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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - February 20th, 2015.
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Blooming Direct has cut the price of this item

Pair Snow Covered Potted Living Christmas Trees 35-40cm tall

Pair Snow Covered Potted Living Christmas Trees 35-40cm tall was £9.99 now £4.99
These gorgeous Living Christmas trees are flocked with artificial snow, to create that snow-covered look we all secretly wish for at Christmas! And you get a Pair of them, so you can decorate them differently, or create a matching pair to frame a doorway. Perfect for dressing hallways, bedrooms, or kitchens as mini trees, or one for the kid’s bedrooms too. You can decorate each one with baubles and drop it in to a cachepot or tissue wrap it, for a quick and easy classic look. These trees are grown in pots, and after using them this year, they can be planted out and grown on, and used again – although the snow will have ‘melted’ off within one year! They will retain their fabulous classic Christmas Tree shape, and will grow very slowly, so if potted on can be brought back into the house for many, many years.