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New products at Garden Buildings Direct

by Sarah - February 11th, 2015.
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Garden Buildings Direct added loads of new products

BillyOh 1.35m Rectangular Folding Garden Table

BillyOh 1.35m Rectangular Folding Garden Table £94.95
Shorea Hardwood . Shorea hardwood is a beautiful and durable material which is used for the construction of garden furniture. It has been a popular choice for garden furniture for decades as it blends naturally into any garden or outdoor patio setting. As wood is a natural product, it will require protection from the elements in order to maximise its durability and maintain its attractive colour and appearance. We recommend that you care for your furniture in accordance with our Furniture Care Guidelines .

Acorn 4 Burner Flat Bed BBQ

Acorn 4 Burner Flat Bed BBQ £269.95
The BillyOh Acorn Flatbed barbecue is a superb BBQ which is ideal for those alfresco gatherings. Stylish as well as practical this is a BBQ that is sure to delight anyone who has a flair for outdoor cooking. Features The BBQ features stainless steel tube burners with cast iron grill and griddle sections with hood, ideal for all types of BBQ cooking. To add a more authentic BBQ taste the unit is supplied with lava rock and basket. For ease of lighting the barbecue features a push button piezo electric ignition system. To aid in the clean up this unit also features a fully galvanised steel drip tray to catch all of the BBQ debris. The unit is housed in a stylish wooden trolley with two side shelves ideal for additional storage. The front of the trolley is covered with a BillyOh branded cloth to hide anything that you wish to place behind it. The trolley also features plastic wheels to aid in manoeuvrability. To compliment the BBQ it comes supplied with a cover and clip on propane regulator and hose. . Gas and Regulator . We include a propane patio gas clip on gas regulator as standard with this bbq and recommend that you use propane gas or patio gas to achieve the best barbecuing experience. However this barbecue can use either propane patio gas or butane LPG gas. . We recommend propane patio gas as it will supply gas all year round, even on cold winter days. Butane bottles however tend to supply sufficient gas during the summer, but its performance may well be reduced once temperatures drop below 10 degrees C. Please be aware that if you intend to use butane that a butane regulator is not supplied and we do not stock these items. . Grill Cooking . The burner heats up the lava rock underneath the grill, which in turn heats up the food on the grill. The natural food juices produced during cooking fall onto the hot lava rock below and vaporise. The subsequent rising smoke bastes the food, as it travels upwards, imparting that unique barbecue flavour. . .

Imperial 3 Burner Flat Bed BBQ

Imperial 3 Burner Flat Bed BBQ £199.95
Get the deck chairs out, it s BBQ time . Anyone who hosts barbeques on a regular basis will understand how important it is to pick a BBQ that meets their needs. Whether you re a beginner or someone looking to go pro, it s vital that your BBQ is up the demands of great cooking. We think the BillyOh Imperial Flatbed BBQ Range is great for anyone looking for a BBQ that looks the part as well as cooks well. When selecting a BBQ you ll want to consider what you want from a BBQ. If you re looking for easy storage and great mobility, and a gas BBQ that can deliver top nosh results, look no further than the BillyOh Imperial Flatbed BBQ Range. Make garden cooking easy . The BillyOh Imperial Flatbed BBQ Range features a flat lid when is easy to clean and also means you can store this type of BBQ more easily than a hooded BBQ. Flatbed BBQs will cook using a direct method so this means the heat source is always under your food. If you fancy steak or sausages, you can cook anything and everything on this great range of BBQs. You can choose how you like to cook as well, this BBQ has a flat plate and grill so you can cook your burgers to perfection. Gas beats Ash . Gas BBQs have a great advantage, you don t have to spend ages trying to coax a flame to life, or worry about any sudden gusts of wind blowing smoke into your face. Gas also means you can control the temperature for more accurate cooking which then will deliver more consistent results. The large silver dials will make controlling the temperature easy so your steak can be rare or perfectly cooked. The grate gives 161cm2 of cooking space and an additional 814cm2 as a warming rack, yet has wheels and is lightweight, compact, and easy to manoeuvre. Prevent heavy lifting and strained muscles, and save your energy for a little jig, or a water fight with the kids The side shelves, which hug either side of the grill, allow you to easily keep cooked and uncooked foods separate, and there is even a bottom shelf– ideal to keep your drinks out of harm s way .

