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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 24th, 2015.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these items today

Echo ES-250ES 'Shred N' Vac' Petrol Blower-Vacuum

Echo ES-250ES ‘Shred N’ Vac’ Petrol Blower-Vacuum was £255.55 now £239.00
The Echo ES-250ES Handheld Petrol Blower-Vacuum is a high-performance tool, developing an air-flow of up to 243km/h from its clean and quiet-running 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex engine – enough to deal with the toughest clearing jobs.Its three-position top handle, conveniently grouped controls and lightweight design all combine to make it very comfortable and highly manoeuvrable; while its Pro-Fire electronic ignition ensures consistent, hassle-free starting in any conditions.Other features include Echo’s Posi-Loc system, which provides a secure connection between blower and tube; and the effort-saving I-Start system, which reduces the required pulling-force on the starter cord by up to 30-percent. The maximum air-volume in suction-mode is 700m³/hour; and the metal fan shreds the waste to 1/12 of its original size.

Echo HC331ES Hedgetrimmer

Echo HC331ES Hedgetrimmer was £483.55 now £459.00
Characterised by its superior power-to-weight ratio and extra-long 75cm single-sided blade, the Echo HC331ES Hedgetrimmer is the machine of choice for the commercial landscaper. It’s driven by a high-performance 23.6cc two-stroke engine, which employs Echo’s E-Start ignition-system for almost effort-free pull-starts. The engine is isolated from the handle for low-vibration operation; and is equipped with dual piston-rings for an impressively lengthy service-life. The Echo HC331ES offers a computer-optimised centre-of-gravity and weighs-in at a mere 5.8kg, so it’s highly manoeuvrable and can be used for extended periods with minimal effort expended on the part of the operator. A capacious 0.5-litre fuel-tank works to reduce downtime by minimising the frequency of refuelling-stops.

Echo HC341ES Hedgetrimmer

Echo HC341ES Hedgetrimmer was £493.05 now £465.00
With its lengthy 100cm blade, this superbly well-engineered pro-grade machine from Echo will make short work of the very largest hedges. Power for its super-sharp, precision-ground blade comes from a high-powered 23.6cc engine, which features dual piston-rings for rock-solid long-term reliability. Echo’s E-Start technology means only the gentlest of pulls on the starter-rope will fire the motor up; while their provision of an anti-vibration mount between the engine and the handle allows for comfortable, controlled operation. The Echo HC341ES Hedgetrimmer weighs just 6.1kg and is ideally balanced, so it’s perfect for the sort of time-consuming applications so often undertaken by professional landscapers.