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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 25th, 2015.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these lines

Einhell BG-RT 7530 Electric Tiller

Einhell BG-RT 7530 Electric Tiller was £129.95 now £99.00
The German-engineered Einhell BG-RT 7530 has been built to last and comes with a high-performance 750w electric motor with a long service life and power reserves to spare. Ideal for cultivating smaller-sized vegetable plots, the Einhell BG-RT 7530 Electric Tiller has four sturdy cultivator blades that give a compact 30cm working-width, thereby enabling you to safely till between crop rows. This handy cultivating tool is extremely lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for anyone looking to save time and effort around the garden. The handle has been designed for comfortable operation; and a twin-hand safety switch is fitted to prevent accidental starting. There’s also cable strain relief to prevent stress being placed on the cable-connection. The cultivator blades on the Einhell BG-RT 7530 Electric Tiller measure 22cm in diameter and have been specially designed to ensure effective tilling, even on sun-baked or claggy ground. This machine can also be used for digging-in compost and fertilizers and is great for digging-up weeds in flowerbeds and along border areas. For compact storage and transportation, the handle on the Einhell BG-RT 7530 folds down, saving you valuable space in your shed or car-boot.

Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer

Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer was £189.00 now £159.00
Keeping your lawn edges and fences-lines in check has never been easier than with this easy-handling curved-shaft strimmer from Japanese power-tool giants Echo.Driving its twin-line cutter-head is a 21.2cc (0.9hp) Echo two-stroke air-cooled power-pack that features Power Boost Tornado technology, whereby performance is optimised, while noise, emissions and fuel-costs are cut.Echo’s EasyStart system reduces the resistance in the recoil mechanism for fast, almost effort-free pull-starts; while their provision of a roomy 0.4-litre fuel-tank means long periods of uninterrupted grass-trimming.The Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer combines effective anti-vibration measures with precision balance and an ergonomic ‘loop’ handle in order to maximise comfort, control and manoeuvrability. It boasts a curved-shaft design that gives you the ideal angle of attack for small-area mowing; and it features a bump-feed line-head, so you’ll find advancing the cutting-cord is a quick, hassle-free operation.

Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter was £215.00 now £179.00
Put the finishing touches to your lawn and garden the fast, low-effort way with the powerful but lightweight Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter. Powering its dual nylon-line strimmer-head is a high-capacity 21.2cc air-cooled two-stroke engine which incorporates Echo’s acclaimed Power Boost Tornado technology. The result of years of development, this system works to maximise power delivery, while at the same time minimising fuel-consumption and the emission of polluting exhaust particulates.EasyStart means a gentle two-fingered pull on the starter-rope will see the engine spark into life; while Echo’s provision of a roomy 0.40-litre fuel-tank ensures long, uninterrupted runs.The Echo SRM-222ES weighs just 4.7kg and is fitted with an ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle; a combination that confers superior control and manoeuvrability.It employs effective vibration-damping measures, so high levels of user-comfort are guaranteed; and it features a ‘Tap ‘n’ Go’ cord-advance system that makes spooling-out new line a quick, hassle-free operation.

Echo SRM-236ESL Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-236ESL Petrol Brushcutter was £315.00 now £249.00
This high-performance petrol brushcutter from Echo is a premium machine designed to handle light professional and heavy-duty domestic strimming and vegetation-clearance applications.It’s driven by a powerful, low-emission two-stroke engine (21.2cc) that incorporates Echo’s Power Boost Tornado technology, whereby power-output is maximised, while harmful exhaust emissions and fuel-costs are drastically reduced.Echo’s provision of a large 0.44-litre fuel-tank works to reduce the frequency of refuelling-stops for increased productivity; while their EasyStart system means pretty much zero effort is needed to fire-up the engine.So as to enhance both manoeuvrability and user-comfort, the Echo SRM-236ESL Petrol Brushcutter employs effective anti-vibration measures has been equipped with an ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle.It’s supplied with a ‘Tap ‘n’ Go’ (bump-feed) line-head, so advancing the cutting-cord couldn’t be easier; and it’s compatible with a metal brush-blade (optional) that you can fit should the going get particularly tough.

