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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - February 11th, 2015.
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MowDirect just added these new items

Stiga Park 540 DPX Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 540 DPX Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £5834.00
Offering a desirable combination of diesel power with high-end Swedish engineering and innovative design solutions, the superb Stiga Park 540 DPX will impress even the most experienced user of ride-on mowers.Thanks to its innovative articulated steering system, whereby the chassis pivots midway between the front and back-wheels, the Park 540 DPX excels when it comes to obstacle negotiation, and can be quickly repositioned at the end of each pass. In addition, because the rear-wheels follow precisely in the path of front-wheels, you’ll be able to keep your eye firmly on the cutting-path, rather than worrying about the back half of the machine tipping into flowerbeds or catching obstacles.The Stiga Park 540 DPX Ride-On Lawnmower employs an out-front deck design that firstly cuts the grass prior to the wheels running-over it, which will deliver a classier finish; and secondly gives you a clear view of the deck so you can mow with greater accuracy.Equipped with an infinitely-variable four-wheel hydrostatic drive, the Stiga Park 540 DPX will take challenging terrain in its stride and can be driven at a speed that’s most suitable for the grass-conditions you’re faced with. It has a split-differential and wide-profile tyres, so you can be confident you won’t cause turf-damage when turning on formal lawns; and it boasts hydraulically-assisted steering that works with the adjustable driver’s seat and ergonomically positioned controls (PTO clutch; deck lift) to ensure time-consuming jobs won’t prove overly tiring.Powering the Park 540 DPX is a 517cc Hatz 1B540V engine; a premium-grade single-cylinder diesel unit that features a forged-steel crankshaft and pressurised lubrication for superior longevity; and which boasts an electric key starter for stress-free ignition at each time of asking.Also featured is an hour-metre that will let you know when a service is coming-up; and a large-capacity 12-litre fuel-tank that increases productivity by reducing the number of refuelling stops. A wide combination of deck options are availble from 95cm to 125cm wide.

Stiga Park 520 DP Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 520 DP Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £4794.00
Esteemed Swedish manufacturers Stiga have refined their Park-model ride-ons continuously over a period of 40-years, so it’s easy to see why they’ve become such a firm favourite amongst groundsmen and landscape professionals worldwide.The Stiga Park 520 DP comes driven by a Hatz 1B50V engine; a 10.5hp diesel-powered unit that’s been subjected to rigorous testing under extreme conditions; and which is characterised by its superior fuel-efficiency and very high torque output (27.4Nm) across the power-band. Pressurised lubrication and a forged steel crankshaft deliver impressive durability; while a roomy 12-litre fuel-tank increases productivity by extending run-times between refuelling-breaks. Combining a pair of front-castor wheels with a pivoting chassis and a smooth, infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission the Stiga Park 520 DP Ride-On Lawnmower excels when it comes to negotiating awkward corners; obstacles; and landscaping.It’s equipped with mechanical servo-assist, so steering is practically effort-free; and it offers 10 preset heights-of-cut (25-85mm) that make it possible to manage a wide range of grass-types and weather conditions (you can specify manual or electronic height adjustment).Thanks to its front-mounted cutter-deck, the Stiga Park Pro cuts the grass before it’s flattened by the wheels, thereby ensuring an impressively neat and consistent finish. The front-cut deck also delivers an unimpeded view of the cutting-path; and makes it possible to mow the sort of awkward you’d struggle to access with a mid-mounted deck.This model is compatible with a range of decks, varying in width from 95cm up to 110cm. All decks are both mulch- and side-discharge capable, so long paddock grass and neat formal lawns can be tackled equally effectively.

