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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 14th, 2015.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new items

Autumn Vegetable Plants - Collection

Autumn Vegetable Plants – Collection £22.99
A good selection of autumn vegetables in this collection which contains – 45 Extra Value Plugs of Leek Northern Lights, 21 Value Plugs of Cauliflower Romanesco Collection, 22 Value Plugs each of Beetroot Rainbow Mix, Leaf Beet Bright Lights, Turnip Tokyo Cross and 11 Value Plugs each of Pak Choi Yang Qing & Rubi.

Autumn Vegetable Brassica Plants - Collection

Autumn Vegetable Brassica Plants – Collection £22.99
A selection of tasty brassica plants. Collection contains: 21 Value Plugs each of Savoy Continuity Collection, Cabbage Round Continuity Collection, Cauliflower Autumn Collection, Broccoli Purple Sprouting Continuity Collection, 22 Value Plugs each of Kale Black Magic, Turnip Tokyo Cross, Brussels Sprout Flower Sprout.

Geranium Plants - Caramel Collection

Geranium Plants – Caramel Collection £12.99
A brand new type of zonal geranium with extremely unusual caramel-coloured foliage, and beautiful double blooms in 3 colours: pink, red and violet. Bred in Czechoslovakia, it boasts excellent weather tolerance. Height 30-40cm (12-16).

Chive Plants - Cha Cha

Chive Plants – Cha Cha £11.99
Punky head of spiky chive leaves, where flowers are normally formed, provide a very unusual but tasty talking point for the herb or ornamental garden. The heads of miniature chives which can be plucked and used as a garnish or incorporated as an element in a posy bouquet. Normal leaves continue to grow throughout summer. Supplied in 9cm pots. A unique breakthrough in the development of this much loved herb! Savour the flavour fresh from your garden or windowsill.For the Veg Foodie …. Trendy Veg! Bon Appetit! As waves of different foods hit our country, eating habits change … the trendy and ‘nouvelle cuisine’ is often a more delicious, more nutritious option for old and young alike!

Geranium Plants - Quantum Mix

Geranium Plants – Quantum Mix £9.99
This exciting variety boasts large heads of unusual, almost star-shaped single flowers, and comes in an attractive mix of red, rose and pink. It shows excellent weather tolerance and has attractive zoning on the foliage too. Height 30-40cm (12-16).

Sweet Pea Plants - Lord Anson

Sweet Pea Plants – Lord Anson £9.99
This rare and highly desirable perennial species bears attractive grey-green leaves and deliciously fragrant lavener-blue flowers throughout the summer and into autumn. Ideal for cutting for a vase. Height 1.8m (6′). Scent 2.Please note: Each plug contains approximately 3 plants (although we recommend that you do not split them up when planting out).Buy any 3 perennial potted plants and get the cheapest FREE!

Kale Plants - Black Magic

Kale Plants – Black Magic £6.99
A new variety of the Italian black cabbage, bred to perform better in our climate, with improved cold tolerance, colour, leaf shape and bolt resistance than current Italian varieties. Good cut-and-come-again crop. Harvest October-March. Height 81-90cm.

Society Garlic Plant

Society Garlic Plant £6.99
So named because it tastes just like traditional garlic but doesnt give you bad breath!The tasty stems and flower buds have a sweet, roasted garlic flavour and are very versatile; use in salads or egg dishes just like chives, or cooked into stir-fries, quiches and much more.This beautiful, ornamental plant is very easy to grow and once established will keep coming back year after year.Spice up your cooking and your garden. Savour the flavour fresh from your garden or windowsill.

Brussels Sprout Plants - Flower Sprout Mix

Brussels Sprout Plants – Flower Sprout Mix £6.99
These unusual-looking sprouts taste divine – an outstanding sweet flavour, combining the complex taste of a sprout with the mild, sweet nutty taste of kale. The vigorous plants stand well in the ground, producing lots of buttons per stem, maturing up to Christmas and beyond. Plus they contain double the amount of vitamin B6 and twice the amount of vitamins C and E than standard brussels sprouts! Extremely winter hardy. Harvest October-March.