or pots filled with ericaceous compost. Magnolia Susan: A perfect specimen for a small garden, this medium-sized magnolia boasts narrow, goblet shaped flowers that appear from near purple buds in April. Measuring almost 15cm (6in) across, each deep pink bloom packs a heady scent. It does best in slightly acidic soil or can be planted in containers of ericaceous compost. This upright shrub will grow to 4m (12ft) high by 3m (10ft) across.

Summer Scorcher designer mix - pack of 18

Summer Scorcher designer mix – pack of 18 £19.99
Containing zingy Bidens Gold Star alongside Surfinia Giant Purple, your Easy Fill hanging baskets will look spectacular this summer, with non-stop flowers from May until late October! This item contains 9 plants of each variety for the ultimately sumptuous display!

Lily Saver Bundle - 20 Asiatics & 20 Orientals

Lily Saver Bundle – 20 Asiatics & 20 Orientals £19.98
Oriental lilies are highly fragrant and flower year after year in beds, borders or even patio containers. Each ‘double nose’ bulb should give 2 flower stems, each carrying 3-5 fragrant florets! Their Asiatic cousins with their ‘fruit salad shades’ of yellow, orange and red, will really light up your Hot Summer garden.

Asiatic Lilies 'Fruit Salad' shades x 20 bulbs

Asiatic Lilies ‘Fruit Salad’ shades x 20 bulbs £14.99
Recent Lily breeding has created some huge and beautifully fragrant Oriental type Lilies, in their pinks and whites, their brighter, bolder Asiatic cousins seem to have been left out. Not any more… With their beautiful sunshine rays of colours in a range of bold ‘fruit salad shades’ in yellow, orange and red, these vibrant and hot tropical colours really light up your Hot Summer garden. Short and strong enough to grow in pots, yet tall enough to cut armfuls of flowers each Summer, they are versatile, and very hardy and easy. Plant en masse in large pots or in Groups for maximum impact, Or Maybe just dot them round your garden to brighten up odd spots. Plant in Spring, and pick in Summer – and again year after year. Great value and easy to do Lilies.

Bumper Pack of 200 Summer Flowering Bulbs

Bumper Pack of 200 Summer Flowering Bulbs £14.99
Transform your garden this summer with this simply brilliant collection of summer-flowering bulbs. Youll be amazed by the dazzling array of colours and variety of shapes for 5 whole months of summer! From tall spires of Gladioli, to pretty, disc-shaped Anemones, in multi-coloured vivid shades they are all sure-fire winners! They are perfect for patio containers and flower borders and best of all, each of these items will naturalise, so youll potentially get bigger and better displays each year for many years to come! All of these bulbs will flower from this summer, so youll get a minimum of 200 stems of vivid colour this season! A selection of beautiful summer bulbs comprising: 15 Gladioli Mixed Colours: Tall spires of multi-coloured flowers, perfect to cut for your home or brighten your garden. Extremely easy and low maintenance, and yet very rewarding. 25 Acidanthera Muraliae: Beautiful white flowers with a dark purple blotch at the centre. Tall slender pleated leaves 40 Brodiaea Mixed Colours: Clusters of attractive bell shaped blooms which make ideal bedding plants equally well suited to patio tubs and pots. 10 Freesia Mixed Colours: One of the most attractive and sweetly fragrant summer flowering bulbs. Perfect for patio pots, beds and borders, and will look brilliant in a vase in your home 40 Anemone De Caen: Gloriously coloured, poppy-like flowers. Will flower at different times during the year, dependent on when you plant them. 40 Oxalis Lucky Clover: Distinctive clover shaped leaves with maroon centres and bright green rims. Blooms from June to September and can be grown indoors or outside 25 Sparaxis Mixed Colours: Perfect for adding vivid colour to your garden and make excellent cut flowers 5 Oriental Lilies Mixed Colours: Large, upward facing flowers in a pastel blend of white, pink and blush shades, as well as the two-tone Stargazer, with its reddish centre

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite - pack x 20

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite – pack x 20 £9.99
Nothing compares to eating sweet, juicy and delicious strawberries picked from your garden! Cambridge Favourite reliably produces bumper crops of medium-sized orange-red fruits throughout June just in time for Wimbledon! Each one has a deliciously sweet flavour and if you can resist eating them fresh from the plant they are perfect for making jams and puddings! Each plant can produce up to 400g (1lb) of strawberries this June and more in subsequent seasons. They will be supplied as frozen runners so no need to worry about late frosts. They dont look pretty, but each one will have a small bud waiting to burst into life and loads of potential to grow and bear delicious fruit!