Stiga Park 740 WX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 740 WX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £3894.00
Benefiting from Swedish brand Stiga’s innovative engineering solutions, this high-specification front-cut ride-on offers exceptional mowing performance and will prove a delight to drive.Under the bonnet is a seriously high-powered 18hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard twin-cylinder engine that employs the time-honoured V-Twin configuration for smooth, low-noise, low-vibration operation; and consistently linear power delivery.An industrial-grade pleated-paper air-filter and full-pressure lubrication combine to maximise the working-life of key components; while a high-efficiency head design brings superior fuel-economy; a smooth idle; and reduced emissions.The Stiga Park 740 WX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower boasts an out-front mower-deck, which not only provides an unimpeded view of your desired cutting-path for precision mowing; but also ensures a beautifully consistent finish as the grass is not flattened by the wheels prior to cutting (as with a standard mid-deck ride-on).A 12-litre fuel-tank works with the super-efficient engine to keep the frequency of top-up breaks to a minimum; while an hour-metre makes it easy to see when a service is required.Thanks to its front castor-wheels; articulated steering; and infinitely-adjustable hydrostatic drive, the Stiga Park 740 WX 4WD offers fantastic manoeuvrability, and as such will come into its own where there are lots of obstacles to work around; and where space is restricted.Its four-wheel-drive capability makes it an exceptional performer on severe slopes and boggy ground; while Stiga’s provision of a tow-bar means you’ll be able to get the most from your purchase outside of the growing season.Also featured are high-performance headlamps for safe mowing and towing in poor visibility; and an adjustable seat that ensures a comfortable drive for gardeners of any stature (the steering-wheel is also adjustable).This model is compatible with the following decks, all of which are both rear-discharge and mulch-capable: 95cm Combi 2 Bladed Deck; 95cm Combi Electric 2 Bladed Deck; 105cm Combi 2 Bladed Deck; 105cm Combi Electric 2 Bladed Deck; 100cm Combi 3 Bladed Deck; 100cm Combi Electric 3 Bladed Deck; 110cm Combi Pro Deck 2 Bladed; 110cm Combi Pro Electric 2 Bladed Deck.

Stiga Park 720 PW Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 720 PW Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £3854.00
Combining Swedish brand Stiga’s famed build-quality with advanced ergonomics and a host of high-spec features, this innovative front-cut ride-on will make the task of large-scale lawn maintenance a whole lot less demanding.What really sets it apart from its multitude of competitors is its articulated steering system. Giving a super-tight turning-circle of only 246cm, this impressive feature makes the negotiation of intricate borders and closely-spaced obstacles simple; and, because the back-wheels follow the line of the front-wheels, there’s no chance of the rear of mower catching on anything.Also making it stand out from the crowd is its out-front deck positioning, which firstly gives an unhindered view of your intended cutting-path for precision mowing; and secondly makes it possible to mow under bushes and low, overhanging branches – areas you wouldn’t be able to reach with a conventional mid-deck machine (a choice of decks is available (95 / 100 / 105 / 110cm), all of which can either mulch (recycle) or rear-discharge your clippings).The Stiga Park 720 PW Ride-On Lawnmower has been equipped with an infinitely variable foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic transmission that works with the articulated steering to make it a pleasure to drive.An adjustable seat; adjustable steering wheel; and power-assisted steering combine to ensure fatigue is kept at bay for the duration of the task; while electronic height-of-cut adjustment means you won’t have to waste time dismounting when you want to change the blade position (the cutting-height can be set to any of ten positions between 25 and 90mm). Making the Park 720 PW tick is a very high-powered 570cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard twin-cylinder engine that employs the American manufacturer’s groundbreaking overhead-valve technology so as to keep fuel-costs; noise; and exhaust emissions to remarkably low levels. A V-Twin configuration ensures smooth, low vibration performance and linear power-delivery; while electric key start means firing-up the engine couldn’t be simpler.

