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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 28th, 2015.
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MowDirect just added these new lines

Toro ZX5400 Titan Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Toro ZX5400 Titan Zero-Turn Riding Mower £5749.00
The Toro ZX5400 is the long-established U.S. manufacturer’s flagship domestic-use zero-turn ride-on mower, and as such offers exceptional construction-quality; superb cutting performance; and a multitude of features that would be familiar to the commercial landscaper. Under its reinforced bonnet lies an immensely powerful 24hp Kawasaki engine that delivers those horsepower quietly and smoothly; and which has been designed to handle the most arduous conditions. A hugely capacious 19.5-litre fuel-tank greatly reduces the frequency and number of top-up stops; while pressurised lubrication and cast-iron cylinder-sleeves combine to maximise engine-life.The Toro ZX5400 Titan is a zero-turn machine, with its dual hydro-drive enabling you to adjust both the speed and forward/reverse rotation of the drive-wheels using a pair of ergonomically designed levers. This, along with the front-mounted castor-wheels, makes it possible to turn on a sixpence, thereby optimising manoeuvrability and ensuring you’ll get the largest jobs done in quick-time.Fitted with one of the widest cutter-decks of any domestic ride-on mower ever produced (137cm), the triple-bladed Toro ZX5400 has been developed for use on the most substantial residential lawns. A Toro ‘bull nose’ bumper protects the leading edge of the deck from accidental impact; while anti-scalp wheels ensure you won’t gouge the ground when turning on undulating terrain.Built around a heavy-duty tubular-steel frame with no welding, the Toro ZX5400 is hard to beat when it comes to durability.A contoured sliding seat with thick padding and a sprung suspension confers unrivalled levels of user-comfort; while wide-profile, large-diameter drive wheels offer the perfect balance between high traction and gentleness on the lawn surface.So as to maximise driver-safety, Toro have fitted this top-of-the-range model with a roll-bar, which you can fold-down if you need to mow underneath low-hanging trees.It features a foot-controlled height-of-cut, so there’s no need to stop work when you want to alter the blade position; and a rubber discharge chute that will flex rather than break under impact.A mulch-kit and twin bagging-system are offered separately.

Toro ZX4800 Titan Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Toro ZX4800 Titan Zero-Turn Riding Mower £5349.00
Packing-in the pro-style features and offering exceptionally rugged build-quality, the very high-specification Toro ZX4800 Titan is well-equipped to take-on the toughest domestic mowing jobs in the most challenging conditions.It’s a zero-turn machine, with its twin hydrostatic transmission giving you independent control of the forward/reverse direction and speed of the drive-wheels using a pair of ergonomic wrap-around levers – tricky corners, tight spots and obstacles can be negotiated rapidly, thereby cutting mowing-time significantly compared to a standard ride-on (hydraulic dampers on the control-levers allow for ultra-smooth manoeuvring).The Toro ZX4800 Titan Zero-Turn Riding Mower has been fitted with a massively powerful 21.5hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine with cast-iron cylinder linings and liquid-cooling for unwavering reliability; and a very large-capacity 19.5-litre fuel-tank for lengthy run-times between breaks for refuelling.It’s supplied with a heavy-duty fabricated mower-deck with three-blades giving a huge 122cm cut for a speedy work-rate; and it’s built around a fully tubular non-welded frame for unbeatable durability.The advanced ZT3100 hydro-drive on the Toro ZX4800 will prove far easier to maintain than conventional systems, as it has fewer leak-points; an internal brake; and a spin-on oil-filter.It has a foot-operated height-of-cut control, so you can keep your hands firmly on the levers when making adjustments; and there’s a robust side-discharge chute that’s made from 8mm-thick rubber, thereby enabling you to carry-out close-up trimming without fear of damaging the chute or landscaping.An engine guard and a ‘bull nose’ bumper ensure key parts are protected from impact damage; while a Roll-Over Protection System ensures optimum driver-safety (the roll bar can be folded-down for storage, or when mowing under low-hanging trees).The large-diameter, wide-profile drive tyres on the Toro ZX4800 provide a smooth ride on bumpy ground and help to prevent turf-damage and compaction.Also featured is a premium Toro seat with thick foam padding and an adjustable sprung suspension.A twin bagging system and mulching-kit are both optional.