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Growing peas on the Big allotment challenge

by Diane - January 18th, 2015.
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5 large pods of peas grown from seed on the big allotment challenge

They take a lot of looking after.
12 weeks from seed.
Sow in well manured ground.
5 cm deep trench and place seeds in
Cover and water.
Plety of water.
Support with sticks or canes. Tie up.
Netting or chicken wire to stop mice and birds
Pods feel full and are bright and shiny in colour.

Lena uses silver birch sticks as pea sticks.
Rob: Panthers Heritage variety – should have 9 peas in at least
Rekha Ambassador 9 peas
Alexandra Hurst Greenshaft –
Alan – Hurst Greenshaft – cordon method –
Sandra Ambassador
Lena Kelvedon Wonder 6-8 peas
Jojo Show Perfection – cordon method too Up to 10 peas

Jim likes the codron method results.

Best in Show JoJo.

2 perfect stems of lily.
Using lilys make a floral candlabra

Get good bulbs
Plant in large plot with good drainge, sand.
Plant tip up. Good compost, water but not wet
Feed every 2 weeks with potash rich fertiliser
Move pots into shade to delay flowering
Mind lily beetle

Alan Landini
Jojo Chelsea
Rob Red Sensation
Alexandra Oriental Mix
Rekha Asiatic Mix
Lena Oriental mix and tiger liy
Sandra Sweet desire

best in show is Sandra!

Rehka won best in shop for dips and crisps!

Who is going home? Alexandra!