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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 30th, 2015.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these items

Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower was £599.00 now £499.00
It doesn’t always snow when you expect it to, and it often does when you least expect it. But when it does it can cause mayhem and either way experience tells us it really pays to be prepared. If you have large driveways, paths or courtyard areas you really don’t want to wake up one day and find you can’t get across them, can’t get to work or receive visitors, postmen or deliveries. Enter this great spec Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower from harsh weather experts Stiga which is just the job for clearing those larger areas of snow and ice. It has a generous working width of 55 centimetres and a snow intake height of 50 centimetres so can clear through fairly high and thick blankets of snow. Powered by a high-spec, 182cc, petrol engine, the Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower is a serious piece of weatherproof equipment with a durable friction disc transmission and a gearbox offering four forward and two reverse gears, so you can handle tight corners, awkward angles and clear large quantities of snow in varying conditions. A classic dual-stage snow blower, it uses two snow-clearing mechanisms, a sharp, robust toothed steel auger at the front to break up the snow, even when impacted, and throw it back into a fan-like impellor, which further churns up the snow and shoots the stream of snow particles up and out of a chute, up to ten metres away. The chute rotates up to 190