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by Sarah - January 29th, 2015.
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Honda UM616-EB Professional Grass-Manager

Honda UM616-EB Professional Grass-Manager £1999.00
If you’re a professional contractor looking-after substantial rough-grass areas like paddocks and orchards, then the Honda UM616-EB will prove an invaluable tool. A high-specification machine, it features a hydrostatic transmission that gives you variable control of the ground-speed. This enhances manoeuvrability and allows you to select a forward that best suits both the terrain and the length of grass you’re working on. The Honda UM616-EB Professional Grass-Manager is driven by a high-powered 163cc Honda four-stroke engine. As you’d expect from a Honda engine, it’s quiet-running, smooth in operation, fuel-efficient and ultra-reliable. Power from the engine is sent via a belt drive for simpler maintenance. Featuring a strong pressed-steel deck and a robust tubular-steel frame, this heavy-duty field mower will cope easily with intensive, day-in-day-out commercial use. It has very large-diameter drive-wheels, which provide the extra traction you’ll need to work effectively on adverse terrain; and it’s equipped with a wide side-discharge chute, so long grass can be cut without the chute becoming blocked. Other premium features include a four-step, foot-controlled cutting-height, which ensures you’ll be able to achieve excellent results on a variety of grass types; and a blade-brake clutch (Roto-stop®), which makes it possible to stop the blades turning but keep the engine running. This makes it possible to safely cross non-grass areas.

Honda UM536-EB Professional Grass-Manager

Honda UM536-EB Professional Grass-Manager £1650.00
The Honda UM536-EB is a heavy-duty, high-performance machine that’s designed to make the job of maintaining orchards, paddocks and similar substantial rough-grass areas a whole lot easier. It’s a side-discharge machine with an unusually wide discharge chute, so it’s capable of tackling very long or damp grass; and it features a two-speed power-drive for improved control and fatigue-free mowing. A shaft-drive type transmission confers superior reliability and ensures ultra-efficient power-transfer. Central to the Honda UM536-EB Professional Grass-Manager is its premium-quality Honda engine (163cc). This four-stroke, overhead-valve unit runs quietly and smoothly; offers outstanding fuel-economy; and will prove exceptionally dependable and easy to start. A large-capacity fuel-tank helps to reduce the number of top-up stops that are required. Featuring a super-tough 53cm pressed-steel deck and a rugged tubular-steel frame, the Honda UM536-EB is well equipped to withstand the sort of abuse it’s bound to encounter in the hands of the landscape professional. Its very large-diameter drive-wheels ensure you’ll have plenty of grip in typically damp British conditions; while a front-castor wheel makes it highly manoeuvrable and really easy to control for such a large machine. This model also features Honda’s Roto-Stop® blade-break clutch. This allows you to stop the blades but keep the engine running; ideal when crossing non-grass areas and when moving any obstacles that are in your way. A four-stage height-of cut (adjustable between 15 and 75mm) allows you t set the mower up to suit the grass conditions.

Lawnflite WCM84 Wide-Cut Lawn Mower

Lawnflite WCM84 Wide-Cut Lawn Mower £1599.00
The Lawnflite WCM84 is the sort of wide-cut model that’s favoured by commercial contractors, but has been brought to market with the more exacting domestic-user in mind. Hugely powerful, it’s equipped with a very high-performance 344cc (10.5hp) overhead-valve engine from the world-famous US-based manufacturers Briggs & Stratton (the engine’s OHV design ensures noise, fuel-consumption and emissions are all minimised). A capacious 7.5-litre fuel-tank means refuelling-stops will be few and far between. Incorporating both side-discharge and mulching functions, the Lawnflite WCM84 Wide-Cut Lawn Mower offers the flexibility required to effectively tackle a variety of grass types. Perhaps surprisingly for such a substantial machine (it has an 84cm cut), it’s highly manoeuvrable, with its front castor-wheels and zero-turn capability ensuring you’ll be able to move nimbly around trees, bushes and similar obstacles. A five-speed transmission, which includes a reverse gear, further enhances manoeuvrability. As if it weren’t versatile enough, the Lawnflite WCM84 also features a very wide-ranging height-of-cut, which is adjustable between 25 and 100m to suit the nature of the application. Adjustments are quick-and-easy to make using just a single lever. This high-specification machine is constructed around a heavy-duty pressed-steel chassis that’s more than capable of withstanding any knocks or bumps it might encounter during its working-life.

