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New products at John Lewis

by John - February 9th, 2015.
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John Lewis has these new items today

CJ Wildlife Energy Rich Bird Feed, 12.75kg

CJ Wildlife Energy Rich Bird Feed, 12.75kg £25.00
style="font-size: 12px;" This high-energy mix is a no-mess product, meaning that wastage and unwanted seed growth on the ground around your bird feeding area will be minimised. It is also wheat-free, which deters pigeons from flocking to feed. Versatile and popular with pretty garden birds such as robins and goldfinches, this feed can be given from feeders, bird tables or simply scattered on the ground.

Scouting LED Lantern, Red, Small

Scouting LED Lantern, Red, Small £15.00
A vintage-look hurricane lamp with an adjustable modern energy saving LED light. The bulb will last up to 100, 000 hours and comes complete with a dimmer switch. With a natural fire-like light, it’s perfect for an evening at a garden party, for camping and caravanning.

Kew Gardens Peanut Butter Mealworms Bird Feed, 330g

Kew Gardens Peanut Butter Mealworms Bird Feed, 330g £2.95
style="font-size: 12px;" This unique and highly nutritious blend of peanut butter and mealworms is especially formulated to give birds an energy boost, especially in winter, with its high protein and oil content. It fits snugly into the accompanying Nash Feeder, which is sold separately – simply take off the lid and watch the birds flock to your garden.