Rio Black Sun Lounger

Rio Black Sun Lounger £59.49
Soak Up the Sun in Style . Whether you re a sun lover or someone who seeks out the shade, why not do it in style Encompassing comfort and style, the BillyOh Rio Textilene Sun Lounger is the perfect sun lounger for you. Made from lightweight aluminium and with 4 reclining positions, this modern-look sun longer gives you the freedom to sit up or lie back as and when you please. . It s all in the Curve . With a flowing and practical design this sun lounger looks beautifully elegant, and effortlessly folds away to nearly nothing. Simply fold the back rest down and then the front legs so you can put your sun lounger away with ease. This clever storage design means that BillyRio will continue to look great and you ll be able to get the best out of the Rio Sun Lounger for many summers to come. . That Holiday Feeling at Home . Comfort is at the heart of the design of this sun lounger, with the option to recline to nearly 180 you ll never want to stop relaxing on the BillyOh Rio. If you prefer to sit up, the back easily transitions into the upright position, so you can watch the world go by or enjoy a good book.

Garden Grill 2 Burner Gas BBQ

Garden Grill 2 Burner Gas BBQ £89.95
Cook up a feast on a great all-rounder BBQ . Every garden needs a BBQ, and every summer needs at least one memorable garden party, so why not make your party memorable with the BillyOh Garden Grill 2 Burner Gas BBQ. This BBQ is great for the beginner barbeque cook, it s packed with a huge range of features to make your life easier. This BBQ features a porcelain enamel coated roasting hood which offers you great flexibility for your cooking style. A hood BBQ will allow for more room and also allows you to roast your food as well as cook it in the traditional BBQ manner. Porcelain enamel makes for a fantastic material as it protects the steel part of the hood from rust but is also easy to clean and conducts heat evenly. The integrated temperature gauge also means you can monitor the temperature without lifting the lid and lose valuable heat. Room for everything . One of the many problems when hosting a barbeque is the fact there s never a place to put your cooking utensils. The BillyOh Garden Grill 2 Burner Gas BBQ features two side shelves which ensures plenty of space for your cooking utensils and your favourite condiments. With everything within reach you ll find cooking on this BBQ a dream. The shelf beneath the BBQ is strong and wide enough to support your gas bottle of choice. The shelf is low and open for easy access so you can always be able to turn off the gas when you need to. The whole BBQ is constructed from a lightweight but sturdy metal frame, this ensure you won t struggle to move the whole BBQ around. Everything you need to get the party going . This BBQ is packed with all of the features you need to make your BBQ a roaring success. The BBQ features a great wire cooking grill so your food will cook to perfection. Two burners ensure even temperature control, you won t find it hard to handle this grill, you can ideally cater for around 4 adults with 2 burners. This BBQ also comes with a hose and regulator for your bottled gas so you don t have to worry about any gas leaks. The two chrome finished dials also ensure you can control the temperature to exactly what you need so your food is perfectly cooked every time.

Keter Rattan Sumatra Table

Keter Rattan Sumatra Table £129.49
Keter’s innovative thinking has introduced a new rattan style furniture line with is unique, convenient, affordable and will never unraval or fray. The rattan style furniture combines modern design and technology with traditional wicker pattern.

Mocha Brown 4 Seater Lounge Set

Mocha Brown 4 Seater Lounge Set £259.49
BillyOh Holkham Mocha Brown 4 Seater Rattan Lounge Set

Carolina Lounge Set

Carolina Lounge Set £219.95
Anthracite Carolina Lounge Set

Folding Chair Set

Folding Chair Set £49.95
Tea for Two This Summer . If you want to get on with enjoying your summer, what you need is a garden furniture set that perfectly combines style and practicality, giving you a hassle-free time That s exactly what you get with the BillyOh Windsor Square 2 Seater Bistro Set. This set is flexible enough to move around for when you fancy a change, but also won t take over the whole garden. The folding table has got just enough space for you and a friend or loved one. So enjoying a drink together on a hot day, early morning or warm summer s evening couldn t be easier. Create Your Own Mini Bistro . We know that getting a furniture set to suit your garden isn t all about size, the style is important too. The traditional look of the Windsor 2 Seater Set brings French bistro living to your garden, while the lighter tones of the folding acacia chairs and table provide the perfect match to both traditional and modern outdoor spaces. You really can t go wrong . Enjoy Your Garden This Summer . If you ve got a small balcony or a patio area that needs some love and attention, then this set could be the answer to your garden woes. The square table is the ideal size for you to spread out your books and magazines, or to accommodate lunch and drinks for two. The Windsor Bistro Set will look perfect for breakfast and equally good in the evening for cocktails for two. .


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