Honda HRH536-HX Professional Four-Wheeled Lawn Mower (Hydrostatic Drive)

Honda HRH536-HX Professional Four-Wheeled Lawn Mower (Hydrostatic Drive) £1470.00
This superior lawn mower from world-renowned Japanese manufacturers Honda offers the sort of rugged build-quality and premium features that are vital for both the commercial contractor and more exacting domestic-user. The stand-out feature is its hydrostatic drive. This gives you instantly variable speed-control for enhanced manoeuvrability, and ensures the blade rotates at a constant rate no matter what the ground-speed. This means you’ll get a great finish, regardless of how fast you’re travelling. The Honda HRH536-HX Professional Four-Wheeled Lawn Mower is fitted with a very high-powered 5.5hp (163cc) four-stroke engine from Honda themselves. This overhead unit only serves to bolster Honda’s already fantastic reputation for producing top-quality engines- it’s environmentally sound, quiet-running, reliable and cheap to run. Starting is hassle-free, using and easy-pull recoil mechanism. Thanks to its high-density alloy chassis, rugged tubular-steel handlebar and heavy-duty bumper, the Honda HRH536-HX will cope easily with the demands placed upon it by the professional gardener. It benefits from the incorporation of Honda’s Roto-Stop® safety-braking mechanism, whereby you can stop the blades with the engine still running (great when crossing non-grass areas and when emptying the collector); and it has a handy centrally-controlled cutting-height (21 – 76mm), which makes it quick and easy to select your preferred blade position. Other key features include a very high-volume 83-litre grassbag with a hard top to prevent dust and pollen escaping; and a three-position height-adjustable handlebar, which can be set-up to make the job as comfortable as possible. An optional mulch-kit can be purchased, should you want to work with out the collector.

Masport Olympic 500 Golf Cylinder Mower

Masport Olympic 500 Golf Cylinder Mower £1299.00
The Olympic 500 Golf offers optimal mowing care and maintenance for the perfect golf green. The 500 Golf has a low-cut bottom blade, turf rake, highly accurate height controls and an all steel front roller. Performance of the 500 Golf is further enhanced with the incorporation of a rear roller scraper and shaver blade. The powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton 800 Series engine provides extra torque and enhanced features for longer life.

Honda HRX537HZ Wheeled Rotary Lawn Mower with Hydrostatic Drive & Electric Start

Honda HRX537HZ Wheeled Rotary Lawn Mower with Hydrostatic Drive & Electric Start £1289.00
The Honda HRX537HZ is a premium-quality machine that’s been equipped with a raft of features designed to take the strain out of large-scale lawn maintenance. What really makes it stand out from the crowd is Honda’s Versamow™ cutting-system, which allows you to switch between mulching; bagging; rear-discharge; and leaf-shredding modes at the flick of the lever. The four cutting-options work to maximise flexibility-of-use, making it possible to achieve great results no matter what the terrain or grass-type. With its 187cc Honda GCV190 engine developing an impressive 5.1hp, the Honda HRX537HZ Wheeled Rotary Lawn Mower is capable of dealing with the toughest grass-conditions. The engine’s advanced overhead-cam configuration ensures that noise; vibration; fuel-consumption; and emissions are all minimised without power-output being compromised. Ignition is via a stress-busting electric key starter. Featuring a variable-speed hydrostatic drive (0 – 4mph), the Honda HRX537HZ is fantastically manoeuvrable and can be used at a speed that’s most appropriate for the nature of the application. It utilises Honda’s Roto-Stop® blade-brake clutch, which facilitates the disengagement of the blade with the engine running; and it’s built around an incredibly strong Xenoy® cutter-deck, which has been shown to be able to withstand the weight of a car. Thanks to its newly redesigned deck-shape and mulching system, the Honda HRX537HZ offers ultra-efficient grass- and leaf-collection (the collector has a capacity of 88-litres). The unusually wide-ranging height-of-cut (20 – 100mm) is controlled using a single lever for fast, hassle-free adjustment; while the ergonomic handlebar can be height-adjusted through three-stages for optimum user-comfort.

