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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - April 25th, 2015.
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New products at Plant Me Now

Yeoman Carbon Steel Border Fork

Yeoman Carbon Steel Border Fork £13.9500
Smaller than a standard garden fork, the border fork is ideal for ladies or when a lighter approach is needed. Use for breaking up the soil, digging and cultivating. Practical and stylish, with carbon steel heads for durability and strength. Traditional ash shaft with an ergonomically designed cranked handle and soft grip.

Roundup Gel

Roundup Gel £10.9500
Roundup Gel has to be one of the simplest ways to kill weeds. Just click once and dab the gel onto the weed’s leaf. The gel will stick to the weed and is absorbed killing both the weed and its roots! Ideal for flower beds, vegetable gardens, paths, lawns and bindweed. Roundup Gel is particularly useful when treating weeds amongst plants you don’t want to kill. Roundup Gel contains glyphosate. Always read the label, use pesticides safely.

John Innes Seed Compost 10 litre

John Innes Seed Compost 10 litre £3.7500
The traditional loam-based formulation with limestone and sand makes John Innes Seed Compost ideal for seed sowing and rooting cuttings. Not suitable for lime-hating (ericaceous) plants. Contains 10 litres.

Pea Kelvedon Wonder Seeds

Pea Kelvedon Wonder Seeds £2.5900
Early maincrop plants produce masses of well-filled pods. Suitable for late sowing to give fresh peas in autumn. Excellent source of folate, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Cosmos Purity Sarah Raven Seeds

Cosmos Purity Sarah Raven Seeds £2.4900
Cosmos Purity is a classic cut flower and supremely lovely garden plant, which no one should be without. If you’re only going for the half-hardy annual, it has to be this marvellous plant. One square metre gives you fifty buckets of cut flowers over several months. The bees and butterflies also love it.

Poppy Black Beauty Sarah Raven Seeds

Poppy Black Beauty Sarah Raven Seeds £2.4900
Poppy ‘Black Beauty’ is incredibly glamourous with sumptous double black peony-like flowers, lovely silvery leaves and the best architectural seedpods i grow. Sear stem ends in boiling watr for twenty seconds and the flowers will last a couple of days, but it’s really for the pepper-pot seed pods that i grow it in my cutting garden. The bees and butterflies also love it. Self sows.

Cucumber Beth Alpha Seeds

Cucumber Beth Alpha Seeds £2.0900
Sweet baby cues, so popular n the Mediterranean area. Grow in a warm or cool greenhouse or tunnel. Good source of vitamin C.

Lettuce Saladin Seeds

Lettuce Saladin Seeds £2.0900
Easily grown with large dense hearts, very crisp. Stands well and shows resistance to tip burn. A good source of vitamin C and vitamin A.

Chinese Parsley Coriander Seeds

Chinese Parsley Coriander Seeds £1.8500
Very popular flavouring in Asian and Mexican dishes or simply added to a salad. This versatile herb has large fragrant leaves and is slow to run to seed.