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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - February 25th, 2015.
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Crocus just added these new items

Cromer dining table and two benches

Cromer dining table and two benches £649.99
This elegant furniture set is made up of a table and two backless benches. Sure to make a statement on any patio, this will fit with most garden styles. Built to last from FSC certified Eucalyptus wood. Measurements: Table: height 71.5cm; length 180cm; width 65cm Bench: height 43.5cm; length 160cm; width 33.5cm

Galvanised window trough

Galvanised window trough £24.99
Made from galvanised steel, which has been embossed with a filigree pattern, this stylish window box does not have pre-drilled holes in its base, so it can either be used as a cachepot, or (if drilled) you will be able to plant straight into it. Now available in two different lengths. Measurements: Large: Top – Length: 79cm Width: 22cm Base – Length: 76.5cm Width: 19cm Height – 18cm

Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge' (Adam's needle)

Yucca filamentosa ‘Bright Edge’ (Adam’s needle) £24.99
Position: full sun Soil: any well-drained soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: July and August Hardiness: fully hardy Tall spikes of white, bell-shaped flowers in July and August and stiff, dark green, lance-shaped leaves with broad, yellow margins. This handsome, variegated Adam’s needle makes a great focal point for a sunny, well-drained border. In frost-prone areas it’s important to protect the crown of the plant with a dry, winter mulch. Garden care: During the growing season water well, applying a balanced liquid fertiliser each month Remove the faded flower-spikes at the end of the season.

Ceanothus 'Tuxedo' (PBR) (Californian lilac)

Ceanothus ‘Tuxedo’ (PBR) (Californian lilac) £19.99
Position: full sun Soil: fertile, well-drained soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: August and September Hardiness: fully hardy First discovered at FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd. in Kilkenny, this new California lilac is a sport of Ceanothus ‘Autumnal Blue’, and the first to have purple-bronze, evergreen foliage. It flowers prolifically in late summer and early autumn, producing clusters of powder blue flowers, which tone beautifully with the foliage. It is hardier than many of the other ceanothus, but ideally should have the protection of a south-facing wall. It will also make a showy, informal hedge in a sheltered position. Garden care: In spring remove any dead, diseased or damaged stems and if the shrub is congested, cut back some of the main stems to the base to retain an open habit.

Hexagonal insect boxes

Hexagonal insect boxes £19.99
Create an attractive feature with three or more hexagonal boxes, perfect for both insects and bees. Get one of each for only £49.99 Measurements: Height 20cm Depth: 8cm

Bamboo obelisk anchoring system

Bamboo obelisk anchoring system £16.99
These plant supports have been designed to help create a template and anchoring mechanism for building your own bamboo obelisks. They also make an attractive feature in the garden. All you need to do is place the metal frame around the plant you would like to support, then slot your bamboo canes through the ready made circles. Push the bamboo canes down into the soil a little, just enough for the structure to anchor to the ground, this will reduce the risk of the whole thing blowing over. All that is left to do is tie the plants to the frame and train them up the canes. They are made from a mild steel rod and finished with a lichen green or bronze powder coating. Available in three sizes for a variety of plant sizes. Measurements: Small: Height 15cm – Base diameter 40cm Medium: Height 18cm – Base diameter 57cm Large: Height 24cm – Base diameter 64cm Canes not included.

Aconitum carmichaelii (Wilsonii Group) 'Spätlese' (monkshood)

Aconitum carmichaelii (Wilsonii Group) ‘Spätlese’ (monkshood) £9.99
Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: moist, fertile Rate of Growth: average Flowering period: July to August Hardiness: fully hardy Clear blue hooded flowers with a metalic grey flush, clothe the upright stems of this dramatic-looking perennial from midsummer. Use it to add vertical movement in the herbaceous border where it will mix easily with lilac, pink, silver and stronger purples. When working with monkshood always wear gloves since all parts of the plant are poisonous and a potential skin irritant. Garden care: Prepare an extra deep planting hole at least 45cm (18in) deep, adding well-rotted organic matter to prevent the soil from drying out in summer. Stake before the flowers appear, and deadhead to the next row of buds to prolong flowering. Always wear gloves when working with monkshood since all parts of the plant are poisonous and a potential skin irritant. Cut the flowering stem to within 15cm of the ground in the autumn to prevent it self seeding.

Convallaria majalis (lily-of-the-valley)

Convallaria majalis (lily-of-the-valley) £7.98
Position: partial or full shade Soil: leafy, fertile, humus-rich, moist soil Rate of growth: fast-growing Flowering period: May Hardiness: fully hardy Strongly scented, bell-shaped flowers with waxy textured petals, are followed by bright red berries. These appear on slender, upright to gently arching stems, which arise from amongst the lush green foliage. Garden care: Plant rhizomes 5-8cm deep and 20cm apart. Divide and replant congested colonies in September, applying a generous mulch of composted leaf mould around the base of the plant.

Maxi fleece frost jackets

Maxi fleece frost jackets £6.99
These high quality frost jackets are designed specifically to protect precious shrubs, trees and specimen plants. They are made of high quality breathable fleece which will protect high value plants from harsh winds, frost, rain and even hail stones. They come complete with full length side zip for easy access and installation as well as providing ventilation during those rare warmer weeks. The jackets can also be made more secure by pulling the drawstring at the bottom and securing with the toggle. These jackets have also been tested to conditions of -7 degrees so perfect for our coldest of winters. Measurements Medium: Height 70cm x Width 95cm Large: Height 180cm x Wdith 120cm