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New products at GreenFingers

by John - January 26th, 2015.
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New items at GreenFingers

Vitopod Heated Propagator - Double  Height

Vitopod Heated Propagator – Double Height £164.99
Create the perfect growing environment for your seeds and cuttings in this Vitopod heated Propagator cold frame and mini greenhouse in one. Double height its ideal if you need to protect tall plants from the frosts. This propagator is resistant to UV deterioration so it won

FSC Potting Shed Collection

FSC Potting Shed Collection £29.99
The Potting Shed Collection represents a fine selection of quality tools that any serious gardening is bound to find useful. The Collection includes the following: Original Paper Potter Calibrated Oak Dibbler Oak Dibblet Garden Lines with green jute Oak Pot Tamper All made from FSC Oak this is a splendid box of planting accessories. An ideal gift for any garden zealot.

Botanico Seed and Cutting Tray

Botanico Seed and Cutting Tray £5.99
The Seed and Cutting Tray features 40 individual rigid pots that can be swapped and replaced as plants grow. The rigid tray holds plants steady while the specially designed bases on the pots and tray allows capillary action from sand beds or matting.40 Terracotta Pots in a Black Tray: 53x31x6cm high.

Botanico Dome Cloche Medium - 3 Pack

Botanico Dome Cloche Medium – 3 Pack £3.99
A Botanico Dome Cloche is perfect for providing protection from frost harsh weather birds slugs and pests. Its shape ensures maximum sun penetration and minimum reflection. It is an ideal choice for overwintering herbaceous border plants and less hardy perennials as well as protecting seedlings and semi-hardy plants.Made from plastic and including vents this three pack of cloches represents great value for money and handily there are even holes for ground pegs which are included!Dimensions: 38.5cm diameter x H23cmQuantity: 3

Botanico Dome Cloche Large - 3 Pack

Botanico Dome Cloche Large – 3 Pack £7.99
These 3 plastic vented cloches will provide protection from frost harsh weather birds slugs and pests. Their shape ensures maximum sun penetration and minimum reflection. Ideal for overwintering herbaceous border plants and less hardy perrenials as well as protecting seedlings and semi-hardy plants. Pack of 3 approximately 41cm diameter 30cm high. There are holes for ground pegs which are included.

Botanico Cell Inserts - 40 Cells

Botanico Cell Inserts – 40 Cells £3.49
This pack of 5 cell inserts is ideal for sowing seeds or striking cuttings. The individual cells help to remove plants easily. Will fit most standard sized seed trays and raised channels ensure free drainage.5xGreen Plastic 40 Cells: 36x23x7.6cm.

Mini Pop-up Greenhouse

Mini Pop-up Greenhouse £3.99
Perfect for covering small plants and pots in limited spaces this Mini Pop-up Greenhouse features a zip front door and ties to hold the cover open to allow for easy access and ventilation. It is manufactured from transparent PVC and handily collapses flat for easy storage. You simply place it over your plants to provide them with the best possible chance to thrive. It also handily comes with ground pegs to provide you with greater stability. Includes ground pegsIncludes nylon carry bag Dimensions: W58 x D58 x H57cm

Botanico Growing Tray

Botanico Growing Tray £4.49
Perfect for growing on all your young plants these handy trays keep the pots neat tidy easy to work on and can be used time and time again. The pots are kept stable in a sturdy black plastic tray. The black plastic absorbs the heat to keep the roots warmer.Can be used in the garden or greenhouse.Terracotta pots in a black tray: 56.5×31.5×7.7cm high.

Mini Grow Raised Bed

Mini Grow Raised Bed £19.99
Why not grow your own home vegetables with this mini grow bed. Perfect for growing home vegetables such as potatoes.Great for use on patios or balconies making it ideal for city properties as well as in the country garden.Made from recycled materials this product is environmentally friendly.Each unit is put together with 4 wall panels and 4 corner pins which means the bed assembles in minutes with no tools required.Buy 2 or more of these units and stack them to give a deeper grow bed.97.5x51x25cm High.Please Note: That this Mini Grow Bed does not include base.

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