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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - February 26th, 2015.
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New product at Suttons Seeds

Scented Bedding Plants - Collection

Scented Bedding Plants – Collection £19.99
Fill your garden or patio with outstanding colours and lovely perfume with this collection of 90 plug plants which is made up of five great varieties:Begonia Parisienne Upright – A magnificent and unusual begonia boasting eye-catching double flowers over 5cm (2) in diameter, combined with a fantastic aroma. Their compact habit makes them ideal for tubs and window boxes, as well as bedding in the garden, and they make great houseplants too. Height 25cm (10). 15 Garden Ready Plug Plants.Sweet William Fragrant Cloud – A delicious fragrance and superb colour range, from white and pink through to red and maroon. Ideal for cutting. Height 50cm (20). 15 Garden Ready Plug Plants.Nicotiana Perfume Mix – A bedding nicotiana with a full colour range and beautiful scent, that will bloom for months. Height 35-40cm (14-16). 20 Value Plug Plants.Stock Sugar & Spice – A first-class bedding stock producing a good proportion of double flowers, all with a delicious sweet fragrance. Height 20-25cm (8-10). 20 Value Plug Plants.Antirrhinum Madam Butterfly – Strong stems massed with double florets resembling azaleas. Tall variety. Height 90cm (3′). 20 Value Plug Plants.