Stiga Park 520 P Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 520 P Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £2844.00
If you’re maintaining an expansive lawn with lots of obstacles and landscaping to work around, then this nimble, easy-handling ride-on from Stiga should be high on your list of potential purchases.It comes with a choice of five out-front cutter-decks* that provide an unmatched view of your chosen cutting-path for ultra-precise results, and which make it possible to mow areas that would be tricky to reach with a standard mid-deck machine (awkward corners; under low-hanging branches, etc). Stiga have provided ten preset deck-heights, so you’ll have no trouble dealing with changing weather-conditions and grass-lengths.The Stiga Park 520 P Ride-On Lawnmower boasts an articulated steering system, which makes obstacle-negotiation a breeze. The steering is servo-assisted for a fatigue-free drive; and you won’t have to worry about the back-end hitting anything, as the rear-wheels track precisely the path of the front wheels. Driving this high-performance machine is a seriously powerful 500c Briggs & Stratton Intek 4185 engine with pressured lubrication and a cast-iron cylinder-sleeve for superior durability; and AVS for reduced vibration and therefore a less tiring drive. An overhead-valve configuration works to lessen noise and fuel-consumption; while an electric key starter makes achieving ignition fast and hassle-free.So as to ensure time-consuming applications can be finished in comfort, Stiga have provided an adjustable seat; an adjustable steering-wheel; and foot operated deck-lift.Also worth noting is the hydrostatic transmission; a premium feature that gives you infinite-increment of the ground-speed in both forward and reverse gears, further enhancing manoeuvrability and making it quick and easy to select the most effective pace for the conditions. *The following widths of combi decks are available: 95cm / 100cm / 105cm / 110cm.

Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £2454.00
Bristling with high-end features; superbly well-engineered; and a delight to drive, this model sits proudly atop Stiga’s impressive Villa range of front-cut ride-on mowers.Great for use in residential areas and other noise-sensitive environments, the Stiga Villa SQ16 HST is driven by a very high-powered but nevertheless ultra-quiet-running 389cc Honda GXV390 engine with a stress-busting key-type ignition; and a cast-iron cylinder-sleeve for superior longevity. The engine develops a substantial 10.2hp.Thanks to its out-front deck design, the Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower doesn’t run-over the grass before it’s mown, thereby ensuring a comprehensive and neat cut. In addition, you’ll have a far better view of the cutting-path than you would with a mid-deck machine, so you’ll be able to mow with greater precision. Another stand-out feature on the Villa SQ16 HST is its hydrostatic drive, which delivers smooth, foot-pedal control of the mower’s speed in infinite increments in both forward and reverse gears – you’ll be able to zip in and out of awkward corners and negotiate obstacles with ease (a spinner on the steering-wheel further enhances manoeuvrability).An adjustable driver’s seat and sensibly placed controls combine to ensure time-consuming applications can be completed in comfort; while Stiga’s provision of ten preset blade-heights, adjustable between 25 and 85mm, facilitates the creation of a fine-tuned finish. Constructed around a rock-solid chassis that has a ten-year warranty, the Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST is hard to match when it comes to durability.The following decks are offered: 85cm; 95cm manual and 95cm with electric height-adjustment.We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over. This service is limited to England and Wales.

Stiga Park 420 LM Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 420 LM Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £2420.00
This compact and exceptionally manoeuvrable ride-on mower from boundary-pushing Swedish brand Stiga is the perfect introduction to the world of articulated steering and out-front decks. Forward-mounted cutter-decks have many advantages over conventional mid-positioned ones. Firstly, you’ve got a clearer view of the cutting-path, so it’s possible to mow with a great deal more precision; secondly, the grass isn’t flattened prior to cutting, so the finish is more consistent; and thirdly you’ll be able to operate under benches and low-hanging trees – areas that would otherwise require follow-up work with a strimmer.The deck itself is a combi-type that lets you choose between rear-discharging or mulching cut grass, with the former great for rough, unkempt areas; and the latter ideal for the classic, ‘Wimbledon’-style British lawn*.The Stiga Park 420 LM Ride-on Lawnmower has been fitted with a high-spec 344cc Briggs & Stratton engine with AVS for enhanced driver-comfort and less wear and tear; and an overhead-valve for an improvement in fuel-economy and a reduction in sound-output and polluting exhaust gases.Combining genuine articulated steering with a smooth, clutch-free hydrostatic transmission that provides infinitely-variable speed-adjustment, the Stiga Park 420 LM excels at obstacle negotiation.It has a ten-stage height-of-cut (25 – 85mm), so there’s a blade setting for whatever grass-conditions you’re confronted with; and foot-operated deck-lift, which means you won’t have to dismount to make the necessary adjustments. Electric key start does away with the hassle often experienced with pull-type recoil starters; while a roomy six-litre fuel-tank helps to improve productivity by keeping the frequency of emptying-stops to a minimum.*Either of the following deck-widths can be specified: 95cm / 105cm.

