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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - May 1st, 2015.
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Plant Me Now has these new products today

Lets Grow... Strawberries/Herbs Planter

Lets Grow… Strawberries/Herbs Planter £24.9500
Even if you’ve only got a balcony to grow on, you can still enjoy delicious homemade strawberries and herbs – with a little help from this stacked planter! Easy to hang up, or use as a freestanding pot, this special design has twelve locations for planting and combination of flowers and seasonal fruit or veg and is ideal for those outdoor spaces where a dedicated crop patch just isn’t suitable. Grow plenty of delicious strawberries in any garden. Three stacking sections can be hung or used as a free standing planter. Features twelve planting locations for strawberries, herbs and other seasonal vegetables Ideal for patios and balconies 42cm in height, 32cm in width.

Yeoman Adjustable Leaf Rake

Yeoman Adjustable Leaf Rake £9.9500
Use when retracted as a border rake, ideal for getting in between shrubs and hard to reach places in the garden. When extended, the adjustable leaf rake is great for raking up leaves or getting the moss out of the lawn. Retracts again for easy storage.

Bean Climbing Helda Duchy Originals Seeds

Bean Climbing Helda Duchy Originals Seeds £2.9500
Early variety, producing good yields throughout the summer. Pods grow up to 25cm in length and 21mm width. Can be grown in the greenhouse for earlier crops. Sow May to July outdoors, directly into rich, well prepared soil in a sunny spot. Provide support for climbing habit, either a row or wigwam of 180cm canes or netting. Sow 2 seeds against each cane, 4cm deep. Keep watered, particularly once flowering commences, adding a mulch during hottest, dry periods. Pick pods regularly whilst young for heaviest yields and to extend the season. Harvest July to October.