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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 21st, 2015.
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GreenFingers has these new items today

Chapelwood Classic Bird Dining Station

Chapelwood Classic Bird Dining Station £14.99
This Chapelwood Classic Bird Dining Station is ideal for any size garden and comes at a great value price. Just add hanging feeders to attract the wild birds. Made from quality steel with a two way head and screw together poles this is a great way to feed your feathered friends. It makes a great gift for any bird lover too. Offering high energy snacks to garden birds is particularly important in times of cold weather so they can gain the nutrition and energy they need. Practical and decorative with a finial Black powder coatingEasy to assembleDoes not include hanging feedersDoes not include anti-squirrel sphere Includes: 1 x 2 part pole2 x Double hanging bracketOverall Dimensions: 60cm wide x 247cm highPole diameter: 2.2cm

Chapelwood Premium Wild Bird  Seed Mix 1kg

Chapelwood Premium Wild Bird Seed Mix 1kg £1.99
Watch and see as birds return to your garden and enjoy these seeds.This Premium Seed mix is a specially selected blend of the finest quality seeds and grains available which are presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality.This particular mix will provide a complete balanced dietary supplement and is ideal for all round feeding. 1kg bag

Broadway Thermometer & Clock Combination

Broadway Thermometer & Clock Combination £14.99
This beautiful Broadway Thermometer and Clock Combination has an antique gold effect finish and would look splendid set amid a well-maintained garden landscape. Representing a fine blend of colours the Broadway is a thermometer first and foremost and a clock second

Kingfisher Walk In Greenhouse

Kingfisher Walk In Greenhouse £29.99
Protect your plants extend your growing season and enjoy home grown goodness all at a great price thanks to the Kingfisher Walk In Greenhouse. Perfect for growing a wide range of vegetables salads herbs and other seedlings this little greenhouse will transform almost any sized garden into a bountiful growing environment.Features:Colour: GreenPolythene coverEasy to assembleProtects your plants from the weatherComes with four shelvesGrow more sensitive plantsEnjoy home grown organic vegetablesWith a robust free-standing frame covered by a removable polythene cover this functional greenhouse is perfect for gardeners looking to create a larger growing environment and extend their growing season.Small enough to fit in almost any sized garden and even larger patios or balconies but large enough to hold all your seedlings the Kingfisher Walk In Greenhouse is a versatile walk in greenhouse.Protect your plants from wind rain hail heat and the cold with the Kingfisher Walk In Greenhouse by creating a microclimate that encourages your plants to grow quicker stronger and provide a more bountiful crop.Assembly requiredDimensions:H196 x W147 x D74The Kingfisher Walk In Greenhouse allows you to make the most out of any space with this highly affordable walk in greenhouse.

Kingfisher 4 x 6ft Aluminium Greenhouse

Kingfisher 4 x 6ft Aluminium Greenhouse £179.99
Compact yet at the same time very spacious inside the Kingfisher 4 x 6ft Aluminium Greenhouse is a great starter greenhouse or a most welcome upgrade for all gardeners. With its strong and durable aluminium frame and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glazing this greenhouse will provide you with many many seasons of planting and potting pleasure.Features:Colour: Silver AluminiumPolycarbonate glazing for safety and peace of mindLow maintenance and durable aluminiumLarge roof ventilations for optimal air circulationOptional base/staging for support sold separatelyThanks to its polycarbonate glazing this greenhouse will give you complete peace of mind knowing that the glazing is virtually unbreakable in normal situations while the durable long lasting aluminium frame will need extremely low maintenance meaning that you can spend even more time gardening.With plenty of interior space for multiple standings you

Chapelwood Finest Robin Food 2kg

Chapelwood Finest Robin Food 2kg £5.99
This Robin mix is rich in mealworm pinhead oatmeal and kibbled peanut and can be used all year round – they are presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality.A good way to attract Robins to your garden is to provide a maintained ground feeder with a Robin Mix and Fat treats a water source and an open fronted nesting box.Wild birds learn to rely on a food source and will quickly move on if the source dries up

Chapelwood Premium Kibbled Peanuts 1kg

Chapelwood Premium Kibbled Peanuts 1kg £4.99
Kibbled peanuts are a really tasty treat for robins and blue tits! Either place the seeds in a feeder or sprinkle on a surface to bring wild birds into your garden. You will be providing them with a vital nutrition boost as kibbled peanuts are rich in fibre oils and protein and can be used all year round. 1kg bag

Chapelwood Finest High Energy No Mess Seed 12.75kg

Chapelwood Finest High Energy No Mess Seed 12.75kg £26.99
This selected blend of high energy seeds grains and high-energy suet pellets is suitable for all-year-round feeding and are presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality.All the ingredients are shell-less this means the mix provides high energy for wild birds without leaving the husk debris in your garden. The seed can be used in seed feeders on the ground and on tables to attract many types of birds

Chapelwood Nest Box Silver Birch Log

Chapelwood Nest Box Silver Birch Log £7.99
Hand-crafted and made using gorgeous FSC pine and birch wood this eye-catching Robin Silver Birch Nest Box from Chapelwood has been specifically designed to attract robins to your garden. Using wood sourced from sustainable forests and carved from a silver birch tree topped with a smooth pine-based roof this is a splendid little ornament and good decoration for your garden. Designed with 2.1cm wall thickness for important insulation there

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