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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - March 21st, 2015.
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Plant Me Now has these new products today

Joseph Bentley Children's Soil Rake

Joseph Bentley Children’s Soil Rake £9.9500
The Joseph Bentley children’s soil rake is designed to cultivate the surface soil up to a depth of 2 inches and level off as a final preparation before sowing, planting or laying turf. Carbon steel Ash Handles A traditional garden tool designed for keen young gardeners Trading Standards classification of Early Learning. The Gardener’s apprentice range is designed to appeal to and enthuse the younger gardener. The traditional carbon steel tools are the perfect aid for children to learn about making a beautiful garden. The compact size and lightness combined with the practicality of the Apprentice tools enable children to enjoy gardening with comfort. 5 Year Guarantee

Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow Seeds

Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow Seeds £2.7500
Juicy medium- sized cherry toms for baskets or tubs. Determinate, (bushy habit) best outdoors. Excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Lupin Gallery Dwarf Mixed Seeds

Lupin Gallery Dwarf Mixed Seeds £2.4900
A perennial, flowering the same year from early sowing. Densely packed flower spikes. Long lived border plants for early summer colour

Didiscus Blue Lace Sarah Raven Seeds

Didiscus Blue Lace Sarah Raven Seeds £2.4900
Didiscus ‘Blue Lace’ is a beautiful blue, flat lacy umbels, lovely on its own, or used as a scented filler in any arrrangement. It flowers for months and its blue flowers are an unsual colour for late summer and autumn.

Sunflower Taiyo Sarah Raven Seeds

Sunflower Taiyo Sarah Raven Seeds £2.4900
Whopping great sun flowers with a huge cartwheel of brilliant yellow petals around chocolate centres. Every flower is stacked full of nectar for the pollinators and then the birds love the seeds.

Gaillardia Goblin Seeds

Gaillardia Goblin Seeds £2.4900
A hardy perennial, flowers first year from an early sowing. Large vibrant flowers on bushy, compact plants. Grow in garden borders or pots and containers.

Viola Chicky Chicks Seeds

Viola Chicky Chicks Seeds £2.2900
A hardy perennial, best grown as biennial or annual. Cheeky ‘faces’ ideal for beds, edging and containers. Flowers the same year from an early sowing.

Cornflower Polka Dot Sarah Raven Seeds

Cornflower Polka Dot Sarah Raven Seeds £2.2900
A wonderful array of beautiful coloured cornflowers, which can be just scattered into the garden to fill a sunny corner for weeks at a stretch. The bees and butterflies love them and can be picked in endless bunches for the house.

Osteospermum (Annual) Limpopop Mixed Seeds

Osteospermum (Annual) Limpopop Mixed Seeds £2.2900
A hardy annual, it can be sown where it is to flower. Unusual range of delightful pastel colours, easy to grow. Charming plants for beds, borders and containers.