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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - February 12th, 2015.
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Plant Me Now just added these new items

Mens De-luxe Washable Leather Gloves

Mens De-luxe Washable Leather Gloves £7.4500
These Deluxe Washable Leather gloves provide hard-wearing protection with the added benefit of being washable. They have a very comfortable wrist, a breathable cotton back and a leather knuckle strap which offers protection across the top of the hand.

Mens Thermal Lined Gloves

Mens Thermal Lined Gloves £6.9500
These hard-wearing gloves are ideal for heavy duty tasks. They feature tough suede leather on the fingertips, knuckle strap and palm, for extra protection. With a Fleece lining and safety cuff, they are the ultimate in protection and warmth.

Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant Food 1kg

Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant Food 1kg £5.9500
Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant Food, the once a year plant food! Simply sprinkle these clean, no-smell special granules around the root area of plants in early spring and they will benefit from nutrients slowly released to plant roots every day for the rest of the growing season. Little and often release of nutrients gives beautiful, healthy plants with more blooms. Special coating on the granules controls the release of plant food. Ensures that plants are not short of balanced nutrients over the 6 month growing season. Feeds up to 13 sq m

Anemone De Caen (50 bulbs) Extra Value

Anemone De Caen (50 bulbs) Extra Value £3.9500
Great value amenones! These Anemone de Caen bulbs produce beautiful red, lilac, pink and white flowers around June. This value pack contains 50 anemone bulbs! Ideal for naturalising in borders, rockeries and in tubs. Anemones prefer sun or partial shade and preferably a wind-sheltered site with well-drained soil and a good supply of humus. When lime is absent from the planting site it is recommended to put lime back into the soil. Before planting, soak the tubers overnight ensuring that the buds, which look like small knobs, are pointed upwards. When planted in autumn, cover with straw or dead leaves. Anemones are good cut flowers, so plant an extra quantity for this purpose and create your own, distinctive floral arrangements.

Mens Canvas Grip Gloves

Mens Canvas Grip Gloves £2.9500
Cotton canvas gloves with PVC dots on palm and forefinger, provide extra grip as well as allowing your hands to breathe. The elasticated knit wrist keeps out dirt.

Joseph Bentley Children's Hand Trowel

Joseph Bentley Children’s Hand Trowel £2.9500
Used for planting specimens which are too small for a spade and cultivating soil in pots and general bedding areas. The Joseph Bentley Hand Trowel features: Carbon steel Ash Handles A traditional garden tool designed for keen young gardeners Trading Standards classification of Early Learning. The Gardener’s apprentice range is designed to appeal to and enthuse the younger gardener. The traditional carbon steel tools are the perfect aid for children to learn about making a beautiful garden. The compact size and lightness combined with the practicality of the Apprentice tools enable children to enjoy gardening with comfort. 5 Year Guarantee