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Price reductions at Garden Buildings Direct

by Sarah - May 2nd, 2015.
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Garden Buildings Direct has cut the price of these products

2 Seater Bistro BillyOh Windsor Square Set

2 Seater Bistro BillyOh Windsor Square Set was £50.00 now £49.00
Tea for Two This Summer . If you want to get on with enjoying your summer, what you need is a garden furniture set that perfectly combines style and practicality, giving you a hassle-free time That s exactly what you get with the BillyOh Windsor Square 2 Seater Bistro Set. This set is flexible enough to move around for when you fancy a change, but also won t take over the whole garden. The folding table has got just enough space for you and a friend or loved one. So enjoying a drink together on a hot day, early morning or warm summer s evening couldn t be easier. Create Your Own Mini Bistro . We know that getting a furniture set to suit your garden isn t all about size, the style is important too. The traditional look of the Windsor 2 Seater Set brings French bistro living to your garden, while the lighter tones of the folding acacia chairs and table provide the perfect match to both traditional and modern outdoor spaces. You really can t go wrong . Enjoy Your Garden This Summer . If you ve got a small balcony or a patio area that needs some love and attention, then this set could be the answer to your garden woes. The square table is the ideal size for you to spread out your books and magazines, or to accommodate lunch and drinks for two. The Windsor Bistro Set will look perfect for breakfast and equally good in the evening for cocktails for two. .

2 Seater BillyOh Windsor Round Bistro Set

2 Seater BillyOh Windsor Round Bistro Set was £60.00 now £59.00
Say Yes to Drinks for Two with a Bistro Set . Summer is the season to be outside enjoying yourself, whenever and however you can. In a fast-paced world, relaxing outdoors isn t always at the top of our to do list, but we think that you should make it a top priority this summer. Whether you have limited space or you like to have flexibility with your garden furniture, the BillyOh Windsor Round Bistro 2 Seater Set is ideal for your needs. This set is the perfect size if you want somewhere to enjoy drink on your own or have a chat with a close friend, so you ll always be well equipped for an intimate occasion. Furniture That’s Flexible . Modern life is busy and people are constantly wanting more for their money and more from their products, so why shouldn t your garden furniture be the same Unlike fixed garden table and chairs, the whole Windsor Bistro set easily and neatly folds down for compact storage, so if you want keep it tucked away during the winter months or just fancy using your outdoor space for something different for a while, the Bistro set works around you. Class and Continuity . This Windsor Bistro set features beautiful, thin slats which give a classy image and feel to the table. These slats are also featured of the modern looking chairs, which makes the table and chairs a perfect, uniform match. The acacia hardwood used to craft the set is long-lasting and durable, so it will be able to cope with spilled mugs or glasses, and continue to look great.

4 x 4 Blueberry - Mad Dash Blueberry Fabric Roof Wooden Playhouse

4 x 4 Blueberry – Mad Dash Blueberry Fabric Roof Wooden Playhouse was £90.00 now £89.00
Childrens Playhouse Mad Dash Blueberry wooden Playhouse. This great value wooden playhouse is a great place for your kids imagination to go wild and is a place for them to call their own. This wooden playhouse comes with a stable door and fabric roof.

Kentucky Charcoal Grill Barbecue

Kentucky Charcoal Grill Barbecue was £89.95 now £89.00
Under the Hood . Spend the evening in the garden grilling with this steel charcoal grill. It s black, and is just what you need for a quiet summer s evening. It comes with a chrome plated charcoal roasting grill, and steel hood. The hood means that the heat can circulate around the barbecue whilst your food sits on the grill, making it cook more evenly as there s nowhere for the heat to escape. The hood has a wooden handle, making it easy for you to lift it up and check on your food. . Useful Ideas . Attached to the side of the barbecue is a handy condiment table. This table means that all of your sauces, marinades and cooking utensils can be kept close by as you cook. This closeness saves you time and effort, meaning you don t need to leave your sizzling food or send someone else to go get something. It can also be used to place food that s already been cooked on for friends and family to grab when they re ready. . Easy to Move . There are two wheels attached to the bottom of the grill, making it easily portable. You don t need to worry about it blowing away though, as on the opposite side there are no wheels, which will ensure that the barbecue is still secure when you re cooking. .

