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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 17th, 2015.
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New product today at MowDirect

Stiga Snow Fox Dual-Stage Petrol Self-Propelled Snow Blower (Ex Demo - 1 Hours Use)

Stiga Snow Fox Dual-Stage Petrol Self-Propelled Snow Blower (Ex Demo – 1 Hours Use) £899.00
In recent winters, heavy snowfall was responsible for closing down schools, shutting down businesses, and creating havoc for emergency services. It cost Heathrow Airport alone an estimated £24 million because they were not prepared. You can help avoid this kind of chaos in the ensuing winter buy investing in a quality snow-blowing machine like the Stiga Snow Fox, which will clear snow from your drive or path and save your back from the perils of shovelling. The power behind the Snow Fox, delivering high performance time and time again, is a state-of-the-art Briggs and Stratton, 800 snow series, 205cc OHV engine. This specialised engine is built to withstand freezing temperatures and designed to provide more power, a smoother operation, a longer engine life, improved fuel economy, and corrosion resistance. Both a recoil and a 230v electric start are provided on the Snow Fox so it will get going whatever the conditions. Ten metres of cable are supplied for the electric start. The Stiga Snow Fox’s has a gearbox with six forward and two reverse gears, providing smooth handling and manoeuvrability and enabling you to get into and out of small spaces with accuracy and minimum effort, to clear right up to walls and borders. The Stiga Snow Fox is a dual-stage machine, with a strong, revolving, tooth-edged steel auger at the front to break up the snow and a high-speed impellor, which ejects the broken down snow away from your path or drive, up to 12 metres in this case, courtesy of a rotating chute. The exit chute is robust and cold proof steel and rotates through 190