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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - January 17th, 2015.
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Harrod Horticultural just added these new lines

Showa 306 Gardening Gloves

Showa 306 Gardening Gloves £7.95
The Showa 306 Gloves Are Breathable, Water Repellent And Fully Coated Latex Grip Gloves Which Reduce Perspiration When Its Hot Yet Are Warm And Dry In Wet Conditionsreduced Perspiration When Its Hot Yet Warmth And Dryness In Wet Conditionslatex Coating Offers High Levels Of Grip And Abrasion Resistancesoft Comfort And Premium Fit Thanks To Showa Best Hand Shape Technologyexcellent Flexibility Thanks To The Engineered Coating Technologymanufactured Using An Ergonomically Designed Hand Mould To Reduce Hand Fatigueseamless For Optimum Comfortperfect Garden Gloves For All Seasonsmedium, Large Extra Large Sizes Available

Bird Seed Feeding / Catching Tray & Hook

Bird Seed Feeding / Catching Tray & Hook £4.45
The Seed Catching Tray And Hook Is Compatible For Use With All Superior Feeders In Our Bird Care Range And The Handy 3cm Deep By 20.7cm Diameter Stainless Steel Tray Will Catch Food Debris And Saves Any Wastage For Re-use. the Hook – Which Comes Complete With Fixings – Provides The Ideal Hanging Point For Fat Balls, Lard-filled Half Coconuts Or Any Other Ornithological Treats You Care To Hang Out.seed Catching Tray And Hook Measures 20.7cm Dia X 3cm Dstainless Steel Constructioncatches Seed And Debrisprevents Seed Falling Onto The Ground Beneath Feeder And Germinatingideal For Non-kibbled Seedcomes Complete With Hanging Hook And Fixingsfits All Seeders In Our Superior Rangecuts Down On Seed Wastage