Rattan Bistro Set Brown

Rattan Bistro Set Brown was £115.00 now £99.00
Keter Rattan Style 2 Seater Bistro Set

BillyOh Garden Grill 2 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ

BillyOh Garden Grill 2 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ was £105.00 now £99.00
Cook up a feast on a great all-rounder BBQ . Every garden needs a BBQ, and every summer needs at least one memorable garden party, so why not make your party memorable with the BillyOh Garden Grill 2 Burner Gas BBQ. This BBQ is great for the beginner barbeque cook, it s packed with a huge range of features to make your life easier. This BBQ features a porcelain enamel coated roasting hood which offers you great flexibility for your cooking style. A hood BBQ will allow for more room and also allows you to roast your food as well as cook it in the traditional BBQ manner. Porcelain enamel makes for a fantastic material as it protects the steel part of the hood from rust but is also easy to clean and conducts heat evenly. The integrated temperature gauge also means you can monitor the temperature without lifting the lid and lose valuable heat. Room for everything . One of the many problems when hosting a barbeque is the fact there s never a place to put your cooking utensils. The BillyOh Garden Grill 2 Burner Gas BBQ features two side shelves which ensures plenty of space for your cooking utensils and your favourite condiments. With everything within reach you ll find cooking on this BBQ a dream. The shelf beneath the BBQ is strong and wide enough to support your gas bottle of choice. The shelf is low and open for easy access so you can always be able to turn off the gas when you need to. The whole BBQ is constructed from a lightweight but sturdy metal frame, this ensure you won t struggle to move the whole BBQ around. Everything you need to get the party going . This BBQ is packed with all of the features you need to make your BBQ a roaring success. The BBQ features a great wire cooking grill so your food will cook to perfection. Two burners ensure even temperature control, you won t find it hard to handle this grill, you can ideally cater for around 4 adults with 2 burners. This BBQ also comes with a hose and regulator for your bottled gas so you don t have to worry about any gas leaks. The two chrome finished dials also ensure you can control the temperature to exactly what you need so your food is perfectly cooked every time.

Outback Omega 100 Charcoal BBQ

Outback Omega 100 Charcoal BBQ was £159.95 now £129.00
Outback Omega 100 Charcoal BBQ – Midnight Blue Inc Cover. Charcoal may be the most traditional of barbecue fuels but the Omega Charcoal range brings it roaring into the 21st century thanks to the work of an independent design studio. The Omega Charcoal 200 captures the allure of a real charcoal fire coming up with a practical and portable barbecue. Wooden storage make barbecuing a formality as everything needed to cook can be stored bellow. Manufactured by Outback Barbecues.

Texas Premium Smoker Barbecue

Texas Premium Smoker Barbecue was £149.95 now £139.00
Bringing you first class barbecuing . There s nothing worse than having a huge family BBQ and not enough space to cook all of the food. We think the BillyOh Texas Premium Smoker Barbecue is the perfect solution. It s extra large cooking area means you won t have to nurse the barbecue through the entire party. Simply cook everything together without worrying about what s going to fit- leaving you to hang up your apron and join the fun. A world of choices . Have you ever been bored of the standard BBQ food and wanted a change Well not any more. The BillyOh Texas Premium Smoker Barbecue means that you can add whatever wood chips you like to create a range of smoky flavours. This doesn t mean every BBQ needs to be smoky, the charcoal grill can be used on it s own to provide the traditional way of barbecuing as well. . Easy to move around . When hosting a barbecue you don t need the hassle of it being in the wrong place or smoking the guests out and not being able to reposition it. The BillyOh Texas Premium Smoker Barbecue has the solution. With two sturdy steel wheels, you can move your station without any bother, all you need is somewhere to put it. .

BillyOh Rosario 2 Seater Flat Weave Rattan Couple Bistro Set

BillyOh Rosario 2 Seater Flat Weave Rattan Couple Bistro Set was £195.00 now £159.00
2 Seater Round Bistro