Einhell GE-BC 43 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter

Einhell GE-BC 43 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter £199.95
Whether you’re looking to put the finishing touches to your lawn edges, or need to clear a substantial area of overgrown scrub and bramble, this impressive petrol brushcutter from Germany-based manufacturers Einhell is more than up to the job. It’s characterised by its super-smooth handling, which is achieved by Einhell’s combination of a triple rubber shock-mount with a double-bearing-mounted crankshaft. This, along with a pro-style ‘U’ (or ‘cowhorn’) handlebar and a full padded shoulder-harness, works to ensure optimum operator-comfort is maintained for the duration of the task in hand.The Einhell GE-BC 43 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter comes fitted with a high-output 1.7hp air-cooled two-stroke engine that boasts a generous 42.7cc cylinder-displacement; and which incorporates Einhell’s Easy-Start system, whereby an easy-access primer and automatic choke make the ignition process fast and straightforward.An aluminium shaft brings inherent corrosion resistant and will cope easily with high stresses; while a centrifugal clutch ensures the transmission is disengaged at ‘idle’ so as to maximise user-safety.This versatile machine is supplied with an aggressive three-tooth metal blade and a gentler twin-line strimmer head that can be swapped in a matter of seconds thanks to Einhell’s provision of a spindle-lock mechanism.It offers automatic line-feed, so a simple tap of the cutter-head on the ground will see the cutting-cord spool-out; and it features a two-piece shaft that can be dismantled to help save space during storage and transport.

Einhell GE-BC 33 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter

Einhell GE-BC 33 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter £179.95
Keep lawn-edges and hard-to-reach areas of your garden shipshape the fast, low-effort way with the low-vibration Einhell GE-BC 33 AS Petrol Brushcutter.Its super-smooth performance is thanks to its double-bearing-mounted crankshaft and triple rubber shock-mount; a combination that works with its padded double shoulder-harness and pro-style ‘U’ (or ‘cowhorn’) handlebar to make it one of the most comfortable and manoeuvrable machines in its class. Powering the Einhell GE-BC 33 AS is a high-capacity 32.6cc two-stroke air-cooled engine that delivers an impressive 1.3hp to the cutter-head; and which features Einhell’s Easy-Start system, whereby an automatic choke and an easy-to-reach primer make the ignition process fast and hassle-free.Supplied with a three-tooth metal blade and a twin-line spool, the Einhell GE-BC 33 AS Low-Vibration brushcutter is just as at home taking down areas of established brush as it is putting the finishing touches borders and fence-lines.It features automatic line-jog, so it couldn’t quicker or easier to reel-out new cutting-cord; and it boasts a spindle-lock mechanism that makes swapping cutter-heads a breeze.The Einhell GE-BC 33 AS incorporates a centrifugal clutch that brings whichever cutting-tool you’ve got fitted to a stop when the revs hit ‘idle’, thereby optimising user-safety. Its split-shaft design means it will take-up very little space in you shed or car-boot (wall-bracket included); while a heavy-duty guard works to prevent stones and other debris flying-up in the direction of the operator.The shaft on this model is made from aluminium for lightweight strength and rust-resistance.