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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - March 13th, 2015.
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New products at Blooming Direct

Cineraria 'Silverdust' 40 plugs

Cineraria ‘Silverdust’ 40 plugs £7.99
Cineraria ‘Silverdust’ is the perfect foliage plant foil for pots, planters and windowboxes, for plantings of pinks, whites, blues and purples. The abundant silver-grey foliage has an attactive cut-lcae edge, and it makes a really subtle foil and filler for summer bedding schemes. Alternatively, use it in traditonal bedding border schemes with Begonia semps, or busy lizzies, for a park-like display. It is very tough and weatherproof, and will last well intot he Autumn, so you can use it again with pansies and primroses too, and will over-Winter in milder Winters too. Simple, but effective and very easy to grow,

Primula veris 9cm (Cowslip)

Primula veris 9cm (Cowslip) £4.99
Cowslips are one of those Spring plants, just like wild primroses, that signal the start pf Spring and better things to come. Their cheery tall stems of yellow bell-shaped flowers add a natural look to this formerly widespread wildflower. Produced from wildflower seed, they are the true old-fashioned cowlsips, and not modern hybrids. They work well in mixed seasonal planters or dotted round mixed boerders or even lawn plantings, as grassland meadows is their native habitat.