Honda HRX537HY Wheeled Rotary Lawn Mower with Hydrostatic Drive

Honda HRX537HY Wheeled Rotary Lawn Mower with Hydrostatic Drive £1099.00
This premium rotary mower from Honda delivers the ultimate in flexibility, with its four-in-one Versamow technology allowing you to choose between the following mowing modes: collect; mulch; rear-discharge; or simultaneous mulching and bagging (the latter option maximises collector-capacity). No mulch-kit or tools are needed – to select your preferred cutting-option you simply rotate the handily placed clip director (there’s even a setting for leaf-shredding). The Honda HRX537HY Wheeled Rotary Lawn Mower employs a 187cc Honda GCV190 OHC engine; a very high-performance 5.1hp four-stroke unit that’s renowned for its fuel-efficient, high-output operation. Its overhead-cam configuration and precision-machined components confer durability and smooth-performance; while an electronic ignition and automatic decompression combine to ensure starting is a hassle-free operation. Thanks to its variable-speed hydrostatic drive (0 – 4mph), which is controlled from the handle, the Honda HRX537HY is highly manoeuvrable and can be driven at a ground-speed that best suits the prevailing conditions. It features Honda’s super-strong and rust-resistant Xenoy® cutter-deck, which is capable of withstanding the weight of a car; and it’s equipped with the Japanese manufacturer’s patented Roto-Stop® system, whereby you can stop the blade rotating but leave the engine running – this means you won’t have to stop and start the engine when emptying the bag, or when crossing surfaces that might be damaged by a spinning blade. Other high-end features include central height-of-cut adjustment, which makes it simple to select your preferred blade position; and a cavernous 88-litre grassbag, which works with the mulching capability to ensure you’ll be able to pack-in huge a mounts of clippings between each stop.

Victa Mulchmaster 560 4 SP Professional Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Victa Mulchmaster 560 4 SP Professional Self-propelled Lawn Mower £1049.00
For over 30 years Victa lawnmowers have been used by professionals. The MulchMaster 560 4 SP is one of the stalwarts which has seen off many pretenders season after season and continues to be the professional’s choice! With a hard-working Briggs & Stratton engine and a 56cm cutting width, the Victa MulchMaster 560 4 SP boasts an aluminium cutter deck, side-eject chute and dust sealed ball bearing wheels, 200mm at front and rear. For added versatility, a mulch plug is included. This model also features multi-position folding handles and single lever height adjustment with 9 positions. If high output and rugged construction are key factors in your mower choice, this is the machine for you! The MulchMaster 560 4 SP lawnmower has a sealed worm drive gearbox for reliable rear wheel drive.

Lawnflite-Pro 553HWS-Pro Four-Wheel Lawn Mower

Lawnflite-Pro 553HWS-Pro Four-Wheel Lawn Mower £1019.00
Characterised by its ultra-robust build-quality and powerful cutting-performance, the Lawnflite-Pro 553HWS Pro is suitable for the toughest mowing applications in both the commercial and domestic arenas. What really makes it stand-out from its vast array of competitors is its shaft-driven transmission, which will prove far more positive and durable than a conventional belt-drive; and which ensures torque-transfer is optimised for added traction on more challenging terrain. The Lawnflite-Pro 553HWS Pro Four-Wheel Lawn Mower is packed with heavy-duty features, including a rust-resistant alloy cutter-deck; a steel deck-liner; strengthened handles; and a front bumper. It gives you the choice of two forward-speeds, so you can select the one you find most comfortable to work at; and it features fan-assisted grass-collection, so you can be confident of a thorough pick-up, even if the grass is damp. Power for the Lawnflite-Pro 553HWS Pro comes from a 5.5hp professional-grade Honda engine. The engine’s OHV design ensures smooth, low-vibration operation; superior fuel-efficiency; and rock-solid dependability. Additional benefits included a blade-brake clutch, which means you don’t need to stop and restart the engine when emptying the collector; and wide-profile turf-wheels, which ensure the lawn surface isn’t damaged by the mower’s weight. This model’s 53cm cut and high-capacity grass-bag (75l) combine to maximise productivity over large areas.


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