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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - February 12th, 2015.
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New products at Crocus

2kw greenhouse heater

2kw greenhouse heater £36.99
This handy heater is essential for any small to medium size greenhouse, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Featuring a thermostat that activates when the temperature dips below 5c, this heater will keep the winter frost from your plants. With the cool air option, this heater keeps an even temperature and circulates fresh air in the summer months too. Measurements: Length: 22cm Width: 13cm Height:26cm Power cable 130cm long

Modular carrying tray

Modular carrying tray £4.49
This tray will quickly become essential in your greenhouse or potting shed. Featuring six tray inserts with enough space to get the years plants off to a good start. Features 2 packs of 6 cell trays, 2 packs of 9 cell trays and 2 packs of 12 cell trays, to fit any root system. Also includes a large tray underneath so that you can carry the indicidual inserts without damaging the plants. The black plastic will also absorb heat to keep the roots warm. Measurements: Tray: length 53cm; width 41cm; height 7cm Inserts: length 21cm; width 17.5cm; height 7cm

Windowsill greenhouse

Windowsill greenhouse £3.49
This greenhouse is perfect for any windowsill or tight space. Featuring 5 individual, 6 celled units that are removable for easy potting and planting out. Also included are a clear, shatterproof lid and a strong drip tray ensuring your young plants are kept warm and moist. Measurements: Tray: length 53cm; width 15cm; total height including lid 14cm Units: length 13cm; width 10.5cm; height 6.5cm

Carrying tray for 9cm pots

Carrying tray for 9cm pots £3.49
Keeping your pots upright in all conditions, this tray can be used in the greenhouse, potting shed or even outside in the garden. Pot up young plants and move around easily with the sturdy holding tray which is also included. The black plastic tray will also absorb heat for warmer roots. Also includes 18, 9cm pots. Measurements: Length 55cm Width 31cm Height 7.5cm