Echo SRM-265TESL Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-265TESL Petrol Brushcutter was £389.00 now £339.00
This powerful but lightweight and easy-to-handle petrol brushcutter from Echo is a high-spec, high-performance tool that’s perfect for lighter-duty commercial use.Key to its exceptional cutting-capability is its optimised gear-reduction ratio. This delivers a substantial 50% increase in the amount of torque that reaches the cutter-head, thereby enabling Echo to employ a lighter, smoother-running and more efficient engine with a smaller cylinder-displacement. The engine itself is a 25.4cc two-stroke low-emission unit that develops 1.2hp; and which features Echo’s effort-saving EasyStart recoil ignition-system.The Echo SRM-265TESL Petrol Brushcutter is characterised by its low-weight build and low vibration-levels; a combination that works to keep operator-fatigue at bay for as long as it takes to get the job done.Also important is the bump-feed line-head that incorporates extra-thick cutting-cord for the fast and efficient clearance of thick, well established grass and weeds.

Echo HC341ES Hedgetrimmer

Echo HC341ES Hedgetrimmer was £465.00 now £389.00
With its lengthy 100cm blade, this superbly well-engineered pro-grade machine from Echo will make short work of the very largest hedges. Power for its super-sharp, precision-ground blade comes from a high-powered 23.6cc engine, which features dual piston-rings for rock-solid long-term reliability. Echo’s E-Start technology means only the gentlest of pulls on the starter-rope will fire the motor up; while their provision of an anti-vibration mount between the engine and the handle allows for comfortable, controlled operation. The Echo HC341ES Hedgetrimmer weighs just 6.1kg and is ideally balanced, so it’s perfect for the sort of time-consuming applications so often undertaken by professional landscapers.

Echo HC331ES Hedgetrimmer

Echo HC331ES Hedgetrimmer was £459.00 now £389.00
Characterised by its superior power-to-weight ratio and extra-long 75cm single-sided blade, the Echo HC331ES Hedgetrimmer is the machine of choice for the commercial landscaper. It’s driven by a high-performance 23.6cc two-stroke engine, which employs Echo’s E-Start ignition-system for almost effort-free pull-starts. The engine is isolated from the handle for low-vibration operation; and is equipped with dual piston-rings for an impressively lengthy service-life. The Echo HC331ES offers a computer-optimised centre-of-gravity and weighs-in at a mere 5.8kg, so it’s highly manoeuvrable and can be used for extended periods with minimal effort expended on the part of the operator. A capacious 0.5-litre fuel-tank works to reduce downtime by minimising the frequency of refuelling-stops.

Echo SRM-300TESL Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-300TESL Petrol Brushcutter was £449.00 now £389.00
Rugged Japanese build-quality, advanced ergonomics and powerful cutting-capability are the key attributes of this professional petrol brushcutter from long-established power-tool giants Echo.Power from its compact and lightweight 28.1cc air-cooled two-stroke engine is sent to the cutter-head via a high-torque transmission, thereby making it possible to quickly clear large areas of heavy undergrowth without having to resort to a more powerful and therefore heavier and less fuel-efficient machine. Echo’s renowned EasyStart system delivers a huge 75% cut in the force that needs to be applied to starter-rope in order to achieve ignition; while their provision of a generously roomy 0.65-litre tank means less refuelling and increased productivity. Fitted with an ergonomic ‘loop’ handle and boasting comprehensive vibration-damping, the Echo SRM-300TESL Petrol Brushcutter will prove a great buy for commercial landscapers who regularly need to put-in day-long shifts.This model is Stage 2 emission-compliant and comes with a handy bump-feed cutter-head with extra-thick nylon-line.

Echo SRM-300TESU Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-300TESU Petrol Brushcutter was £459.00 now £399.00
Echo’s revolutionary high-torque gearing system makes the powerful but lightweight Echo SRM-300TESU a great choice for landscape professionals regularly tackling heavy-duty grass- and weed-clearance applications. Torque-output is maximised thanks to an optimised gear-reduction ratio, so you’ll get the cutting-capability of a far more powerful machine, but with reduced weight, noise, vibration and fuel-costs.Driving the Echo SRM-300TESU is a high-specification 28.1cc Echo two-stroke air-cooled engine that produces an impressive 1.2hp; and which features EasyStart, whereby a 75% reduction in the required pulling-force means almost effortless recoil-starts. A generously sized 0.65-litre fuel-tank will keep you going for longer between top-up stops; while Stage 2 emission-compliance makes for a far more pleasant working environment. Designed to remain comfortable and easy to control for the duration of the working-day, this model has been fitted with an ergonomic ‘cowhorn’ (or ‘U’) handle and benefits from Echo’s advanced anti-vibration technology (a double shoulder-harness is available separately). The Echo SRM-300TESU is supplied with a nylon-line grass-trimming head with time-saving bump-feed mechanism for hassle-free line-advancement.