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New products at GreenFingers

by John - March 28th, 2015.
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New products today at GreenFingers

Ellister Amadora Iron 2 x Folding Chairs 70cm Circular Patio Set

Ellister Amadora Iron 2 x Folding Chairs 70cm Circular Patio Set £99.99
Featuring polished granite stone tiles this stylish Ellister Amadora Iron 2 x Folding Chairs 70cm Circular Patio Set for two people is perfect for morning coffee with your friends.Understated yet elegant this patio set will match any garden d

Spring Bulbs - Bees & Butterflies Collection 35 Bulbs

Spring Bulbs – Bees & Butterflies Collection 35 Bulbs £7.99
Add a fantastic multi-coloured display to your garden with this Bees & Butterflies Collection that comprises Liatris spicata Gladiolus Guernsey Glory Anemone Sylphide and Dahlia Happy Butterfly. Stunning border or bedding plants they are also ideal for containers and make a great cut flower arrangement.Bee and butterfly friendlyType: Hardy Perennial Flowering period: All summer longCollection comprises: Liatris spicata: a gorgeous purple coloured plant that brings a pleasant charm to any outdoor area Gladiolus Guernsey Glory: beautiful orchid-like flowers in a striking combination of peach with deep carmine markings Anemone Sylphide: showy single petaled soft violet-rose flowers with blooms of bright blues reds violets and white Dahlia Happy Butterfly: fabulous yellow blooms with red blushesPlant from March onwards 23-30cm apart in any well cultivated garden soil with a good supply of organic material and in sunny sites away from strong winds. For early flowering they may be started off in boxes in April; use a light soil mixed with compost. Keep slightly moist cool and free from frost. When danger of frost has passed plant out. If used as a cut flower cut flowers only when completely developed.Quantity: Mixed pack of 35 Bulbs

Westland Aftercut Lawn Thickener 80m

Westland Aftercut Lawn Thickener 80m £7.99
Want a thick lush green lawn? Westland Aftercut Lawn Thickener is a lawn feed with added grass seed that feeds and greens your existing lawn whilst adding new grass to thicken it. You can apply it using a spreader at 35g/m

Westland Bonemeal 10kg Tub

Westland Bonemeal 10kg Tub £12.99
Very economical in the long run this Westland Bonemeal 10kg Tub is ideal for your trees and shrubs to promote strong and healthy rooting as well as greener healthier foliage. It is a natural slow release organic plant food that can be applied from February to the end of October every 4 to 6 weeks. This 10kg tub treats up to 142m

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Seed 40m

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Seed 40m £13.99
The award winning lawn seed that is guaranteed to grow Westland Gro-Sure Smart Seed is coated with aqua-gel technology to ensure success in full sun shade worn areas and patches! Aqua-gel soaks up to 400 times its weight in water with the water being gradually released to the seeds when needed. It reduces seed losses due to erratic watering and improves germination success and seedling establishment. Use it for a strong healthy lawn in hot and dry conditions and for lush green grass in shady conditions. It quickly repairs patches on your lawn and is perfect for a resistant lawn in hard-wearing areas. The easy-to-use built-in seed applicator is perfect for applying seeds and will allow greater accuracy and even distribution across a wider area. Simply tear back the side strip to reveal it. Keeps working for the whole season!DIY Week Awards 2015 & Garden Centre Retail Awards 2015Quantity: 1.6kgCoverage: 40m

Javado Crown Jewels - Tulipa Angelique 30 Bulbs

Javado Crown Jewels – Tulipa Angelique 30 Bulbs £6.49
An outstanding flower for any garden Javado Crown Jewels Tulipa Angelique has been specially imported from Holland to give you flamboyant voluptuous blooms that are fully double and crammed with petals in a soft bluish-pink that deepens with age. With a rich apple blossom ink at the edges and green markings on the outside these stunning tulips produce a glorious show for 6-8 weeks and will make a great gift for any gardener. RHS Award of Garden MeritGreat for cut flower arrangementsType: Hardy Perennial Flowering period: Mid/late spring-early summer Height: 40cm Spread: 15cmThese tulips will grow well in any moist well drained soil. Choose a sunny position that is sheltered from strong winds. When planting tulip bulbs avoid shallow planting as this may reduce the winter cold period that is essential for tulip bulbs to produce flowers in spring. Plant them at a depth of 15cm and 13cm apart. After flowering deadhead the faded tulip flowers and allow the foliage to die back completely before removing it in summer. Quantity: 30 bulbs in a gift bagThese bulbs should be planted preferably before the end of November although most will be fine if planted up to the end of December. They require a sustained dormant period of cold temperatures to stimulate root development. If you have to store them for a few days keep them dry and cool – between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade.

Westland Sulphate of Ammonia 1.5kg

Westland Sulphate of Ammonia 1.5kg £3.49
A fast-acting nitrogen feed Westland Sulphate of Ammonia cures leaf yellowing and promotes push healthy green foliage. It is particularly good for use on vegetable and leafy salad crops as it encourages strong leaf growth.Rapid acting it is very useful early season to give your flowering plants fruit and shrubs an extra boost or you could use it as a compost activator by sprinkling into compost heaps. Increases crop yieldsReady to use granulesNPK: 21-0-0Quantity: 1.5kgCoverage: 35g feeds 1m

Ellister Zurich 4 Armchair 80cm Round Patio Set

Ellister Zurich 4 Armchair 80cm Round Patio Set £189.99
With its polished granite stone tiles and comfortable stacking chairs this Ellister Zurich 4 Armchair Mosaic Patio Set will enhance any outdoor area. It is ideal for any style of garden from the traditional to the contemporary and is sure to raise many admiring comments.Comprising a large 80cm table and 4 stacking chairs this patio set will last for years and make dining al fresco a firm favourite with you your friends and your family.It has a colourful mosaic design while the curved metalwork on the chairs add a decorative feel and are stackable for easy storage. It is so easy to wipe clean and being manufactured from iron it is both strong and durable

Ellister Amadora Mosaic Patio Table - 70cm

Ellister Amadora Mosaic Patio Table – 70cm £59.99
This contemporary Ellister Amadora Mosaic Table features polished granite stone tiles and is perfect for morning coffee with your friends. Understated yet elegant this table will match any garden d

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