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New products at GreenFingers

by John - April 11th, 2015.
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New products at GreenFingers

Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed

Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed £379.99
This Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed makes a fantastic addition to your garden this summer. With a comfortable cushion included this Swing Bed offers ultimate relaxation on those lazy summer days – take a seat and admire your garden or fold the seat down flat into a bed lie back with a good book or close your eyes and drift away! This Swing Bed has been manufactured from Shorea balau which is often sought after due to its similarities to teak and the biggest attribute of this wood is undoubtedly its strength. A class A hardwood that is renowned for its excellent resistance and wear – making it ideal for garden furniture. The fabric used is polyester making it perfect for the garden as it is very resilient and quick drying. Overall dimensions: W235 x D120 x H178cm Seat Dimensions: 179.5cm wide x 45cm deepSeat Back dimensions: 179.5cm wide x 59cm highBed Dimensions: 179.5cm x 104cmLoad capacity: 350kgPlease note: the canopy does not tilt. Click here for Bahura Dimensions. Click here for Wood Information. Click here for Assembly Instructions. Please note: caution should be taken during windy or stormy conditions. Please remove the canopy to avoid any damage. Click here for Wood Certification.

Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights set of 2

Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights set of 2 £39.99
These Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights can be positioned up to 5 metres away from their panel and can comfortably light up a range of 25 metres. Charging by day the lights automatically turn on at night and are simple and easy to install. Made with a toughened die cast aluminium construction because these lights can be positioned so far away from the panel it enables them to be located in areas otherwise difficult to reach. Benefitting from a 1.6 watt solar panel the lights contain 6 LEDs and have the ability to stay lit for up to an impressive 10 hours once fully charged. Complete with 5 metre cable per each light the set includes fittings for stake deck and wall mounting. Designed with UK weather conditions in mind the solar lights have an on/off switch and are great for lighting up a garden so you can enjoy it to the maximum at any time of day. Product specifications: Lights: Height (spike mounted): 40cm Height (deck mounted) 12cm Width 9cm Depth 17cm Solar Panel: Height (spike mounted) 35cm Height (deck mounted) 6cm Width 10cm Depth 14cm.

Pathclear Gun! Ready to Use Weedkiller - 5 Litre

Pathclear Gun! Ready to Use Weedkiller – 5 Litre £22.99
Pathclear Gun! Weedkiller is a fast acting ready to use weedkiller that has been specially formulated for gravel paths and drives. It contains a systemic weedkiller and contact weedkiller to kill off all manner of existing weeds and a residual weedkiller to prevent new weed seeds from germinating. It works by killing the existing leaves and roots and creating a barrier in the soil preventing new weeds from growing for up to 3 months. It is effective against annual and perennial weeds.Long lasting weed controlQuantity: 5 litresCoverage: spot treatmentAlways read the label and use pesticides safely.

Greenfingers Tuscany Sun Lounger - Coffee

Greenfingers Tuscany Sun Lounger – Coffee £24.99
This reclining Tuscany Sun Lounger by Greenfingers is perfect for long hot summer days! Just lay your head back on the pillow and relax in comfort on this Italian style lounger. Manufactured from steel tube framing with poly-textile fabric making it attractive practical and durable. poly-textile is also a great material for the British climate as should any summer showers strike it is very quick drying. The pillow has a Velcro fastening making it easily removable and the lounger folds flat for easy storage.Dimensions: 58 x 140 x 96cm highHeight of seat: 29cmColour: coffeeLoad capacity: 100kg

Hozelock 3485 Water Feature Treatment

Hozelock 3485 Water Feature Treatment £9.99
If you have a self-contained water feature in your garden then this Hozelock 3485 Water Feature treatment is essential for keeping it free from surface staining algal growth and green water. It is a safe non-toxic water clarifier that is harmless to fish and aquatics plants. Not suitable for pondsCapacity: 250ml

Greenfingers Mystical Wind Spinner Solar Light

Greenfingers Mystical Wind Spinner Solar Light £8.99
Create a wonderful visual effect in your garden or on your patio balcony or decking with this colour changing Greenfingers Mystical Wind Spinner Solar Light. Made from stainless steel this stylish and attractive solar wind spinner is fantastic both day and night. It automatically turns on at dusk and begins a fabulous colour changing LED display that is visually magnificent as it goes from red to green to blue and back again. At dawn it automatically turns off to become an enchanting garden ornament. Features:Monocrystalline solar panelIncludes 1 x AAA batteryIncludes hanging hookIt looks both beautiful and mesmerising spinning in the wind especially with the light reflecting off the steel surface and makes a great gift for someone too. A lovely ecological addition to any modern garden d

Greenfingers Tijuana Multi-Position Sun Lounger - Black

Greenfingers Tijuana Multi-Position Sun Lounger – Black £19.99
An attractive and versatile sunbed this black Greenfingers Tijuana Multi-Position Sun Lounger gives you a great reason to spend time in your garden! Manufactured from a sturdy and durable powder coated steel frame with quick drying poly-textile fabric this sun lounger can also fold flat for easy storage. It has 5 adjustable positions meaning that you can easily go from a flat sunbed position to sitting upright as the mood takes you. A great product for whiling away the hours on a lovely summer day and you could easily pop it into the boot of your car to take on days out to the beach or park.Dimensions: L180 x W56 x D26cmLoad capacity: 100kg

Hozelock 3461 Garden Pond Liner 3m x 2.5m

Hozelock 3461 Garden Pond Liner 3m x 2.5m £19.99
This Hozelock 3461 Garden Pond Liner is suitable for a small pond with a maximum capacity of 1500 litres. All ponds need to have a lining to prevent the water from draining away. Modern liners whether flexible or rigid have eliminated the need for traditional clay and concrete linings. This Hozelock Pond Liner allows you more creativity and a more individual design enabling you to build your pond as a true

Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care - 360m

Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care – 360m £19.98
This extra strength EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 will help you produce a more beautiful lawn after just one simple application. Its unique 4-in-1 formula feeds and greens the grass kills weeds and moss plus it helps your lawn make the most of every drop of water that falls. It is quick and easy to apply. Just walk up and down the lawn to spread the granules in an even pattern. If you have a larger lawn apply quickly and evenly through a wheeled spreader.In just 7 days you will see greener grass and the moss turning brown before dying off. In the next few weeks broad-leaved weeds such as white clover daisies and dandelions will twist and turn until they fade away. At the same time the long-lasting nutrients in EverGreen Complete continue to feed the grass so that it becomes thicker and greener over the next 6 weeks.All these improvements will help your lawn to become thicker and greener so that it will trap rain and prevent water loss. The unique Water Smart

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